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Seahawks Are the NFL’s Sorest Losers

Much like Bonaparte, I’ve been exiled to an island in a foreign land. Well, sort of… we call ferrying over from Whidbey Island to the greater Seattle metro area “going to America.” Though we like it here, there’s one huge disadvantage: being constantly exposed to Settle Seahawks hype, televised Seahawks games, and – worst of all – insufferable Seahawks fans.

But even more insufferable are the Seahawks players and their role model, coach Pet Carroll.

After every loss, Carroll parades before the cameras and whines about some ref’s call or non-call that stole the game away. But he and his troops outdid themselves last Sunday.

It all went south in Jacksonville. QB Russell Wilson, who threw three interceptions, got completely upstaged by Blake Bortles. The fabled Seattle defense got torched for a 75-yard touchdown pass to a rookie named Keelan Cole. They gave up 21 points in the third quarter. Then, with a chance to get the ball back in the final two minutes, Leonard Fournette ran for a first down on a 3rd-and-11. Embarrassing.

It was all too much for the haughty Seahawks players. As the Jaguars ran off a “victory formation” play to run out the clock, bad boy lineman Michael Bennett dove at the knees of the Jaguars’ center, leading to several wrestling matches – and getting defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson ejected. After order was restored, the second kneel-down was pretty much a repeat – and this time defensive end Quinton Jefferson got tossed. After the second skirmish, Carroll came running out to midfield acting like a maniac, resulting in another flag.

Carroll later claimed, regarding Jefferson, that a fan “poured a beer on his head.” The film shows that some liquid was thrown from a fair distance away in Jefferson’s general direction, missing him by several feet. But it was enough to cause the 291-pounder to go berserk and repeatedly try to climb into the stands, fending off security personnel as he did so.

Retired QB Donovan McNabb later claimed that the fan could have “possibly knocked his eye out,” and blowhard commentator Stephen A. Smith added that the fan who “provoked” Jefferson needs to be arrested and charged.

The rage expressed by Jefferson was really just a sideshow. The real provocation took place on the field when the Seahawks twice crashed into the Jaguars’ kneel-down formation.

It’s pretty safe to assume the commish will slap some wrists, and maybe fine a few millionaires a few thousand dollars, but nothing more.

All I can add is this is not an aberration – it’s the way the Seahawks have behaved ever since Pete Carroll was named head coach in 2010. They’re sore losers.

And yes, going back further, it’s the same Pete Carroll who fled USC when the NCAA announced sanctions against that football program that included a two-year bowl ban, the loss of 30 football scholarships, and forfeiture of several football victories from 2004-05 and 2005-06; the latter team originally had gone undefeated.

The two things I enjoy the most about football: watching the Packers win and watching the Seahawks lose!

Rob Born

I’m with Matt: “You gotta make those chunk plays!”



  1. Kato December 13, 2017

    Literally the shittiest team in the league. Cheap shot artists. That is the Pete Carroll way though. I have even grown tired of Russell Wilson

  2. Howard December 13, 2017

    I don’t mind sore losers, taking losing with a smile should not be in a competitors DNA. Yes, the Seahawks are losers. What I don’t like is some of the Seahawks are cheap shot artists when they don’t like how things are going. It all starts with their head coach. To me there is nothing wrong with playing hard till the last play and that includes attacking a victory formation with time on the clock and the game is within a TD. Remember Herm Edwards running a fumble in for a TD when it appeared all was lost. It happens. Going after players knees like Bennett did, or flying into opponents prone bodies, when the whistle has blown, after a fumble, with no ability to recover a ball. The only intent is to lay a dirty hit into the back or side of the opponent on the ground. That is the Seahawks and the way their head coach teaches it.

  3. ay hombre December 13, 2017

    Show me a good loser and….

    Fuck that shit. That’s a team full of fucking bitches. But those bitches play hard, are tough, and are the biggest fucking bitches on the planet.

    Suck balls Seattle.

  4. Big B December 13, 2017

    It all started when they stole the 12th Man from Texas A+M; you can’t buy tradition. Lame, very lame.
    Michael Bennett needs to go back to Vegas for a visit-hopefully police force has some Jags fans on it.

    1. PF4L December 13, 2017

      Lets try not to mention Micheal Bennett, or the lonely queen fan boy will start screaming RACIST!! RACIST!!! Like the little pussy he shows us he is.

  5. MJ December 13, 2017

    Both SEA and JAX defenses played well, very aggressively. SEA has a few injured key players in Sherman and Chancellor. Even when a pass was completed on them, you had a swarm of guys flying to the ball. First one misses? No prob, there’s another defender three feet away. That’s what a defense should look like! Not just trotting to the ball only to look as if they were truly trying. Screens? The runner was frequently tackled for loss or small gains, not after 30 yds. Call it a different mentality or whatever, but we need some of that. Yes, SEA attacked the victory formation, is it wrong to play to the last play? I am not condoning the dirty hits, but I see them as a by product of their aggressive mindset.

    1. PF4L December 13, 2017

      Trying to take out someone’s knee’s at the end of a game during a kneel down isn’t the byproduct of an aggressive mindset. A thug mindset more likely.

      Watch the video.

  6. Empacador December 13, 2017

    Agree with mostly everything that has already been said. Just remember the next time you hear players talking about respect for their fellow players and their livelihoods, how they don’t intentionally play dirty or try to hurt one another. Then think about Suh or the Seahawks, and ask yourselves “Well, what would Jesus do?” Odds are it probably isn’t that shit! Lol!

    1. PF4L December 13, 2017

      Yea, it’s funny how the NFLPA and the players whine about how dangerous the game is, and how short their careers are, but yet they have their own that are out to injure and headhunt their own players.

      Then what happens when the NFL disciplines them? Well of course the NFLPA pays lawyers to fight the NFL and try to get it thrown out or reduced.

      Kind of like BLM, unless of course it’s their own killing each other, then no one says boo.

  7. Empacador December 13, 2017

    You know, it really is too bad what Seattle has become. I always liked them since back in Jim Zorn/Dave Krieg/Steve Largent era, especially since Dave Krieg was a local guy here. The Holmgren coached versions were pretty stand-up even though he left us with the likes of Rhodes and Sherman as an encore in Green Bay. (How did being GM work out for you there, Mike?? Lol!)

    The Packers haven’t always been a beacon of moral superiority and sportsmanship around the league. Let’s not ever forget about those shitty Forrest Gregg coached teams that were on par with the current Seahawks, or those Bears teams of the ’80s that were cocky, dysfunctional and somewhat dirty as well. For example;


    (Channeling my inner Joe Buck now.) Fuck Jim McMahon and Ditka for fucking over “the great” Walter Payton in the SB for that fat fuck William Perry. That was a douche move. As was the one game showing “the great” Walter Payton dragging Mark Lee over the bench by his jersey, getting Lee ejected from the game. Shows exactly what kind of sportsmen they were too. A direct reflection of their head coaches. Bears fans might be more tolerable than Viking fans, but fuck both of their teams, and the Broncos/John Elway too. That salary cap cheating, horse toothed motherfucker. Never has there been a football executive that embodied the team logo/mascot as perfectly as that douche-bag.

    Damn, think about that for a moment. Both Elway and McMahon have more SB rings than Aaron Rodgers. Now I need a shower, I feel dirty.