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To the Surprise of No One, Kevin King Will Need Surgery

So the Green Bay Packers, i.e. Ted Thompson drafted a guy who was injured. Where have you heard this before? I’ll tell you where — Justin Harrell.

That guys was a PRIZE!

And now Big Ted has done it again with cornerback Kevin King. This isn’t to suggest King can’t come back and be effective, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were Justin Harrell either.

Showed jack during his rookie season.

King was put on injured reserve on Wednesday. That was a long time coming.

King injured his shoulder as a freshman at Washington. It started to bother him in his final year, which is ironically just before the Packers drafted him.

And he is just now getting surgery. Because, OF COURSE!

I’m not going to get on Martellus Bennett’s side because, well, he’s a human sack of shit and clearly made some falsified claims against the Packers. Maybe we could place him on Bill Belichick’s door, light him on fire and sit back and watch Grumblelord stomp him out much to everyone’s delight…

I digress.

The point here is this isn’t the first time the Packers medical staff has bungled something. The Packers are perennially the most injured team in the league. Their medical staff annually misdiagnoses those injuries.

He’ll play through it. Was that the disposition around Lambeau?

Clearly, Mike McCarthy wasn’t looking to put King out there very often in recent weeks. Neither was the medical staff.

But here we are.

The real question is whose fault is this?

The medical staff for not properly inspecting or diagnosing a potential problem with King? Big Ted for drafting the guy, regardless of what happened in that evaluation? Fat Mike for running King out there week after week?

Who knows?

And who gives a shit at this point?

You can’t convince me a single one of these clowns are competent.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L December 7, 2017

    Like i said at the beginning of the season, win or lose, this season was going to be entertaining.

    We are going to be entering our 3rd off season of spending resources trying to find a cornerback. That isn’t a dig on King, it’s just realty. It’s hard to fix other aspects of your team, when you have to spend resources trying to fix previous mistakes. Hence, why we have more team needs than the previous season, it’s a highly unproductive cycle.

    Seems as each season that goes by nowadays, we have more holes to fill than the previous season. Isn’t that going in the wrong direction? Not to mention(again) that we have become highly dependent on our rookie draft class performing right away. Needing them to be playmakers…right now. Why, because of all the failed attempts at finding them through the draft in previous seasons.

    Whoever is going to be the next GM, has his work cut out for himself. Not only is he going to be responsible for giving Rodgers the best chance to win in the twilight of his career, at the same time he has to repair the damage that’s been done already by the present hierarchy.

    This team is broken.

  2. KILLER December 7, 2017

    That Martellus Bennett thing had me wondering. They do a physical before or after signing a player. The contract is contingent on passing the physical. Bennett passed that physical but now the Packers are claiming he kept hidden a major injury from before the signing and want their signing bonus back.

    Maybe the Packers medical staff should be the ones paying back that signing bonus….

    Next thing on that: everyone says that Packer’s doc is super cautious and would not encourage someone to play with an injury. Yet the Packers, with that doctor, have a history of doing that, putting players back on the field before they should be. This site has literally bitched about it. Yet now, we are SHOCKED, just SHOCKED that Bennett would say, essentially, the same?

    Next thing: Bennett apparently found two or three other doctors who told him not to play and to go ahead and get the surgery. But, wait, if the Packers doctor is sooooo cautious, then these doctors must be super-duper-UBER cautious. How dare they out-caution the Packers doctor! The insufferable nerve of being even more protective! Did those f*ckers even call TT or MM and ASK them what they ought to tell Martellus. Hell no! That there neglect to being told what to say is a violation of the Packer hypocrisy oath!

    Just remember, the Packer’s doctor works for the Packers and the other doctors worked for Bennett and just gave him the best advice for him without consideration to the team or coach’s input or other extraneous noise. They had no possible conflict of interest… and no known track record of pushing still-injured players back on the field.

    1. KILLER December 7, 2017

      One other Martellus note. A little perspective here.

      1. Martellus is told by independent doctors he should have surgery.
      2. Packers find out Martellus Bennett was told by independent doctors he should have surgery.
      3. Packers cut Martellus.
      4. Packers defame Martellus.
      5. Conclusion by this site? Ergo, Martellus is “a human sack of shit”.

      Moral? Don’t be on the Packers and be needing surgery and whatnot. You will become overnight “a human sack of shit”.

      1. Cheese December 7, 2017

        I agree the Packers medical staff is a mess, but Bennett went to New England and played two games despite what his independent doctors said. He must not have been too concerned about it.

  3. Gort December 7, 2017

    Clearly another case of TT not taking the best available player with every draft choice.
    His tenure MUST end soon, preferrably before we sing Auld Lang Syne.

  4. Shawn December 7, 2017

    Kevin King was pretty universally rated a 1st Round draft pick. So, apparently GMs and medical staffs all around the country thought his shoulder shouldn’t affect his draft value.
    It is also not unusual for players to have surgery during the offseason. Since King’s offseason has already started, it makes sense for him to have the surgery ASAP. Just because surgery and rest can help his shoulder, doesn’t mean he couldn’t play with it if he choose to. There are plenty of injuries where players face this same choice: have surgery now, or keep playing with it and have surgery in the offseason. That doesn’t mean anyone made a mistake or doesn’t know what they are doing. It’s football.
    Didn’t Bill Belichick just pick up Martellus Bennett with a bum shoulder, only to put him on IR two games later? I guess by this article’s logic that means Belichick is incompetent too.

    1. PF4L December 7, 2017

      Well, considering the Packers have already paid 95% of Bennett’s salary this season, the Patriots picked him up for a happy meal and a pack of Marlboro’s. Nothing to lose.

      1. MJ December 8, 2017

        Good point. That’s next level, having other team pay for your players. Say, if NE wins the SB, does our management get a ring as well?

        1. PF4L December 8, 2017

          But don’t fret, the Packers are getting their money back…lmao.

    2. Gort December 9, 2017

      Shawn makes good points, but it “feels” like a far too often coincidence that personnel decisions made by TT go wrong for the Packers. I think that lots of us are simply ready to go in a diffrent direction.

  5. Howard December 7, 2017

    I do not recall the Packers listing King with a shoulder injury early in the season, so I was suprised that Whitt would say this week “You take Kevin King. From Day 1, I’m working with him he can’t throw his left arm.”

    I thought teams were supposed to list player injuries on the injury reports? We know teams play games with those reports including the Packers. I would think the Packers would prefer that Whitt did not say the team knew King had a shoulder issue/injury from day 1. Or maybe Whitt was exaggerating the shoulder problem time frame?

  6. Howard December 8, 2017

    I was happy with the Packers taking either Watt or King mainly because they played positions of need for the team. I do not recall any scouting reports indicating that King had a shoulder issue. I guess most teams who performed physicals would have caught the problem.

    I think Rob wrote an article earlier in the day the Packers drafted King. My only question about King was why did the Seahawks pass up drafting King twice. The Seahawks were going back and forth about trading Sherman. In addition the Seahawks lost there other starting corner in their last playoff game to a knee. If any team would look at a guy like King it should have been Seattle. Seattle probably had more info on Washington players than any team. Did the Seahawks pass on King because they had more knowledge about King from being so close to the university and the players?

    1. Kato December 8, 2017

      That is a very interesting point. Seattle does like those longer bodied press corners for their defense

      1. PF4L December 8, 2017

        Howard…King didn’t get a ton of attention until he lit it up at the combine. Kind of like Hundley lighting it up in 2015 in pre-season games.

  7. mr December 8, 2017

    Does it matter if a player is injured when TT drafts him? If healthy when drafted, many of them get injured anyways in rookie and training camp

  8. Gort December 9, 2017

    Just saw that Demetri Goodson, placed on the active roster when Kevin King went to IR, has been ruled out for Sunday. Is that T.J. Watt’s fault?