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Playoffs Still a Mighty Long Shot for Packers

Stranger things have happened, but the Green Bay Packers’ playoff chances are still on life support at 6-6. First, we know the Packers will have to win out to get in.

Their remaining games are at Cleveland, at Carolina, Minnesota and at Detroit. That’s a fairly tough run, minus the Browns. However, with Brett Hundley at quarterback not even a win over the Browns is going to be guaranteed.

The Packers are also going to need plenty of help, too.

The Washington Post has pulled together the full scenario of games here.

Week 14

  • Minnesota Vikings defeat the Carolina Panthers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars defeat the Seattle Seahawks
  • New Orleans Saints defeat the Atlanta Falcons

Week 15

Los Angeles Rams defeat the Seattle Seahawks

Week 16

New Orleans Saints defeat the Atlanta Falcons

This would put the Packers in if they win out by way of head-to-head wins over Seattle and Carolina, plus a better record than Atlanta and a better conference record than Detroit.

The odds of that happening are 750-1.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato December 4, 2017

    Lol what is the point??

    1. Cheese December 4, 2017

      McCarthy’s highly successful playoff record and his ego. I would say his job but that’s forever safe as long as Thompson and Mr.MadTV are around.

  2. Bobby D December 4, 2017

    Said it 6 weeks ago…Browns win their first game next week. Was hoping we’d lose out and drain the swamp
    Playoffs? Playoffs?
    Are you fucking kidding?? Should have gotten smoked by the mighty Bucs yesterday. Hundley back to sucking!

  3. Tupac December 4, 2017

    750-1 odds…? Sure, if all had an equal chance of happening and you rolled the dice.

  4. PF4L December 4, 2017

    750-1 odds aren’t really all that bad….think about it.

    When compared to the odds of winning powerball, or Hundley becoming some teams future Hall of Fame QB. 750-1? Not bad.

  5. Mitch Anthony December 4, 2017

    Taking me back to the 80s. Those days when people would talk about what half dozen other games would have to end up like in order for the Packers to make the playoffs.

    This, along with a craptacular performance in the battle of the Bays has really got me thinking retro. Suit up Randy Wright. Let’s go!

  6. Ferris December 4, 2017

    Playoffs that’s funny. What delusional Packer fan actually believes this is a playoff team? With this Defense they are not a real contender, this year or any year. Lose to Cleveland and put everyone out of their misery, except me i want a Cleveland W. Just to see what the idiot coach says then. Something like….”This is unexpected we had a great week of practice.” Sounds like a Detroit Lions press conference…3 worst coaches in the NFL…#30 Jim Caldwell, #31 McRib, #32 until Sunday Mr. 1-27 Hue Jackson. Give him Rodgers and he’d win some games too.

    1. Empacador December 4, 2017

      Ha ha! The old “…great week of practice” bit! This is the same dip shit who runs the game through his head on Saturday night and Sunday before the game matching “wits” with the defensive coordinator of the opponent for that week. And we wonder why there are no adjustments. I’m sure McNugget will tell us the game played out exactly has he envisioned it in his head. You know, except for the breakdown in fundamentals and errors with clock management.

  7. KORNKOBB December 5, 2017

    This article from the Washington Post is only showing one scenario where the Packers can make it to the playoffs, and the odds of that one scenario happening are 750-1. There is still 4 weeks of football left, and there are a lot more than just that one scenario for the Packers to make it to the playoffs.

    Check out this link below. If the Packers win out, they make the playoffs in 89 percent of scenarios.


  8. Million-1 December 5, 2017

    You missed that the Falcons also need to beat the panthers in week 17