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McCarthy Appears to Confirm Disagreement Over Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers will play for the Green Bay Packers this week. He’ll do so even though his broken collarbone is not fully healed.

The bone is said to be about 80 percent healed. Thus, there was reportedly a disagreement between the Packers’ medical staff and Rodgers about whether he would play. If that was indeed the case, Rodgers obviously won.

Not really surprising.

Coach Mike McCarthy was somewhat coy on that front, on Wednesday.

“Aaron’s super, super competitive,” McCarthy said. “But, at the end of the day, he’s been around the block a few times. He has played through injuries time and time again. But every injury’s different. This is obviously probably the biggest one that we’ve had to deal with. They laid out the gauntlet of what needed to be done. He ran through it.”

“Obviously, has a very close relationship with Dr. Pat McKenzie, and they had a conversation there and then a decision was made. I think we can all trust, and I know speaking on behalf of Aaron, and he can speak for himself, but you have to trust the process that’s in place here. You have to trust the people, the expertise, the care, and we all understand the importance of every play coming back in this situation, especially Aaron’s specific injury. We went through that process, and this is where we are today.”

Went through the process and completed the process are obviously two different things. Ran through the gauntlet is decidedly another.

You can read that however you like, but our guess is Rodgers made the call. He had the conversation with Dr. McKenzie, listened to the risks, was probably told he shouldn’t play and then said, “I’m playing.”

We’d consider that running through the gauntlet. Rodgers was going to surpass any obstacle, including medical advice, to be on the field.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. KILLER December 15, 2017

    What kind of baboon’s outfit is being run over there at Packers central? And why are the Wisconsin media so deficient?

    Medical staff either say you can or you can’t. If you can, you should. If not, then no. That’s how it is done in a professional place. He either got a green light or a red light. Green means “go”. No argument. Red means “stop”. If green then there was no argument. If red and he is still going the NFL should investigate and everyone allowing it — MM or whoever — should be banned or severely disciplined.

    But this is a pretend thing. We already know that though the collarbone is 80% healed that due to the screws and such he is no more likely to be hurt it now than he is a year from now (or a year ago last year). So it is a green light. This whole “argument” idea is a convenient fiction. Trying to make Rodgers look more heroic (almost all NFL players get hurt at times in their career and almost all come back when they get the green light to do so — Rodgers is no more or less heroic than any of them). Even more so, this propaganda is an attempt to prop up Dr. Pat as being super-cautious as his rep took a hit from the Martellus Bennett fiasco. This “argument” is propaganda only the foolish would not easily see for what it is.

    The Wisconsin media could just ask a straight forward set of questions:
    Did Rodgers get the green light to play? If not, then why is this violation being allowed? If so, why are there people out there making up there was an argument? Who made that up?


    Instead we have these goofy vague propaganda-ish rumors. Whack-a-doodle. And we have a enabling web site (can you guess which one?) headlining “McCarthy Appears to Confirm Disagreement Over Rodgers” when the actual quote does not even come close.

    FAKE NEWS! The orange one is outraged. SAD!

    1. PF4L December 15, 2017


      The lonely boy is outraged!!!!

      Conspiracy theory’s….Ban everyone involved!!…….Propaganda-ISH rumors!!….Whack a Doodle Doodle Doodle Dee!!!


  2. PF4L December 15, 2017

    11/29/2017 at 8:27 am

    Side note from a Vikings fan, KILLER stop being such a douche.

    1. KILLER December 15, 2017

      Monty posts (even under his own articles) as PF4L. Very deceptive. Monty also writes articles under the pseudonym Mordecai Jones. I just think you guys, to be fair, ought to know the games Monty plays. This also helps him get more money out of his advertisers by deluding them that more people are coming to this site than actually are. Which, in my book, makes Monty a crook.

      Whenever I see Monty post the above post I know it means my points are too accurate for him to argue against. He can wish they are not true but he cannot point out they are not correct because they are correct.
      So every time I see him post this it tells me in his heart that Monty agrees with what I have just posted.

      I’m gratified that you agree with me Monty!