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Zero Pro Bowlers for Packers

The Green Bay Packers have joined the likes of the Chicago Bears in being shut out of the Pro Bowl.

Zero Pro Bowlers. First time the Packers have had that honor since 2005.

Did the Packers deserve any Pro Bowlers?

Yes, in fact they did.

David Bakhtiari, if not the best left tackle in the game, is certainly among them. In fact, he is the highest-rated tackle in the game, according to Pro Football Focus, garnering a grade of 89.1.

The other guy who deserved to be there is linebacker Blake Martinez, who is tied for the NFL lead in tackles with 127.

But hell, the Pro Bowl is a goddam joke and has been for some time.

And the Packers aren’t a playoff team, so why would they be any different than the Bears?

Instead, defensive tackle Mike Daniels and fullback Aaron Ripkowski are first alternates. Additional alternates are receiver Davante Adams, Bakhtiari, outside linebacker Clay Matthews and punter Justin Vogel.

It’s telling how good Vogel has been this year that he’s been named an alternate. That’s probably the positive here. Vogel has a 45.0 yard average and a 42.6 net. It seems Big Ted has finally been able to do something he hasn’t throughout his entire career — find a serviceable punter.

Meanwhile, here are the guys who beat out the guys who are actually deserving on the Packers.

At tackle are Dallas’ Tyron Smith, who hasn’t played in weeks, Washington’s Trent Williams, who is a I-know-his-name pick, and Philadelphia’s Lane Johnson, who actually deserves to be there, although not ahead of teammate Jason Peters.

At inside linebacker are Carolina’s Luke Kuechly and Seattle’s Bobby Wagner, the exact two guys we predicted last week. They have names too.

Unfortunate for Martinez, who will probably have to lead the league in tackles for three years before he gets a name enough to make this sham of an all-star game.

As we have long said, the Pro Bowl can suck it. It’s a joke. The real list of the best players in the league comes when the All-Pro team is announced.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Gort December 20, 2017

    Considering the 2017 meltdown, only 1 Packer should be considered for all Pro = Aaron Rodgers.
    A “Clio” award maybe for Matthews, but nothing for on field performance.

    1. Andy Peth December 20, 2017

      It’seems hard to imagine anyone from this mess in the Pro Bowl. Kenny Clark looked really good.

  2. Andy Peth December 20, 2017

    We can debate whether Bakhtiari should have made it, but there’should no debating one fact: A clean sweep is needed with the Packers’ leadership (Thompson-McCarthy-Capers).

    Blown high picks, awful FA decisions like our tight ends, horrible clock management, embarrassing personnel decisions (like giving Aaron Jones only 1 carry after his two long bursts), and a defense that makes backup QB’s look superhuman….it all has to end. Years of pleading for team leadership to make correct decisions MUST END NOW.

    Rodgers only has a few seasons left. We need leadership that supports him with weekly excellence, rather than smothering him with weekly burdens and begging him for weekly rescues.

    Clean sweep. Immediately after the Lions game. It’s time.

    1. Deepsky December 20, 2017

      King from this years draft looked good this year until he got injured. Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones looked good. The rest didn’t really play. Kenny Clark from last year had a very good season. Spriggs looked better as the season went on. Blake Martinez had the second most tackles in the NFL, which is more than Bobby Wagner, Luke Kuechly, and others. Dean Lowry contributed. Trevor Davis set up the game win against Cleveland.

      So you thought Martellius Bennett was going to be an awful free agent pickup? You must be a genius.

  3. Kato December 20, 2017

    Dillon Day may be the starting center next year

  4. TyKo Steamboat December 20, 2017

    Good. Don’t play in the Preseason or the Pro Bowl

  5. KILLER December 20, 2017

    I think that Bahktiari there is a legit point as per pro bowl snub. Tyron Smith missed some games but everyone knows he is the best LT. Bahktiari also missed at least two games and that may have hurt him.

    It is pretty amazing no Packers made the pro bowl, especially considering the huge ballot-stuffing advantage they have in extra fan votes. Even with that, zero.

    HHCD never should have been there last year and is well left off this year. Glad you did not try to argue for him.

    I also appreciate you did not try to argue for Davante Adams. He is the #7 WR in the NFC. Both Marvin Jones and Marquise Goodwin are more deserving. Adams really should not even be an alternate.

    Martinez is a good player. However, number of tackles is a poor indicator overall. The Packers D stays on the field and plays more plays. More tackle opportunities for Martinez. The Packers D gets run on and linebackers get more tackles in the run game. More tackle opportunities for Martinez. Martinez is surrounded by a poor supporting cast so he picks up lots of tackles other players should have made. More tackle opportunities for Martinez.

    You want to point out a MLB pro bowl snub? How about Eric Kendricks of the Vikings. #1 defense in the NFC. #2 run defense in the NFL. MLB is much about run defense. Would you rather have the MLB that led the NFL’s #2 run defense or the one who led the #20 run defense? C’mon man!

    But even I don’t think Kendricks should have been named to the pro bowl. Just that he should be named BEFORE Martinez ever was. You think anyone is going to buy into that Martinez is better than Kuechly or Wagner? Give us a break!

    Even TT would trade Martinez for Kuechly or Wagner straight up even with their age and contracts, neither of which are pro bowl considerations. Hell, TT would throw in a 3rd rounder as well and still make the trade.

    Just to really bury “Mordecai” on this point = Both Kuechly and Wagner have more interceptions, more passes defended, and more TDs than Martinez this year and both helped their defenses to much higher performances. Trying to argue Martinez is more deserving than them is just ludicrous.

    You have a legitimate argument on Bahktiari. But no other Packer comes close to being worthy.

    1. Cheese December 20, 2017

      Wha Wha Wha… Vikings have a better defense so that means Kendricks is better than Martinez? Makes tons of sense. Guess what, neither of them made the pro bowl so I don’t know what the hell you’re whining about.

      1. KILLER December 21, 2017

        If you actually read my post you’ll see I am not whining about Kendricks not making the pro bowl I am whining about Mordecai whining about Martinez not making the pro bowl.

  6. PF4L December 20, 2017

    Bahktiari is probably the only snub. Martinez had a bunch of tackles, but there is a difference in where you got them, up near the line of scrimmage, or 10-15 yards downfield. there is also more involved in being a Pro-Bowl player than the number of tackles.

    With all that said, the Pro-Bowl is a joke these days anyway. It’s a NFL paid vacation.