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This is Your General Manager

Anyone who bothered to watch the entirety of the Green Bay Packers getting stomped by the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday surely took note of this. Let’s cut to a shot of Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson staring blankly, mouth agape upstairs, please.

Ted Thompson staring

If anyone, Ginger Gap Tooth included, would like to tell me this guy has it all together and should be the general manager of the Green Bay Packers, well, I’ve got a swift boot to the crotchal area for you.

(gif via Deadspin)

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. ThePumaman December 26, 2017

    Captain Pike from Star Trek?

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

      Now that was funny!

  2. Kato December 26, 2017

    When will the clown show be over?

  3. PF4L December 26, 2017


  4. KILLER December 26, 2017

    I have to admit, I did not think “crotchal” was a real word. But, it is.

    1. PF4L December 27, 2017

      So you don’t know it all? How could this be?

  5. Skinny December 26, 2017

    This is the face old people make. I mean old people that forget grand kid names. Run over your neighbors dog accidently. Mow the yard at 7 AM. Told at the grocery store their out of prune juice. And this fucking guy is in charge of an NFL teams football operations. Are you serious! Get this fucking guy out of there before he does something stupid like lets Rodgers walk.

    1. KILLER December 27, 2017

      Whether it be due to old age or a life-changing health event (such as stroke) the way this site treats one of their own is despicable.

      Yeah, poor drafting. I agree. Attack the picks but not the facial expressions or lack thereof or partial paralysis of facial muscles and neck muscles (his speech). Instead of attacking these superficial factors he probably has little or no control over you should count your blessings you do not walk in his shoes.

      I think he is probably all there mentally. He just is not the draft mastermind some portray. As per urgency I will say this last draft was very different from past ones and seemed to have a different fingerprint on it. Way tilted towards athleticism/physical freak — Kevin King (6’3″, 4.43/40), Josh Jones (4.4/40 at 220lb.), and Montravius Adams (4.87 at 304 lb.). I think Packer drafting has become a group consensus situation. And I think they are moving in the right direction.

      You should give TT, if not actual respect, at least a little honorable treatment. He did, after all, draft your living God (God of Deception/Lord of Lies = the beard Olivia, about Barr, that he fought the medical staff to return, that he was so injured — with some “soreness” — that he had to go back on IR).

  6. PF4L December 27, 2017

    “As long as he wants to continue to work, and he’s still doing a good job — and I think he still does a great job for us — we want him to continue to be our general manager,” Murphy said of the 64-year-old Thompson

  7. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

    I literally had time to grab my cell phone, swipe my security code shape, locate the camera app., wait until it loaded, aim it at my TV, allow it time to focus and get a shot to show my wife so that she could see what I have been bitching about . . . all before the TV station mercifully took this possibly mentally impaired GM off of the screen before they embarrassed him further. I tell you, I do feel conflicted a bit, in one way you have to feel sad for him, in other ways . . . you just want to wring this motherfucker’s (or fatherfucker’s, your call) neck. There is something wrong with him, and he just plain sucks at his job. Time for a NEW GM NOW!

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 27, 2017

      TT’s gaze and facial expression NEVER varied! It remained this way the whole time that he was on the screen I believe . . . fucking sad.

  8. PF4L December 27, 2017

    Here’s the way i see it….

    Big Ted has some issues, has had some issues. But it looks like it’s now getting National attention. Before it was behind the back whispers around the league i would assume.

    His symptoms may be from dementia, sometimes it seems like he’s over medicated. I’m not a Doctor, so i really can’t say. But make no mistake about it, somethings wrong with the man. We make fun of it, because it’s fair game because of the powerful position he holds. But when you get to the heart of the matter, his condition isn’t a crime as he probably can’t help it.

    I’m assuming, but it seems as if Ted Thompson doesn’t have much family we hear about, or close friends. So i think he clings to his career as it’s his whole life. Ted’s getting to the point where he’s embarrassing himself. The crime to me, is that people around him, act like everything is normal, like they are in denial and just let him play this out. I’m talking about McCarthy, Murphy, and those others who hold power and seem to do nothing. How about help the man, have an intervention or whatever you want to call it. But my God, he clearly doesn’t have all his faculty’s anymore.

  9. Squeeze December 27, 2017

    Get this guy some depends, put a throw over his lap and park him by the fireplace

  10. Carl with a “C” December 28, 2017

    Monty!!!! Favorite post ever!!!!