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Packers Are Screwed At Cornerback

Remember last season when the Green Bay Packers ended up having to start Demetri Goodson at cornerback when they were decimated by injuries? Apparently they didn’t learn anything from that.

The Packers currently have corners Kevin King (not as advertised) and Quinten Rollins (complete garbage) on injured reserve. They also have Davon House dealing with what may be a fairly serious knee injury.

House is doubtful for the Packers’ must-win game in Cleveland this weekend. That means there’s a pretty high probability he isn’t playing.

That would make Damarious Randall and Josh Hawkins the Packers’ outside corners. It would put safety Morgan Burnett in the slot. And that would mean the Packers will be giving heavy snaps to Josh Jones, Marwin Evans and/or Jermaine Whitehead.

That brings me to this point. Where the hell has Marwin Evans been?

Not a single snap in week 13. Only one in week 12. He had had at least 10 defensive snaps in the five weeks prior. Now, persona non grata.

Are you telling me Jermaine Whitehead is a better player? Should have been on the active roster to begin with then, shouldn’t he? But the Packers judge personnel about as well as a cow uses a phone.

They just awkwardly hoof it and hope for the best, you know?

And here’s where I point out the obvious. The thing we have pointed out several times before.


The Packers do have two undrafted rookies available, however. Lenzy Pipkins and Donatello Brown are good to go. They’re seemingly just not in the Packers’ plans for Sunday.

And of course, since these are the Green Bay Packers, the injury list doesn’t end with Davon House.

Nick Perry, Quinton Dial and Lucas Patrick are all listed as questionable for the game.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard December 9, 2017

    This is the second time this week an article has indicated House may be dealing with a fairly significant knee injury. Were does this come from? The only injury reports I have seen indicate House has a shoulder injury. Does this site have injury info not available to other places like the official NFL injury reports? Or is the knee injury just a cut and paste from another article about a House knee injury first issued on this site?

  2. Gort December 9, 2017

    Demetri Goodson, placed on the active roster when Kevin King went to IR, has a bad hammy and has been ruled out for Sunday.
    TT is so stupid that he puts an injured guy on the active roster.
    WTF – TT must go.

  3. Bobby D December 9, 2017

    Doesn’t really matter who’s hurt and who’s not because they they all suck! Give Donatello a shot. Can’t be any worse and made a couple of plays in the preseason.
    Just because Ted sucks dick doesn’t make him a shit GM. He sucks as GM simply because he sucks as a GM. For the love of God, go the fuck away!!

  4. MJ December 10, 2017

    It will matter little who we field today. Cleveland has no passing offense. Our pass rush and CBs combo will be exposed later in the season, and will be magnified if we sneak into the playoffs, where we do not belong this year.

  5. John Brockington December 10, 2017

    I agree with Bobby D. Give Donatello Brown a shot. He had an Int and a few passes defensed in preseason and he’s got some wheels, 4.4 forty I believe.