Kevin King’s Season Over, Demetri Goodson Active

Kevin King covers Julio Jones

It appears the Green Bay Packers have finally had enough of cornerback Kevin King’s pesky shoulder injury. They placed the rookie on injured reserve on Wednesday and activated someone who is just pesky, cornerback Demetri Goodson.

Goodson is returning from a torn ACL.

King, meanwhile, has missed parts or all of four games. A couple of those were due to a concussion, however. The shoulder, which King first injured in college, had increasingly become an issue of late. King was only a part-time participant against Pittsburgh and didn’t play at all against Tampa Bay.

This ends what can only be described as a disappointing rookie season for the Packers’ top draft pick.

King was uneven to say the least. He finishes the year with 28 tackles, five passes defended and no turnover plays.

The real question is how this shapes the Packers’ secondary moving forward. Providing all of the remaining cornerbacks are healthy, it likely means Davon House and Damarious Randall on the outside with Josh Hawkins manning the slot. However, there is word House has a potentially serious knee injury.

If he can’t go, Hawkins will likely be outside with safety Morgan Burnett in the slot.

As for Goodson, he’s a last option who is more valued for special teams play than anything else.

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14 Comments on "Kevin King’s Season Over, Demetri Goodson Active"

  1. Bobby D

    Torn between wanting to get beat by the Browns, which would result in about a 1% chance that fucking butthole Howdy Doody Murphy may get rid of McWhopper……or Hundley playing a good last game ever and some stupid ass team giving The Big White Fruitcake a 6th rounder for his useless ass
    Doesn’t really matter ’cause we all know the Stooges, including Shemp (Capers) will all be back next year won’t they?

    • KILLER

      The utter humiliation of losing to the otherwise win-less Browns is irresistible. I have to root for that with all my heart. Infamy doth approach!

      • Ferris

        Hey Killer we all want that. Just for at least one nail in McCarthy’s extra large coffin.
        But if you want to compare perspectives…the Browns winning won’t be nearly as fulfilling to you as the Viking playoff collapse that we all know is coming will be to all Packer fans. The playoff collapse is coming, and you know it.

  2. I thought House did not practice because of a shoulder? Did something new happen? Also Goodson sits out practice with a hamstring.

    I still think for better or worse the Packers need to give Pipkins some snaps. Throw Brown into that mix also. Might as well see what you have with those two. Then you can make a decision on what you have or don’t have for next year. Are the Packers going to resign House or Goodson for next year? As I have said before Pipkins when given a chance I don’t think has missed a tackle. In addition I have not seen him get beat bad in coverage.

    This team’s coaches, including the defensive coaches are consistent about one thing with young players. When they finally give them a chance to play, no matter how well they do on the field they then sit them for several games. I’m sure they are correcting them on proper technique and assignment responsibility. Some times though I just think the coaches are screwing with the young players minds.

    • I wonder when TT will realize that drafting hockey players over basketball and baseball players may relate better to football. It would be great to have linebackers with names like Vlad the impaler. You could have someone like Tie Domi protecting QB#1 or any other players from cheap shots. Plus he would be great at kicking the shit out of any opponents unruly fans. The greatest benefit is at least ex hockey players have experience keeping their feet under them on slick surfaces. Anyone seen TT scouting college hockey rinks?

  3. Jschizl

    I’m surprised he was back that knee injury was terrible against the redskins. He got busted for peds and still wasn’t very good. King and bennet sat together on the bench and they remain in communication in Instagram. I’m not saying he is bad and it could mean nothing. I don’t like it and hopefully he doesn’t turn into that type of player.

  4. PF4L

    lol…Can someone please explain to me how Demetri Goodson can hold a roster spot for 4 years doing basically……nothing except making some special team tackles.

    • KILLER

      He was part of the PED swilling. He knows too much. They can’t kill him and they can’t release him.

      Well, they might could kill him. If he dies we should all be suspicious.

    • Ferris

      When someone other than Killer explains it to you, please explain it to me. While nobody should wish for a player to get injured, when Goodson was injured I could not fathom him ever back on the roster. So of course he’s back, Ted’s at the helm and the defensive ship is taking on more water with him in the game.

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