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Aaron Rodgers Wants To Play, But Will He?

That will be the big question for the Green Bay Packers this week. With the team effectively out of postseason contention, will they continue to play Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers returned with a rusty performance on Sunday with a broken collarbone that was not fully healed. Rodgers of course says he wants to continue playing, but the Packers could easily turn back to Brett Hundley since they’re going nowhere.

“We’ll see how I feel tomorrow and go from there,” Rodgers said. “I’m a little sore. I’m a competitor. Until they tell me otherwise, I’m expecting to play.”

Rodgers went 26-of-45 for 290 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions in his return. He also ran six times for 43 yards. Clearly he wasn’t limited in what he could do.

Sitting Rodgers would likely actually help the Packers’ draft position. Of course, that’s kind of robbing the fans of watching him play. And he does get paid to play football, after all.

Even if Rodgers were to suffer another injury, he’d have all offseason to recover.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Gort December 18, 2017

    “Clearly he wasn’t limited in what he could do.” Did you watch the game? His injury did not limit his running ability, but it clearly DID limit his throwing abilities. Rust – not likely because he almost always missed high or long when rusty.

    There are far more risks than rewards. Another injury (not a collarbone) at this late point of the saeson could easily put the 2018 season in jeopardy. Not just the opener, but most of the season. That surely means that the dumbass MM will play him.

  2. Kato December 18, 2017

    This team needs to take an off-season approach. I would look at making a change at DC, now. Name Trogavich interim, and see what he can do. See if pursuing an outside candidate is the best option. Give players like Beigel, Dial, Lowry, Pipkins, Evans more playing time, and evaluate whether they can help you. Sit Rodgers the rest of the year. Last thing they need is him tearing an ACL in meaningless games. Hope you can boost Hundley’s trade value to a 6th round pick, they need all the picks they can get.

    They also need to evaluate the front office, and maybe see if there are issues with evaluation There (There almost certainly is) and make a change. TT can stay on in an advisory capacity, if you really want to keep him around.

    1. Kato December 18, 2017

      Also, you have to be done with HHCD. The guy is very average, but will command a large salary in a new contract. He is so unaware. I have serious concerns about Adams getting a long term contract now. This is now his third concussion in the past two seasons. The last two have been pretty bad. Would not be surprised if he doesn’t play again this year. Michael Clark could get a few snaps as a result.

      1. Ferris December 18, 2017

        Actually they picked up his 5th year option already…rats

        1. Howard December 18, 2017

          Fairly certain the only thing picking up the 5th year option guarantees is if the player is injured during his 4th year and can’t play in his 5th year he is guaranteed his 5th year value. In Dix’s case that is almost 6 mil. The player can be released/cut after the season and before the first day of the new season (2018) without the team picking up the 5th year salary. That is why I question if the Packers should sit Dix the next 2 games.

        2. Kato December 18, 2017

          Eh, I am not horribly worried about that. At least it is only a one year commitment, and not 4 or 5 years. Watch, he goes out next year and has an all pro year, conveniently in a contract year

          1. Ferris December 18, 2017

            I hear the crowd chanting “NO more years” “NO more years”
            If you use Brady and Brees as examples Rodgers has 5-6 more years. Getting late for multiple more Championships…Thanks a lot McCarthy.

  3. Mitch Anthony December 18, 2017

    *Sitting Rodgers would likely actually help the Packers’ draft position. Of course, that’s kind of robbing the fans of watching him play.*

    From the standpoint of a long time fan, we will understand. Sit him. The arm was not completely right.

    I agree with the others in that we can use this time to evaluate the depth of the team. As far as evaluating those who are tasked with evaluating, we know what we have already.

  4. ay hombre December 18, 2017

    You shut them down because you can. Both Davante and Aaron and you do it because you can and it’s what is best for the franchise moving forward. No one would question it and it could A. Improve Hundley’s trade value. B. Give the Packers less wins equaling a better draft pick. And C. Protect your 2 most important offensive players.

    So with this leadership in charge I’m certain Rodgers and Adams will play and the Packers will win out. Morons.