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Vikings Again Hanging Banner for Shit That Doesn’t Matter

We were pretty impressed when the Minnesota Vikings unveiled their banner for their 2015 NFC North championship. We are equally impressed with this year’s unveiling.

Ready for this?

Hey, look, the Green Bay Packers are not making the playoffs. They certainly aren’t winning the division. But maybe that should come with an asterisk next to it because Aaron Rodgers had a broken collarbone.

Those are the breaks, though. No pun intended.

But to get to the heart of the matter — the Vikings display NFC North banners in their practice facility. What do the Green Bay Packers display?

No such nonsense.

Green Bay Packers World Championship banners

Just the 13 banners that really matter.

But hell, if you’re the Minnesota Vikings, a banner is a banner is a banner.

Am I right?

Rule the north all you want, shitbags. You’re not Jon Snow.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Disposable Hero December 19, 2017

    Hanging Division titles is the equivalent of being the healthiest dude with Aids…fucking clowns.

  2. KILLER December 19, 2017

    We take enjoyment of our accomplishments. Loving it! We’ll hang a banner with every division title. Loving it! We’ll also hang a banner when/if we win a Super Bowl. Life is too short !

    Yes, we are very happy to win the division. Second time in three years! Since 1967 the Vikings have 20 division championships v. the Packers 15. Of course, in typical Packer fashion, since someone else is better at or ahead of them in something then that something simply cannot matter. It is a mental dodge the weak-minded are likely to buy into.

    No, you guys don’t get an asterisk. First, if asterisks were allowed you would put one on every season you did not win. Second, no asterisks in football! Third, had Rodgers played all year the Packers STILL would not have won the division (though they might — Might — be in 2nd instead of third place). Fourth, you did not hand out an asterisk last year to the Vikings when the Vikings lost their QB, their franchise Hall of Fame RB, and most of their offensive line including 4 (FOUR!) Left Tackles. I know you’d LIKE it if the Packers could use asterisks but no one else could but that would be known as cheating / double-standard. You guys are comfortable with that but the NFL at large is not and will not allow it.

    Division Champions! Whoohooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    1. Savage57 December 20, 2017

      Stellar logic. You grab a time frame of reference to support an advantage for the Vikings division titles, something Packers fans consider in passing as a mere stepping stone to a greater end. In the process, you either ignore or fail to realize that same period represents a four-time Vikings Super Bowl record of futility, while the Packers enjoyed the experience of actually achieving the goal three times while falling short only once.

      But you did summarize your ‘point’ with a bunch of meaningless babble.

      You’re the quote “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt” incarnate.

      I know you won’t, but I’ll take a chance and ask anyway, being Christmas and all. Stop sharing your thoughts here so we don’t have to read your shit anymore and have it gnaw away at our intelligence each and every fucking time you feel compelled to share your ‘insights’.

      1. KILLER December 20, 2017

        Yes, I know about the Super Bowls during that time period. That was not the subject. Division titles was. Try to stay on target.

        Statistics and logic = “meaningless babble” to you…. hahaha

        Which sets up my next point: How is it even possible for me to “gnaw away” at your “intelligence”. Where is it? It has yet to show itself. How can I gnaw at what cannot be found? Will there come a time you will show it exists?

    2. Ferris December 20, 2017

      He says WE. You are not WE. I doubt you are on the payroll, and I know there is nobody in the organization that know who you are fool.

  3. Deepsky December 20, 2017

    The only Viking tradition is losing miserably in the playoffs and Super Bowl.

    Historically the only reason the Vikings ever get to the playoffs is because the Packers and the rest of the division have major injuries or other issues and they don’t have any competition.

    Like this year with Rodgers being injured.

    Like 1969, when the Vikings win the division, then drag a warm weather team to Minnesota, beat them, then lose miserably to an inferior AFC team in the Super Bowl.

    Like 1973, 1974 and 1976 when no NFC Central team can muster a winning season except for the Vikings, and with an inflated record beating pathetic division rivals the Vikings then drag warm weather teams to Minnesota in the playoffs and get pounded in the Super Bowl.

    Like 1998, when Holmgren is really not caring about the Packers as he is leaving, the Packers secondary is weak, the Vikings win the division, then lose miserably at home to the Falcons. Vikings fans were all guaranteeing a Super Bowl win this year.

    Or like 1999 when the Packers have a new coach, have down year and the Vikings get into the playoffs only to get pounded by the Rams.

    1. #skoltime December 20, 2017

      You seem to forget that the packers from 1968-1991made the playoffs 2 times. And during that same period the packers only had 6 seasons with a winning record. Which is funny because that is 23 years, just like you have had brett favre and Aaron Rodgers for 23 years and won only 2 Super Bowls basically being the best above average team ever while leaning on your 2 hall of fame QBs. So to sit and say the Vikings only make the playoffs when the rest of the division is bad is quite comical in the sense that the same exact thing can be said for the packers. From 1994 to today how good have the lions reall you been? Outside of 1998 and 2009 how good have the Vikings really been? The packers were LITERALLY the browns of the nfl from 1968 until favre came along. I don’t know how old the people commenting on these posts are, but I would be willing to bet your teenage/grown up years were not pre 1994.

      1. Deepsky December 21, 2017

        Saying the Packers were bad from 1968 to 1991 pretty much makes my argument for all the success of the Vikings during that time. So does saying the Packers were the Browns of the NFL during that time. Thanks for that. The Packers had 3 winning seasons during that time allowing the Vikings to walk into the playoffs. Still they couldn’t win a Super Bowl.

        On the flip side, since the arrival of Favre, the Vikings have had 15 winning seasons by my count, so the Packers weren’t just waking into the playoffs because of the poor play of their competitors. Yet the Packers have won the Super Bowl with two different quarterbacks and have taken the division more times and have a substantially better playoff record. Even though their competition was much stiffer.

        1. #SKOLTime December 21, 2017

          Touche, that’s a good point DEEP. Sigh, time to go back to my Vikings memorabilia room and stare at our awesome NFC North Championship mini banners, and have a cry about what could have been that didn’t happen. Part of it is how we always choke, and party of it is that we are in a division with the Packers over the past 23 years. :'(

          Thanks for ruining my day…. haha jk jk, but seriously. that’s a very valid point.

          1. PF4L December 21, 2017

            I just learned two things here…..Deepsky can “lay it the fuck down”. Holy shit my man. Respect.

            Skoltime..(for the most part) show’s some respect when he comes into another teams domain.

  4. #skoltime December 20, 2017

    We hang what we have to hang, one day there will be super bowl banners as well.

    I do have to say though, the packers keep saying 13 banners 13 banners, 13 time world champions. Technically I should just be 4 Time champions… you can make fun of us hanging those division banners but the packers claiming their “championships” pre super bowl era is pretty dumb too. You don’t see the browns or the lions out there screaming to be 4 time champions. And yea you can say look at the browns today, but remember before 1994 you were the browns of the nfl.

    With all that said yes I know we don’t have Super Bowls. Yet.

    1. Tom Brown December 20, 2017

      Whether you want to believe it or not, NFL history does not begin with the first Super Bowl (actually called the NFL-AFL Championship Game). So the Vikings have 1 NFL championship. I’ll give you that…go hang your 1969 banner.

      1. #SKOLTime December 20, 2017

        I am very familiar that it doesn’t begin with the super bowl. I actually love reading about pre super bowl era, A LOT of things have changed since then in terms of game play etc. And we should never forget that era and always remember it, was just pointing out that a lot of people here like to make comments of us recognizing hanging division banners when others dont. Just saying that there are a lot of teams that dont reference back to their pre super bowl era championships either. You can make fun all you want about how dumb it looks to you, but from the outside looking at the packers and their celebrations there is a lot of people that see dumb stuff too. Championship wise the packers organization has been more successful than the vikings especially in the last couple decades. And the Vikings dont have that, Yet. But you are also right, we should hang that 69 banner somewhere.

        LAST TEAM TO WIN THE NFL CHAMPIONSHIP EVER! haha… good day gentleman best of luck in your endeavors during this early off-season.

    2. Deepsky December 20, 2017

      Actually both the Lions and Browns display their NFL championships in their respective stadiums. A one minute internet search would have figured that out.

      And the 69 ‘NFL Championship’ that the Vikings won was truly not the same as a Super Bowl championship. It was simply the NFC Championship game before they named it NFC. After all, they lost the Super Bowl that year even though they were favored by 12.5 points.

      This is looking like one of those years where Vikings fans all start screaming how great their team is, how they are going to kill every team in the playoffs and predict a double digit Super Bowl victory.

      1. #skoltime December 20, 2017

        I said nothing about the browns or lions not hanging their banners for them. I said you don’t see them out there screaming 4 time champions! The way packers scream 13 time champions! Especially when 9 of those 13 are pre super bowl era.

        And statistically you are correct on the Vikings stuff and the playoffs, you have that. Still going to sit here and cheer and say we will kick everyone’s butt.

        1. PF4L December 20, 2017

          When another NFL team has more than 13 NFL Championships, we’ll stop screaming it ok Sparky?

          1. #skoltime December 20, 2017

            You have a good point. I don’t blame you for yelling it loud :) can’t wait to face you guys NEXT year! I am also bummed Rodgers isn’t playing on Saturday. It’s not the same playing the packers without him. I say the nfl open the season next year with a Sunday or Monday night Vikings vs packers at lambeau field.

  5. #skoltime December 20, 2017

    Also if you want to claim an asterisk then so can we for losing AP multiple years, and basically we should be able to claim an asterisk for the years the packers won when we had to deal with that sipshit Christian ponder instead of a real quarter back. And the other years when we had the dumbest head coaches In the world of Leslie Frazier and mike tice… you think the packers are the only team that have hardships every year. Look at what the Vikings have had to do with their loses in recent years. Yet we still had a successful season, why ? Because we are a complete team. It was made very apparent that the Green Bay packers true game should be the Green bag Rodgers’s’s’s

    Yes we don’t have Super Bowls. yet. <- my forever 8 mile eminem’ing your only response to anything a Vikings fan ever has to say when the packers fail to be slightly above average as they always do with their 23 straight years of hall of fame QBs

  6. KILLER December 21, 2017

    Let’s keep focus on and stay on point.

    In the article Monty makes the point he is consumed by jealousy, so much so he is desperate to criticize so he critiques the hanging of banner showing the Vikings are a better team than the Packers!

    I can just picture Monty aching to attack, to take out his angst. He can’t attack the Vikings for being better, for beating the Packers, for being 11-3, or even for winning the division. So, last resort, he attacks them for hanging a banner noting and honoring the accomplishment. How weak is that?

    Look, in super Bowls won the Packers are ahead. In division titles the Vikings are ahead. In recent history — 2 of last 3 yeas — Vikings are ahead. In the present, right now, Vikings are ahead. In the future it all looks brighter for the Vikings than the Packers with old smug prick and the pack of journeymen.

    Hey, Vikings also have a better state, a better stadium, better team colors. And better owners (Get it?) ! Packers probably have better bratwurst.