Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Would REALLY Like You To Know He’s Doing His Job

One of the most disappointing players on the Green Bay Packers this season has been safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. There really isn’t any debate about that.

But Clinton-Dix wants you to know that he is really not disappointing.

Like he REALLY wants you to know that. They just don’t throw the ball his way!


Must be because he is so damn good!

Let’s check in.

“Nobody’s throwing the ball my way,” he says. “I’m not being targeted.”

Okay, tell me more…

“If you guys just come up [to the film room] and watch me and watch where I’m at, where you think the ball’s supposed to be going, and it’s not going there. There’s a reason why it’s not going there,” Clinton-Dix said. “I’m telling you, I’m sitting on everything. I’m getting everything that comes my way.”

Yes, yes, no one will possibly throw your way, I follow…

“I’m a free safety,” Clinton-Dix said. “The one responsibility I have is making the play, really. So I take those chances. But I mean I get all these tips and tendencies from [safeties coach Darren Perry] and they hold true every game, so I’m telling you every time I’m around the ball. Look. I want you guys to look. I’m around the ball and the quarterback is not coming my way. That’s just the bottom line. Check it out.”

You’re a free safety and the quarterback is not coming your way, I see…

“I can’t afford to miss passes like that because they don’t come my way,” Clinton-Dix said about the interception he didn’t make against Baltimore. “That’s just the bottom line, whether I’m covering a receiver or a tight end, the ball’s never thrown my way. You all go back and check that out and let me know what you all think. I’d like this feedback.”

Except when it is!

Let’s get that feedback, though. Let’s all go back and look at the tape.

Does anyone ever throw the ball towards Ha Ha Clinton-Dix?


He’s just too good of a safety!

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Comments 9

  1. Avatar for Jason Jason says:

    Haha clinton- dorks is the most over rated player in the green bay secondary. Watch the footage on how many coverages you blow and how many missed tackles you have. Nothing but a wasted draft pick.

  2. Avatar for Howard Howard says:

    I think we all understand it is hard if not impossible to see the deep safeties and DBs in a televised game. Not sure about most but it is hard enough this year to watch the entire televised game (even though I do) let alone watch the coaches film.

    This year I think I have watched more coaches film on the opponents than the Packers. This is the first year I felt I wasted money on the game pass package with the exception of being able to easily watch preseason games.

    So put out a better product as a team then more people may be inclined to spend time watching the finer points of great play.

  3. Avatar for Ferris Ferris says:

    When anyone says…”That’s the bottom line” I know they are full of shit. He said it twice, he’s full of shit two times over. Listen here Ha’Sean Treshon…you are not Ronnie Lott, he would have make that INT in the Seattle NFC Championship game I’m pretty sure. If you think you’re not being targeted it’s because you are never in the right position to make a play, you don’t cover anyone, you just wander around and sometimes on a horrible overthrow you pick one off….but only because you are covering air. You suck.

  4. Avatar for Cheese Cheese says:

    “Nobody’s throwing the ball my way,”

    Exactly. You were in another area code when Russell Wilson rainbowed that pass to a wide open receiver whom it was your job to cover. Congratulations on contributing to the worst meltdown in franchise history.

  5. Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

    Go the the Pro Bowl one season and this is what you get. Too bad he can’t get 4 overthrown picks thrown right to him every season like back in 2016.

    I will say….at least this dude doesn’t live on the injury list. He’s always available, which is rare on this team.

    • Avatar for NachoDan NachoDan says:

      AJ Hawk =Haha Clinton Dix I might not be great but at least I’m in the game.

  6. Avatar for Arcturus Arcturus says:

    They’re not throwing my way either, Ha-Ha. For the same exact reason: I’m nowhere near the play.

  7. Avatar for KILLER KILLER says:

    Yeah, he’s average. Maybe. At best.

    You look at that 2016 season (but, technically, the 2017 pro bowl) pro bowl roster and you say, “Who here does not belong?” Then you say, “Wait, let’s at least make this interesting. Who on this roster, BESIDES Clinton-Dix, does not belong?”

    The last time a player made a pro bowl so inappropriately it was also a Packer in the 2013 pro bowl– Center Jeff Saturday on a two year deal at the end of his career. He was benched for poor play — and then made the pro bowl! Made it purely on reputation. He was like a bent statue down there, only softer, and, just possibly, slower than a statue.

    But, give credit where credit is due, he did LIKE Anthony Barr’s post about Aaron Rodgers being a deceiver and a scoundrel. Clinton-Dix may not speak truth but he at least recognizes it in others.

    • Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

      11/29/2017 at 8:27 am

      Side note from a Vikings fan, KILLER stop being such a douche, I read a couple of the Vikings articles over here and saw you in the comments everywhere.

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