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Board Reportedly Forced Ted Thompson Out

This surely will come as a surprise to many, but it does not come as one to us. Bob McGinn is reporting that the Green Bay Packers board of directors pushed team president Mark Murphy to remove Ted Thompson as general manager.

The board reportedly had concerns about Thompson’s health after witnessing several troubling incidents, such as this.

From McGinn: “Last month, Thompson was just gazing into space hardly mindful why he was attending a meeting of team executives, the source said.”

There’s also the perception factor at play here, of course. While board members can say they’re concerned about Thompson’s health, they’re surely more concerned about what people think. In this case, that the football operations are being run by someone who isn’t mentally fit to do so.

We’ve seen this coming for some time. We started to notice the signs that Thompson was slipping early last year. His interview at the NFL combine was a disaster. Thompson’s post-draft interview was rambling and incoherent.

Murphy actually came out and publicly made a statement after that second interview to the effect of, well, Ted’s just been working too hard. He’s exhausted.

And then there was this.

Ted Thompson staring

There’s Ted just staring off into space, mouth-agape when they cut to him during the Minnesota Vikings game.

Not a good look. Not for Ted. Not for the Packers.

We’re sure people probably called us assholes or thought we were idiots for pointing these things out as they were happening. Obviously enough people on the board of directors noticed the exact same thing, though.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Cheese January 2, 2018

    Wow, I only saw the still picture of Ted’s gaping piehole. That’s probably close to 15 seconds. Kinda creepy.

  2. Kato January 2, 2018

    So I just watched the Mark Murphy press conference. He denied the board pressured him to make this decision. Which I don’t believe him. I will say I was happy to hear that they will interview outside candidates.

    1. PF4L January 2, 2018

      I think hiring outside the team would be a train wreck waiting to happen. I also think they are hiring from inside and they already know who, and it isn’t Wolf or Gutekunst, That’s my, “i don’t really know shit” guess. But i’m sticking with it.

      They do a search because they have to go by the bylaws of the NFL concerning minority interviews. P C looming large.

  3. Gort January 2, 2018

    If the board pressured Murphy, then why did he not do something before?
    Maybe the board did not go high enough in the organization and maybe Murphy should be gone too.
    We don’t see the inside workings at 1265, but we do see the results on game day.
    Murphy surely can see the same declining trend on the field that we see, but he did not take action on his own.
    That makes him a poor leader and he too should be replaced.

    1. charlie stevens January 3, 2018