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Brett Favre is still a Traitor: Wants Vikings to Win It All

It is always fun to get to say “I told you so.” Yours truly has it on very good authority that Brett Favre, aka Brettedict Favreold, aka Berty Judas, aka Baron von Dongschotz, appeared in a Vikings propaganda-rally video that was played in the 4th quarter last Sunday. The video was part of the “Bring it Home” series the Vikings have deployed to rally the fan base this year. So far this does not appear in any news segment, but this website will keep readers updated and informed once it is confirmed further.

Beyond that, he not only has picked them to win last Sunday, he has stated on the record he wants them to win it all.

“I want to see the Vikes win,” Favre said, via an email exchange with Mark Craig of the Star Tribune. “It’s their time.”

As readers of this site know well, I have always been against reconciliation. And this latest affront to true Green Bay Packers fans everywhere — you know, those who are opposed to despicable turncoats — merely provides an exclamation point to this righteous position.

Do you people really think he wants the Packers to win another Super Bowl under Aaron Rodgers? Of course he does not! And what does it mean that he went on the record expressing his desire to see them win another Super Bowl, when he still has not stated publicly he wants Rodgers, McCarthy and the Packers to win it all?

Of course, that we are now in the midst of a nightmare scenario should give everyone flashbacks of the 2009 season. It is very doubtful Philadelphia will be a “this is not Detroit” debacle, but a Super Bowl birth. This is of course exactly what Berty Judas wanted all along, and never recanted or tuned away from it. It is a most shameful disgrace indeed that so many Packers fans seem to forget: shame and eternal shame. We are all living this nightmare again this year, standing on the razor’s edge once more. This year we may not be so lucky.

At least I get to say that I am right, and those who disagree on this were — and are — wrong. But this is indeed small solace in the face of the worst nightmare imaginable.

E. Wolf

Just a Packers fan and native Seattleite left stranded in New York City, and apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the near disaster in New Orleans in January of 2010. Bleeds Green and Gold through and through. Listens to indie and hardcore industrial and aggrotech music, and thus would much rather hear Headhunter by Front 242 or Front Line Assembly's "Mindphaser" than "Celebrate" or "I Gotta Feeling" in the fourth quarter, or any time.



  1. ay hombre January 16, 2018

    E much props on the new streamlined style. Digging It. Perfectly stated without any overkill. Kinda like an Elliott Easton solo.

    They should banish that bitch Brett Favre from ever stepping foot on or in Lambeau Field again. And if they were ever talking about paying him like an ambassador, that better be off the fucking table.

    1. PF4L January 17, 2018


      Petition perhaps?

      Oh snap!

      1. Savage57 January 18, 2018

        I laughed hard at the question about a petition.

        Wolfie’s Quixote reincarnate and no windmill is safe.

    2. icebowl January 17, 2018

      E. – your hatred for the man is amazing.

      Berty re-found his love for the queens after that purply-clad thug Barr ended #12s season….

      I’m over him, time to move on.

  2. ay hombre January 16, 2018

    Mark Tauscher was at the game and expressed his surprise/disgust about seeing Brett on the Jumbotron Montage telling them to Bring it Home.

  3. jeff ircink January 16, 2018

    oh shut up.

  4. PF4L January 17, 2018

    Obviously the queens sought out Favre for this, not vice versa. I’m sure an offer was presented to his agent to make a 4 second “bring it home” video, probably done on his phone in 1 minute. He did it for cash, reading anything more into it is stupid. I’d imagine he made 40, 50k, probably more. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

    As far as a business marketing tool, this queens simple campaign, borders on genius. Credit where due.

    It comes down to basic human nature… greed. Who doesn’t do it? Peyton Manning, Favre, Rodgers, all equally greedy, because sometimes…..200 million isn’t enough.

    Simply greed and good business.

  5. PF4L January 17, 2018

    Wolfie, your bordering on old man territory, might be time to put your big boy pants on.

    1. icebowl January 17, 2018

      Focus is on GB problems….

  6. Tony January 17, 2018

    Comedic reading!
    This is the place!
    I guess this is the writing you get when someone just can’t let things go.

  7. Deepsky January 17, 2018

    I wonder how the Favre apologists will feel if the Vikings win and he dons his purple Favre jersey and heads to Hormel Land to celebrate.

  8. RelampagoBlanco January 18, 2018

    If the Vikings potentially winning a Super Bowl is your idea of the worst nightmare imaginable, you seriously need to reassess how you live your life.

  9. KILLER January 19, 2018

    See, you guys are looking at this all wrong.

    It isn’t that Favre is a traitor to the Packers. It is that he is loyal to the Vikings. And to Minnesota. And that should not be surprising.

    Think about it from Brett’s perspective. His last two years were in Minnesota. He set the record for most consecutive games — perhaps his strongest statistical legacy — in Minnesota. In fact, if not for Minnesota he never would have set it. He would not be up there if the Packers had their way. They wanted him to retired 3 years before he finally did. So Minnesota helped him when Green Bay was trying to do the opposite. Pretty start contrast.

    Favre had his funnest season ever as a Viking. He also had his best statistical season by QB rating as a Viking. It took becoming a Viking for Favre to reach his full potential. His teammates in Minnesota loved him more and the fans were much nicer to him. Minnesota nice is a real thing. What does Wisconsin have? Human bodies in the woods, victims of their prolific serial killers. Not much of a selling point.

    Good gesture by Favre.

    1. PF4L January 19, 2018

      After the queens gave him a 3 million dollar raise, he also had his worst season, and most painful. what were the queens that season? 6-10? 4th in a 4 team Division?

      What did the Packers do that season?…i remember now, Super Bowl Champions, Aaron Rodgers SB MVP.

      But why tell the whole story amirite…Bwhahahahahahahaha

      1. KILLER January 20, 2018

        Herein lies our essential difference in nature.

        You see an action as being traitorous when I see it for what it is == loyalty.

        You focus on the worst season while I, upbeat and positive, focus on the best.

        You guys choose to remember all the worst and condemn your very best while the Vikings faithful embrace and value and respect their myriad heroes. And, yes, sometimes even forgive when necessary. You guys are good at holding grudges. We are not. We are too focused on the present and on the future. You’ve got us on that one.

        1. PF4L January 20, 2018

          Herein lies the fact proving you are a complete moron.

          I have never said, or insinuated that Favre was a traitor for playing with the queens. If you can find a post to show i’m wrong, i’ll apologize.

          In the meantime, stfu and get a job. If i ever need you to speak for me, i’ll put a nickle in that rock you call a brain.