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In the construct of this current NFL season, it won’t matter if the Green Bay Packers don’t beat the Cleveland Browns this weekend. The Packers still have a game against the scumbags known as the Minnesota Vikings this season, however.

The last time the Packers faced the Vikings, cheap-ass piece of shit Anthony Barr broke Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone with the sort of shot cheap-ass piece of shit players deliver.

And, well, we know Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels likes a fight. He just might take one to the Vikings in week 16.

“We know things happen, but we’re definitely going to have a little more ‘oomph’ for that game,” Daniels said.

Injure them all, Mike! Career-ending!

The Stinkings are riding high right now. They’re 10-2, on top of the NFC.

I mean, look. Wouldn’t it be sweet if, regardless of what happens the rest of the way, the Packers totally fucked the Queens’ Super Bowl dreams? Kinda like this? The greatest play in Green Bay Packers’ history.

No repeat for you assholes! So sorry, Chicago!

There really should be a Charles Martin statue somewhere in Green Bay.

So Mike Daniels, you just go out there and do what you see is fit.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Kato December 9, 2017

    You are one fucked up individual calling for a Charles Martin style football play to intentionally injure someone. That was literally the dirtiest play in football history.

  2. Chiller December 9, 2017

    Of fucking course it’s Mordecai writing this bullshit. You are a piece of shit. Fuck you too, Killer.

    1. KILLER December 10, 2017

      I politely decline your offer of sex.

      1. PF4L December 10, 2017

        If only it was that easy fo yo momma.

  3. PF4L December 9, 2017

    LMAO….The Packers should want payback on Daniels salary.

    Since signing his (Teds gift) new contract, Daniels stat production has been……
    8 sacks
    1 FF
    0 int
    7 stuffed runs for 13 yards
    Pro Bowls?…..i don’t think so….lol

    All for the bargain basement price of only $26,576,475 thus far. Yea, you read that right, over 26 million he’s received already.

    So what’s Mikey up to these days, talking tough again? Hmmm……
    Seems to me, after Rodgers got hurt Daniels could have dished it out against the queens considering he had almost a full game to exact revenge, or…. put a little more “oomph” against the queens.

    The queens may have regretted breaking Rodgers collarbone, because after that happened, Daniels laid the wood on the queens in the form of 0 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 0 sacks, 0 FF.

    You hear that queen players?? You don’t fuck with Mike Daniels team, he just may lay a couple of assisted tackles on your ASS!!!….BOOM!!

    1. KILLER December 10, 2017


  4. joseph capra December 9, 2017

    So, Mike Daniels want “payback” for TACKLING a Packer? It’s FOOTBALL.
    Man the F up. Even the league, notorius for protecting white, elite quarterbacks didnt think it was anything more than a tackle. BTW the VIkings kicked your butts with their 3rd string quarterback, and youre not even favored against the Browns tomorrow at home with Hundley. And if you think Anthony Barr is EVER gonna pull up on a tackle on Rodgers ever again after that smear campaign Rodgers did on him in the media, youre crazy.
    No one “did” this to Aaron Rodgers. He went down trying to break his fall with his throwing arm. QB’s are trained not to do that at every level. The Packers will get DESTROYED by MInnesota at home, and good luck to Rodgers in that game.

    1. Kato December 10, 2017

      Lol, dude, fact check. The packers are favored, and are on the road. Stay in school people.

      1. KILLER December 10, 2017

        The Packers are favored (which will make their upset loss all the sweeter — if it happens) and the game is in Cleveland. That said, the main content of Joseph Capra’s post is all otherwise entirely correct. You must also know it as you did not even try to deny all his true words.

        Good post, Mr. Capra. Respect to you! That Rodgers premeditated media smear campaign against Barr (for playing great football and defending himself when Rodgers went all unsportsmanlike on him) is one of the great NFL travesties of the season. The Rodgers legacy after he shifts into a career in checkers.

  5. KILLER December 10, 2017

    ‘Oomph’ does not mean injure. Some games do mean more than others.

    Notice the contrast =
    Classy Mike Daniels notes “We know things happen…” meaning he realizes injuries happen and good football happens and sometimes they both happen at the same time. He is saying he knows Barr did nothing wrong and everything right but he thinks the Packers will still play with more “oomph’.
    Scummy lowbrow Mordecai then translating that to mean “Injure them all, Mike! Career-ending!” Messed up!

    Mordecai has really read a whole lot into this comment. I think maybe if someone walked up to Mordecai and said, “Nice weather, eh?” he might respond, “You bastard! I will kill all your progeny and all their progeny. And, also, your Great Aunt!”

    Barr’s play — as we all know — was good legal hard genuine classic football. This is what the Packers need to expect when they face the Vikings.

    I admit I was a little concerned all the inappropriate uproar and distraction would effect Barr’s play. What did he do the next game? 7 solo tackles. 2 of those tackles behind the line for lost yards. 2 on the line for no gain. 4 assisted tackles. 1 sack. 1 pass defensed. An incredible 5 good pass coverages preventing completions. 1 QB hurry. And an incredible 3 exceptionally hard hits.

    Now… THAT… was “Oomph’.

  6. KILLER December 10, 2017

    Charles Martin hurting someone via personal foul is “The greatest play in Green Bay Packers’ history.”?

    In the words of the orange one: “SAD!”

  7. KILLER December 10, 2017

    Note the hypocrisy=

    Anthony Barr plays good hard classic by the rules football and he is supposedly a “cheap-ass piece of shit”

    A Packer player breaks the rules to hurt an opponent and “There really should be a Charles Martin statue somewhere in Green Bay.”

    Quite… the… contrast…!

    {Long deep chuckle}

  8. Deepsky December 11, 2017

    Charles Martin immediately apologized after the game in the media and then again privately to McMahon. He said he never meant to hurt McMahon.

    And remember, McMahon was just a player at that point. He had thrown an INT which mean he was on defense. The rules for blindsiding a player would not come into play for 20 years later, prompted by Warren Sapps hit on Chad Clifton.