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Nick Perry is Done and Joe Kerridge is Up

Not that this really matters at all, but linebacker Nick Perry’s season is over. The Green Bay Packers placed Perry on injured reserve on Saturday.

Fullback Joe Kerridge will take his place on the active roster.

Kerridge spent time on the active roster last season. He didn’t make the roster this season, but was brought back to the practice squad in October. And now he’s back on the active roster again.

Kerridge got a little bit of time on offense last season. Remember coach Mike McCarthy’s famous two-fullback set with Aaron Ripkowski? However, Kerridge primarily was used as a special teams player.

For Perry, it concludes a disappointing season after his breakout year. Perry will finish with 38 tackles and seven sacks, while appearing in 12 games. In 2016, Perry played 14 games, recorded 52 tackles and 11 sacks.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L December 30, 2017

    I’m in kind of a pissy mood, after digesting the over payment of Adams and Linselys new deal, am i surprised by it?…hell no.

    So let me vent about some of the other overpriced Prima Donna’s on this team. More specifically, highly paid players who get payed a hell of a lot of money, to make plays, not just be average, or below.

    Nick Perry…7 sacks (3 against-Bears) 1 tackle for loss…1 FF..0 picks..0 PD

    Clay Mathews…7.5 sacks (5-Browns,Bucs,Bears)..4 tackles for loss..1 FF..0 picks…2 PD

    Mike Daniels…4 sacks…5 tackles for loss..1 FF, 0 picks…0 PD

    Randall Cobb…62 catches…9.8 YPC…3 TD’S…8 rushes for 13 yards (1.6 YPC)

    Any questions why these men aren’t Pro Bowlers?

    That is the production of what $45,250.000.00 buys you for 4 players at 1265 Lombardi Ave. Not exactly the recipe of a highly successful franchise.

    Then to top it off, Lambeau Field is the 5th most expensive place to watch a game in the NFL(2016).

    This team is broken, and for those of you hoping Rodgers wins another Super Bowl…like me, you were fooling yourself.

    This team is broken.

    1. Dogan Gregory December 31, 2017

      They will be one of the favs next year…..again! They are broken now…..they won’t be in Sept.

  2. Gort December 30, 2017

    And now for the good news . . .

  3. Savage57 December 31, 2017

    Nick PIRry.

  4. MJ December 31, 2017

    Because you can never have too many fullbacks…