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Vikings Take Down Packers In Predictable Fashion

The Minnesota Vikings were nothing special and the Green Bay Packers had their opportunities, but apparently playing second, third and fourth-string players won’t get you very far in the NFL.

Thus, the Green Bay Packers dropped a 16-0 dud to the division champion Minnesota Vikings.

They did so with Brett Hundley at quarterback and guys like Michael Clark and Jeff Janis playing receiver and Lenzy Pipkens playing cornerback.

The Packers’ defense put up a good enough effort. Hundley had his shots. This could have been a game, but it wasn’t.

Hundley threw a pick late in the second quarter at the Vikings’ 18. That could have changed things. The Packers turned the ball over on downs early in the fourth when Michael Clark couldn’t even get his hands on what looked like a perfect back-shoulder throw.

That could have changed things.

But who cares?

This was predictable.

Hundley ended up throwing for just 130 yards, no touchdowns and two picks.

Were there any highlights?

Well, hard to say that when getting shut out by the Vikings for only the second time in history.

However, I will say that I liked the fact that coach Mike McCarthy didn’t just go dink-and-dunk. He actually let Hundley take some shots downfield. A lot, in fact. Hundley apparently sucks at downfield shots — he isn’t accurate, but at least things were opened up.

Although he totally messed up that potential touchdown, the Packers unloaded the bench, and we liked what we saw (other than that play) from former practice squad receiver Michael Clark. He led the Packers in receiving with 36 yards on three catches.

Kenny Clark continued his great season with five tackles and two sacks. Reggie Gilbert, just added from the practice squad this week, was the only guy to provide consistent pressure with both Clay Matthews and Nick Perry sitting.

He let a guy get way behind him once, but undrafted free agent cornerback Lenzy Pipkins looked pretty decent out there.

The Packers more or less emptied the bench and why not? They’re playing for shit. It would have still been nice to curb-stomp those assholes, but who cares? Just playing for a draft pick at this point.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. KILLER December 23, 2017

    Holy spin doctor!

    Yeah, the Vikings were nothing special… just like the Americans defeating Hitler and the Germans in WW II. Nothing special. Just like when our navy sunk 4 Japanese carriers at Midway. Nothing special….

    When you don’t respect your opponent, and that opponent just shut you out and shut you down (at home!), then you also logically disrespect yourself.

    Both teams were missing their #1 RB. Both teams missing their #1 QB but the Packers played their #2 QB and the Vikings their 3rd stringer (technically). Both O-lines injury depleted, Vikes missing 40% of starters. We were not missing anyone on defense and the Packers were but, really, how much of a drop off is it from Matthews to Fackrell and Randall to Pipkins? Maybe an improvement.

    Kenny Clark looked great, like the next dominant player. He is your best defensive player now, better than Mike Daniels (who you know I respect thoroughly). Harrison Smith even before this game was the best safety in football and by far the biggest pro bowl snub. This shut out, in large part, is due to him. It was not just the 2 interceptions though. He led the Vikes in tackles including a tackle for a loss and 3 tackles on the line of scrimmage. And several good coverages preventing completions.

    Holy crap, Hundley was kept to 16 completions on 40 attempts! And the Packers were 0 of 3 on 4th downs! Amazing!

    There was as much or more purple in the stands than green. It was like a bonus home game for the Vikings!

    Holy smokes Bahktiari was doing a LOT of holding. No one would call it until he finally did a pull down take down that the refs reluctantly could not ignore.

    Good to see the Packers did not get chippy. They rose above their lesser fans. They did not “Go All Mordecai”. Good for them.

    1. Ferris December 23, 2017

      Long Deep Chuckle…Now a Hitler reference. 40% of 5 is 2, so 2 OL starters missing. Why say 40%? Stupid. Against this pass rush it could be 100% and it wouldn’t matter.
      Here comes the post season meltdown. If you had a job maybe you could go to a playoff game to see the loss. Too bad the Vikings are the only joy in your life.

      1. KILLER December 23, 2017

        Saying 40% is more efficient than saying “two of the five”. That is, until you have to explain your use of percentages to an opposing fan with a severe case of sour grapes. ; – )

        No one knows what the post season will bring, least of all me. Oh…. Wait…. We do at least know we won’t be seeing the Packers in the postseason….

        1. Savage57 December 24, 2017

          You’ll always have Paul Allen.

          Can’t wait to hear his coming lament as your team Vikings another postseason.

          1. Ferris December 24, 2017

            Vikings as a verb. Killer appreciates the use of verbs.

        2. Ferris December 24, 2017

          Just to be clear, we do know what the post season will bring…NO Viking Championship. You are the opposing fan with nothing better to do that post here. I guess I’ll never understand you but I do think I understand how dissatisfied you must be with your life to spend so much time on this website.

          1. KILLER December 24, 2017

            Sounds like the Packers — due to violating clear cut IR rules — will be forced to waive Aaron Rodgers. And the first team who can pick him up off waivers?

            The Browns!

            Merry Christmas!

          2. Ferris December 24, 2017

            Keep believing that…Now go back in the basement.

          3. Icebowl December 25, 2017

            Nothing new , I that joke 4 hours Before…..
            Truly original as all your garbage is…

  2. Bobby D December 23, 2017

    Playing for a higher draft pick, which our incompetent dick sucking cadaver GM will fuck up per usual!

      1. Kato December 24, 2017

        Literally nothing will come out of this. Teams bend IR rules all the time.

        1. KILLER December 24, 2017

          The only bending typically seen is putting borderline players on IR who are not very hurt and putting 2-week injury players on IR and such.

          What Rodgers and the Packers did is a whole different beast, not previously seen anywhere anytime ever before.

          They took a player off IR and then put him back on IR a game later with no new injury and only because they were eliminated from play-off contention. That is some serious BS. That is cheating. It is a betrayal of teammates who are out there huffing, puffing, and bleeding. But, even worse, it is a betrayal of the sport. Tanking for a better draft pick. Not giving best effort. It is a black eye to the sport — if it is allowed to occur without consequence.

          It is also a betrayal of the fans who bought their game tickets thinking Rodgers would play if healthy enough to play. Bait and switch. NFL should force the Packers, in addition, to give every fan who even claims they were at the last two games (who saves their tickets?) a full refund. And a formal apology.

          Rules are clear Rodgers should now be put on waivers. The NFL network and web site are not reporting on this story. They wish it was not true. But it is true and it is all over everywhere else. The other GMs and owners are very aware. Some just want the rules enforced because it is the right thing to do. Others are actual “victims”. I’m sure the Rams and Panthers think the Packers could have possibly won if Rodgers played. If they had then one of those teams would have gotten a bye and better home field advantage.

          They feel cheated. Because they were cheated. By the cheating Packers.

          Yeah, you and I both know the Vikes would have dominated Rodgers and won the game anyway but they don’t know that. What they do know is that the Packers violated a clear cut rule with a very clear consequence.

          Will the NFL have the balls to enforce its own rules fairly and objectively? Probably not.

          1. Ferris December 24, 2017

            Oooooo cheating accusation by killer. Just like in Dodgeball when everyone went for your head over and over. But only on the days you didn’t have a doctor’s note. The Vikings owe their fans a formal apology too, for all these years with no Championship.

          2. Icebowl December 25, 2017

            “…..put him back on IR a game later with no new injury” ????

          3. icebowl December 25, 2017

            “…. the NFL approved Rodgers being put on IR for the second time, so they are not going to ask the Packers to release Rodgers”

  3. ay hombre December 23, 2017

    Fuck. This. Team.

  4. Gort December 23, 2017

    “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”
    The only nice thing is

    1. KILLER December 23, 2017

      Kenny Clark!

  5. KILLER December 23, 2017

    Also the Packer players were classy, no chippiness.

    There was a malcontent Packer fan though who threw a beer at Stefon Diggs. But, you’ll never guess… he missed! And then had to go buy another for, like, $8.00. Too funny.

    1. PF4L December 23, 2017

      It wasn’t thrown at him you pickle licker. Unless that fan could see him under the tunnel.

      Do you ever say anything that has any factual merit?

      No wonder even queen fans think you’re a douche.

      1. KILLER December 24, 2017

        At him. And missed. Very funny.

        The Packer fan was bad at being a bad sport!

  6. NachoDan December 23, 2017

    Run the ball. Run the fucking ball.

    1. PF4L December 23, 2017


  7. PF4L December 23, 2017

    (Shrugs)…i enjoyed watching the game.

    In the words of Nat Diaz….”I’m not surprised mother fucker!!

    1. PF4L December 23, 2017


  8. Cheese December 23, 2017

    Wow, what an embarrassment. Shut out at home, two days from Christmas. Thanks for the giant goose egg Green Bay. This coaching staff needs to be shown the door. If McCarthy can’t see that Hundley isn’t starter material then he needs to be held responsible for keeping this shit show for going on for so long. The second shut out at Lambeau this season. The first Vikings shut out in 24 years. Fuck, it just gets more embarrassing the more I think about it.

    Rodgers is going to need a miracle if he plans to win another Super Bowl ring with this team. We don’t get an annual playoff meltdown this year but this game sure takes its place. When receivers weren’t dropping balls Hundley was either overthrowing them or off target enough all they could do was adjust and hit the ground. The defense held the Vikings to 16 points so that’s decent. But that broken play on 3rd and 13 was typical of what we’ve seen of this group.

    On a positive note, did you see that fucking sledding hill?!?!? AMAZING! The point of view camera shot speeding down that snowy race track was pure adrenaline. I sure am glad Mark Murphy unleashed his genius and built this utopia of fun. Money well spent is an understatement. It totally makes up for ignoring everything to do with football operations. I can hear him now “Well you can’t win them all” “This is the NFL, putting points on the board isn’t always guaranteed” “At least our profits are up from last year.”

    Can’t wait to see what kind of senseless jargon McGriddle spews out of his mouth this next week.

    1. PF4L December 23, 2017

      The sledding hill is almost perfect, But Murphy didn’t have the imagination to have it lit up under green and gold lighting. Inexcusable, especially considering that hill is his only responsibility. Fucked the pooch on that one.

      As far as the game…Yes, some drops were made from back up receivers playing in single digit cold. But Hundley needs to stop being so animated acting frustrated about it. Especially considering that Hundley over threw or was off on every long pass he attempted, not to mention the special pick he air mailed into Harrison Smiths hands. A starting NFL QB see’s him breaking in on that pass.

      The pass to Michael Clark in the end zone, although not easy to see, Rhodes had his left arm around Clarks stomach preventing Clark a good turn. Also, on the pass to Kendricks on a slant over the middle, Kendricks was in run mode, and Hundley threw it behind him at his left hip, not a easy catch in full stride, but Hundley throws up his arms in disgust like he threw to him at the numbers.

      The queens gave Hundley good time in the pocket only rushing 4 practically the whole game. I think if they had blitzed more it would have been ugly for Hundley and the O line. I think the queens only rushing 4 shows you the confidence they have in their secondary.

      What surprised me the most was that Hundley and Jeff Janis didn’t explode and take over this game. that’s his favorite receiver i hear.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

        I’ll take the bait . . . Janis in for 12 plays. Targeted TWO times, connected on one. The other was an errant throw (what’s new?) Janis actually gained TWELVE YARDS on that ONE play (the second longest catch of the evening). Your point? Mine would be that MM refuses to include Janis in his play calling. MM plays favorites, he always has . . . Take Hundley for example. Besides, McGlurpy is a VERY POOR judge of talent. Remember he was the one in San Francisco (the 49ers Offensive Coordinator at the time) that did not want Aaron Rodgers. This BUFFOON is fucking clueless. It is a sin that this fuck has any say in who plays and who does not play.

  9. Howard December 23, 2017

    Should be no reason MM does not let E. Bennett call plays next week. Give it a shot see how it goes. Nothing to lose after tonight’s output.

  10. PF4L December 23, 2017

    Oh, before i forget…Anyone see that shot of Ted Thompson up in his box?

    Was that not the perfect look for him on National TV?…HOLY SHIT….lmao

    1. Gort December 24, 2017

      After the laughter subsided, the comments at my house were
      “He looks like a deer in the headlights”
      “shut your mouth, you’re on national TV.”

      Also did you notice that he was all alone up there on his throne?

    2. Icebowl December 24, 2017

      Yup. Talk about a picture telling a thousand stories……
      Time to ride off into the sunset Teddy, hopefully before the draft.
      This organization needs a revamp from the top down. It’s become a good ole boy club, justifying their existence w making it to post season and blaming injuries for Not getting to SB.

    3. Howard December 24, 2017

      The face of the organization. If the game wasn’t embarrassing enough. Between the blank thoughts you can almost see TT thinking of how he is going to get a new franchise QB(,, errr, pitcher in the 1st, 5th,or 7th round, doesn’t baseball have 20 or more rounds??? It doesn’t matter I’ve always liked lacrosse players they can really fling that thing around,and best yet no one looks to draft them, I wonder were my dribble bib is) this year to replace Rodgers.

      1. Cheese December 24, 2017

        A pitcher playing QB, brilliant! They both throw things. Except pitchers throw them faster. A cross training advantage for sure.

    4. Ferris December 24, 2017

      He looked like he was drooling all over himself. Embarrassing. That’s your GM. All that was missing was the smell of his depends.

    5. Ferris December 24, 2017
  11. Bobby D December 24, 2017

    Remember the old move El Cid, where Charlton Heston was dead but propped up on his horse to inspire his gladiators? Look closely at the shot of the white rat up in the box. Think I saw a 2×4 sticking out of his ass.

    1. Kato December 24, 2017


  12. Skinny December 24, 2017

    I’m just so over this regime. I’m fine with Ted AND Mike being gone now. I don’t even care if we had a down year with a new coach and staff, front office, etc. I’m just sick of this shit. I’m sick of the type of players we get in the draft and FA. I’m sick of Murphy focusing on building the shit outside the stadium instead of his actual fucking football team. I’m sick of Ted disappearing when the shit hits the fan. I’m sick of Mike being a dick about people questioning his players ability. Ive just lost interest. Its time to change.

    1. Icebowl December 24, 2017

      Well said

    2. Drater December 25, 2017

      I feel the same way Skinny…why should fans care if most of the organization doesn’t? There’s probably 10 players max on the roster showing enough talent and passion to justify their roster spot

      1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

        Amen ^^^^

  13. Nick December 24, 2017

    I loved the shot of Ted with his fly catcher mouth on National TV

  14. Kato December 24, 2017

    That was tough to watch. I can’t take the clown show much longer. TT, your time is up. Capers, your time has been up for 5 years. Those who blame McCarthy for not “opening up the playbook” and let Hundley throw the ball down the field, lol. We saw exactly the reason why that is. Hundley has no value, might as well start Joe Callahan the next game, what the hell do you have to lose? The bright spots: Kenny Clark looks like he could be a good player going forward. And he is only 22. Blake Martinez is a keeper as well. And that’s pretty much it. The bad: Hundley, HHCD, OLB group, OL depth, TEs, Michael Clark.

    1. Ferris December 24, 2017

      Hundley looked like a 3rd string Division III QB who has never played a down and got the start after the other 2 QBs got kicked off the team 5 minutes before kickoff. His misses deep were pathetic. Nice job QB whisperer McRib. You’re a joke.

  15. Jschizl December 24, 2017

    It’s funny to see Vikings fans post on a packers website. Really funny to see them choke in the playoffs wide left or right. Thier long snapper hurt.
    Devon house playing a week later after fractured vertabre, encouraging. I don’t care it’s preseason football

  16. Kato December 24, 2017

    Lol at the teams all butthurt because the packers bent the rules as far as IR goes. LMAO

  17. PF4L December 24, 2017

    “Aaron is Aaron, i’m Brett…Aaron is a HOF QB, that’s where i want to be. – Brett Hundley

    We all should be prepared for disappointment, especially Hundley.

  18. PF4L December 24, 2017

    Post Game Presser…5:45

    “….um, ya know, my head il be held up hel..(pause)…..high.. and um, ya know, that’s the name of the game” – Brett Hundley

    Is that the name of the game Brett? I thought you always say winning is the name of the game?

    Here’s what i see Brett….I see someone nervous, tripping on his words, because you don’t belong in front of the camera representing an NFL football team. Much the same way you don’t belong as a starting NFL QB.

    That’s the name….of your game.

    Brett Hundley may talk like he has, but he hasn’t earned shit in this league.

    As far as Hundley wanting a an explanation from the team that trades for him, on why they didn’t pick him in the draft……first, you’d need a team to actually want you, then you’d have to convince them you deserve some kind of explanation.

    You Brett, are not Aaron Rodgers mother fucker, so quit trying to act like him…put your shit talk to rest.

  19. PF4L December 24, 2017

    Thank you Ted and Mike for making me feel confident enough to make a wager on this game. everybody that i bought brunch for this morning appreciated it also.

    1. Ferris December 24, 2017

      Told you…Vikings by 16.

  20. Kato December 24, 2017

    Where is killer and his 14,000 character diatribe about how the packers cheated?

    1. KILLER December 24, 2017

      Up above Kato.

      Aaron Rodgers will look… well… we’ll all enjoy seeing him in that Browns uniform.

      1. Kato December 25, 2017

        Not going to happen in a million years. You do realize that this isn’t a unilateral move, and that the NFL had to examine and approve the move right? AR took a number of hits in that game, wouldn’t be hard for them to come up an injury, albeit a B.S. one, for why he was put back on IR. The Texans put Tom Savage on IR with a concussion. How could they have possibly known that he wouldn’t be healthy and cleared the next week? The reality is teams put players on IR all the time with relatively short term injuries that probably shouldn’t go on IR. It is because the sheer number of injuries teams have, especially approaching the first half of the year. They use it as a strategy to stash away players that may not be important contributors at the time and but are taking a roster spot on a roster that will have a tough time fielding a healthy gameday roster of 46 players. Happens all the time. Besides, it is a fairly hypocritical move of the NFL to have a rule like this. If a player is hurt and a team isn’t going to make the playoffs, they should be able to stash him away. The league is supposed to be all about health of players, but then again, Thursday night football.

        Worst that comes out of this is a fine, and I would be a bit surprised if that happens.

        1. MJ December 25, 2017

          Hope we don’t lose high picks as a result.

          1. Kato December 25, 2017

            They won’t.

          2. KILLER December 25, 2017

            They probably won’t but they should. They are not playing Aaron because they wanted to tank and get a higher draft pick. They did this in a very obvious fashion, clumsy and/or arrogant. The punishment for cheating to get a better draft should be consequences to that same draft.

            Forfeiting the 1st round pick would be about right. And money back to any fans who want a refund for the last two games (yes, I know next week is at Detroit but there are some Packer fans who bought tickets expecting they would see Rodgers if he was healthy enough to play). And an apology press conference. And a suspension for TT and MM.

          3. Kato December 25, 2017

            LMAO. You are so fucking retarded. How the hell weren’t you aborted? They are not “tanking.” Rodgers isn’t close to 100% you fucking retard. 12 weeks is the normal recovery period. He came back in 8. It was obvious watching him that he wasn’t anywhere near 100% throwing the ball. What the fuck is the point in having a player play in meaningless games when they are playing at 70%? Seriously, go kill yourself. No one in this site wants you here. Your opinions are mostly idiotic, and very clearly slanted. Seriously. Kill yourself

          4. Kato December 26, 2017

            “Tanking” for that 13th pick in the draft as opposed to 16th. Maybe the Vikings should have been fined for Adrian Peterson not playing more than one game last year when he came back after his meniscus injury.

          5. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

            KILLER, I believe that the ONLY reason that they IR’d Rodgers was because he is their ONLY legitimate chance at relevancy next year. They knew that if he got hurt again it could shut down his season next year or at least ruin the beginning of it. They recognize that his coattails are the only thing keeping them relevant and most likely out of the unemployment line.

        2. KILLER December 25, 2017

          Kato, you and the Packers got some SKOL in your stocking this Christmas. Not my pun but I sure do like it.

          So, let’s clear up a misconception you propagate (likely due to actual ignorance and not out of premeditated deception). The NFL does not “examine and approve” moves to IR. The team notifies them. They are at NFL offices. How in Hell could they examine the player to see if injured and how injured? Flying their own doctor out there and back before acknowledging the move is impracticable and not part of the rules for that reason (and expense). Accepting the move does not act as protection against the move being fraud.

          Under your logic, if someone reported their car stolen to the police but they actually sold it and collected the insurance money as well, they could then say they can’t be prosecuted because the police done did “examine and approve” their report of the stolen car.

          As per Tom savage, if you think the Texans did something wrong then report it to the NFL for investigation. If it turns out to be as egregious as what Aaron and the Packers did, then, by all means, they ought to face the same consequences.

          As per “happens all the time”: Go ahead, name the team and player and details of a time a player was activated off IR, played a game without a new injury occurring, the team learned it was out of playoff contention, and the team put that player back on IR with the same injury. Go ahead, should be easy for you. What with “happens all the time” and all must be 3 or 4 players on every team like that….

          I’ll make it easy for you, just name 10.

          Wait… you are a Packers fan… so… just name 5….

          Wait… you are a Packers fan… … … just name ONE !

          As per what will happen the NFL is doing its best to cover this up already and immediately. They won’t report on it on the NFL Network and nothing on NFL.com either. It is a major story, probably the biggest one, and nothing. They are like FOX news reporting on Republican wrongdoing when it occurs: “What wrongdoing? Nothing happened. FAKE news! The only real news is our fake news!”

          They seem like they want to pretend it did not ever happen. They can’t afford to make the Packers waive Rodgers even if it is the rules and the right thing. They are all about bottom line. Cover up in progress. Just watch, nothing will happen.

          They can’t even do a fine because, to do so, would acknowledge the wrong, and, if it occurred, which it did, then Rodgers has to be waived and anything else is preferential treatment and selective enforcement of the rules. So they have to pretend it isn’t even there. Like Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin and the exploding fireworks factory “Nothing to see here.”

          You can fault Packers management for breaking well-known rules in obvious fashion… or you can credit them for smirking knowing the NFL would never enforce its own rules.

          1. Kato December 26, 2017

            So the other rules of IR like the player must have a long term injury (>6 weeks) shouldn’t be enforced but this should? The NFL doesn’t just blindly approve the moves you fucking retard. Seriously GTFO

          2. Ferris December 26, 2017

            OMG you were here posting on Christmas!!!! I’m finished responding to you Killer. I truly feel sorry for you. Your life must be horrible so go ahead and keep writing your garbage that nobody reads. If HAS TO BE the only joy in your life.

  21. Dums toupee December 24, 2017

    Fuck this whole organization!!! Our gm looks like a corpse. Our 95 year old defensive coordinator runs a 120 year old scheme. Mcfatty spews out the same shit, pad level, better next time, dont know why our defense sucks so bad. Time to fuckin move on!!

  22. Dums toupee December 24, 2017

    I think the biggest thing that pisses me off is teddys crappy drafting. Couldve had Harrison Smith, takes Nick Perry instead, he knew we needed a safety , Nick Collins was done. Couldve had Eric Kendricks or Denzel Perryman, he takes Quintin Rollins. Couldve had TJ Watt drafts Kevin King, in a cornerback rich draft,then drafts an oft injured Vince Biegel in the 4th round, and, after misses all otas and training camp,and, 6 weeks on pup expects him to be a difference maker.
    What a waste of money on perry,brooks, lance kendricks, bennett. Hope you and dum get run over by a beer truck in the parking lot!

  23. KILLER December 25, 2017

    3 funny things:

    1) Packers got SKOL in their stocking this Xmas.

    2) Packers accused Martellus of quitting on the team because he got input from objective doctors about surgical and rest option for his injury. He had not even made a decision on their recommendations yet! He took the field in every game! But he “quit” on the team….

    Meanwhile Rodgers goes back on IR once as soon as he sees the team is eliminated form playoff contention. No new injury or, depending on the source, because he had some bruises. It’s WK 16! Every player has bruises, EVEN THE PUNTER!

    So, now, who again is the quitter?

    3) This is a HUGE story but this web site is not reporting it. They are with the NFL in trying to pretend it has not actually happened. They can’t defend it with logic either and don’t want to lose readership by telling the truth.

    1. Cheese December 25, 2017

      1) That’s the second time you’ve said the Packers got Skol in their stocking, and it sounds completely retarded. Man, this is so clever I’m gonna say it twice! Skol- Special Kind Of Loser

      2) Martellus Bennett is a pile of shit who made a big deal about not playing for the Packers because of “injury,” but had no problem suiting up for the Patriots despite having no surgery. When you have stand up guys like Jordy Nelson calling you out on your shit, I’m going to believe Jordy Nelson. Bennett was worthless on the field anyway.

      3) Right… Rodgers is a quitter because he broke his collarbone and tried to come save this shipwreck of a team before he was 100% healed. He has more commitment than that NFL vagabond ever will. No point in keeping Rodgers in, risking injury when he’s not healed, all for some meaningless games. Who cares if they put him on IR? IR or sitting the bench, he wasn’t going to play. It’s not like they get some competitive advantage by signing a temporary 3rd string QB for two games. A guy who isn’t even going to play. Having Joe Callahan warming the bench isn’t going to magically sneak the Packers into the playoffs. Fucking whiners..

      Maybe this website hasn’t reported on it because it’s fucking Christmas and they took the day off to spend time with their families. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

      11/29/2017 at 8:27 am

      Side note from a Vikings fan, KILLER stop being such a douche.

      1. Kato December 26, 2017

        Cheese, I have started to arrive at the conclusion that killer has some serious issues. For one, look at his screen name. That says a lot. I have never seen a guy spend so much time on a rival fansbase’s website/message board. The fact that he is spending this much time on a rival’s message board ON Christmas tells me quite a bit. A: he doesn’t really have friends/family. B: if he is really wanting to troll that hard, that is pathetic. Either way, he is a piece of shit, typical millennial who spends far too much time on the keyboard rather than interacting with people around him. Which explains his social disorders.

        1. Ferris December 26, 2017

          So true. A truly unhappy pathetic person with NO JOY in his life. Just stop responding to him. The fact that he get on this site 5 times a day is really sad. Raise your hand if you even KNOW OF ONE Vikings site to visit. I only see one hand and we all know who it is. He can only raise one hand at a time anyway.

      2. KILLER December 26, 2017

        1) SKOL in your stocking is way funny. Worth repeating.

        2) At no time did Martellus not play for the Packers due to injury. Played every week. Had a lot of pain and function limitation due to injury but the Packers doc said no prob, play through it. Packers doc has a conflict of interest. He works for the Packers, not the players. In a perfect world it should be the same thing but it is not. Packers doc also has a history of putting players back on the field too early. Only Martellus knows how much pain he felt. As is a protected right (a very reasonable one) Martellus could go see other objective doctors and get 2nd and 3rd opinions. They told him he should have surgery and there could be consequences if he tried to play through it.

        Martellus was still considering his options when the Packers heard what he had done and naturally concluded the doctors probably gave him good advice —

        Oh oh, what if he takes their good advice? Pay him to be on IR? Hell no. Cut him. He may sue? Here is what we do, we will accuse him of concealing the injury so we will drop that suit if he drops his. Good advice legal team!

        Wait, won’t our fans see through this and we’ll lose their respect? I mean, they are our owners…. No, wait, they have perpetually fallen for that whole “they own the team” scam so, no, they won’t see through it. Heck, I bet some fans will even start calling poor Martellus a “piece of shit”!

        No way, for serious?

        Yeah, I betcha….

        3) Yes, Rodgers came back from injury and played. Guess what? All players get injured. Then… they come back. Some even play with injury when multiple doctors think they should not (Martellus). Rodgers came back but it does not make him a hero. It makes him a normal NFL player. Packers gave him the green light to take the field. It is funny how the Packers make out he did not belong on the field but, hell no, Packers doc would never put a player on the field who should not be playing, how dare you point that out!!

        Where Rodgers differs from other players is not in coming back from injury. It is going back on IR with no new injury. IR violation, yes, but also quitting on the team and the fans. Where’s the pride? Every player and every team is supposed to try their utmost to play and win and give their best effort on the field. Rodgers and the Packers did not do that. They betrayed the sport of football and their own fans. They intentionally did not put their best product on the field and it was for gain (draft position) and advantage and breaks the rules. This is cheating. And some of those poor bastards have the wool pulled so firmly over their eyes that they rush to defend their own betrayal. Sick stuff.

        Yeah, maybe took the day off for Christmas. I don’t see that happening on the Vikings web sites but could be true here.

        Did you know that “douche” is a Greek word for “speaker of truth”?

        1. Kato December 26, 2017

          Only Martellus knows how much pain he felt. When He played two weeks later for the Patriots. Lmao. By the same logic though, only Rodgers knows the amount of pain and discomfort there was in his THROWING SHOULDER. But yeah, he was a quitter.

        2. Kato December 26, 2017

          Quitting on the team? Rich coming from a Vikings fan, when just last year Adrian Peterson came back from IR, played in one game, and then the Vikings were eliminated. And he didn’t play the rest of the year. Did he quit on the team?

          Can we block this clowns IP address already?

    2. Kato December 26, 2017

      Aaron Rodgers is a quitter? He came 2 months into a 3 month recovery. After a very invasive surgery that required a plate and 13 screws. This wasn’t some arthroscopic procedure you fucking troglodyte. The doctors HEAVILY advised against him NOT playing against the Panthers. If you actually watched the game, it was very obvious he wasn’t 100%. The arm strength wasn’t there. But you are a doctor and think he should have toughed it out and played. Hah.

      And stop speaking for packers fans and thinking they would want a refund because they thought Rodgers was going to play. 90% of packers fans, aka reasonable ones would be fine with him not playing because him fully healing is more important than playing in meaningless games.

      1. KILLER December 26, 2017

        Yeah, a quitter. Healthy enough to play but not playing. Quitter. QUITTER.

        Yeah, tough injury and surgery. But he got the green light to play after recovering. His odds of injuring it more were exactly the same as anyone else at that point. He played, He threw for 290 yards and 3 TDs. He thew the ball 4r times! He ran 6 times for 43 yards! Then… waited to see the playoff picture… and… quit….

        If he was not ready to play then he let the team down by coming back. You argue that he was still better than Hundley? Well, then, he should be out there playing shouldn’t he?!

        Every game has meaning. Because it reveals character for one thing. Also, this was a game against a division rival! And this is football! What happened to love of the sport?

        I don’t speak for Packer fans but maybe I should. They don’t seem to speak up for themselves, they just take it and lick it up when MM and AR do them wrong. I don’t know who does or doe snot want a refund but they should be given a fair opportunity for it and they can choose what is right for them — justice or lick it up.

        Contrast of the month:

        Aaron Rodgers makes more than a million per game but did not play because the games are “meaningless”.

        Packer fans make an average of, what, $50,000, and paid to sit in those cold stark awkward uncomfortable high school-esque stadium seats… and still showed up to cheer the team in the “meaningless” game….

  24. Kato December 26, 2017

    One funny thing. Killer spends his Christmas on a rival teams website picking fights with their fans. Like, literally, at least 90 minutes of his time, on a day that should be spent with family and friends. That isn’t even counting time he spends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Or Vikings websites. He is the one at the family dinner table and Christmas gathering that sits on his phone as opposed to interacting with anyone.

    Seriously, Total Packers staff, can we block his IP address? He brings absolutely nothing to the table in discussions, and that isn’t even because he is a fan of a rival team. It is because he is a troll. He isn’t remotely objective, but tries to justify himself in saying he is because he “respects Mike Daniels.” Seriously though, let’s make TP great again and block the troll. It will probably improve his life a bit, maybe he will be off the keyboard a bit and interact with the world around him, rather than with people online that he will never meet in his life that don’t share common interests.

  25. Kato December 26, 2017

    Killer, in the wise words of Randy Blythe, “see who gives a fuck.” And “Your words are worth it’s weight in shit.”

  26. Gort December 26, 2017

    The best way to respond to certain “contributors” is simple – do not reply to the BS.
    Ignore the 10,000 word jibberish and diatribes.

  27. Kato December 26, 2017

    Aaron Rodgers should be forced, not fully recovered from a broken clavicle in his throwing shoulder, to play in these last two meaningless games. For the spirit of competition! Other teams playoff dreams/seeding depend on it. Killer, the hero we need. Funny, how he, or others don’t really complain when other teams that clinched home field, or whose seeding can’t otherwise be affected, sit key starters the last week or two of the regular season even though those games may have playoff implications. Killer is a true genius here guys. I wonder if he has a blog I could read, I love his wonderful, unbiased insight! Absolutely no hypocrisy whatsoever.

    1. Dums toupee December 26, 2017

      That idiot spills out skol as if it actually means anything intelligent!! What does that even mean? Those fans truly are a Special Kind Of Losers!!! Can’t will til those losers get trounced in the playoffs!! Once again no trophy & no Superbowl appearance in Pansy Park!!!

  28. Truth December 26, 2017

    Nobody said he should be forced to play. They said he should be forced to occupy a roster spot. BY RULE.

    And block a user’s comments because you don’t like them? #America

    BUT….it wouldn’t be the first time total packers have done this. So I would be surprised if this comment even makes it.

    1. Kato December 26, 2017

      Killer has been contending that. Apparently he thinks that Rodgers is quitting on the team and he should play for the fans. He has a long history of making idiotic statements on here, and basically being a troll.

      As far as your statement that he should take a roster spot statement, that is a legitimate point that is actually debatable, and not something stupid. My point is, the NFL approved the move. I had never even heard of this rule, and it honestly seems like a pretty stupid rule, and would not be surprised to see them do away with it this off-season. What happens if say, Antonio Brown tears an MCL week 3 and goes on IR with a designation to return. He comes back week 12 and plays, but reinjures that same ligament, or has swelling in the knee as a result. Not all that uncommon with injuries of that nature. By that rule, the Steelers could not put him on IR and would have to keep him on the roster the rest of the season, and potentially through the postseason. How stupid is that?

  29. PF4L December 26, 2017

    I see that the lonely boy spent another Xmas in here….talking to himself.

    There is a reason he’s referred to as the lonely boy.

    In the words of the lonely boy’s hero…….


  30. Dums toupee December 26, 2017

    Even if that loser franchise does get to the Superbowl at Pansy Park, we all know they would choke it away.

  31. Kato December 26, 2017

    Just so everyone here knows, I submitted a rule proposal to the NFL outlawing players taking games off unless they are unable to walk. There will be no cheating the game, for the spirit of competition. We are going back to the primitive days before there workers rights, these guys cannot take days off, as they are servants to us, the fans. If they can’t play because of injury, then they will be taken out back and shot. In the head.

    Also, the writers on this website must write stories no matter what, because killer said so and he will tell them how to run their private business. Fuck their families and holidays, work goddamnit! Killer, such an inspiration to us all. I hope we can live in his utopian Nazi world of being forced to work regardless of physical condition, or whether it’s a holiday or not.

  32. Drater December 26, 2017

    Would the Browns with Rodgers beat the Packers without Rodgers?

    1. Cheese December 26, 2017

      The Browns without Rodgers damn near beat the Packers. So this is a no brainer.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

      With Rodgers, the Browns would STEAMROLL the Packers . . .