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Aaron Rodgers on Trial Return

That’s a convenient designation, isn’t it? If the Green Bay Packers don’t beat the craptacular Cleveland Browns this week, it doesn’t matter does it?

That is, whether quarterback Aaron Rodgers comes back this year. If Brett Hundley can’t beat the Browns, the season is over and Brett Hundley should never take a snap for a football team for the rest of his life, unless it’s his local flag football team and he’s playing with soccer moms.

This is the week we find out something, but what is that something?

Here’s what we know for starters. Rodgers will be back at practice with a potential return against the Carolina Panthers in week 15 in play. Rodgers will be running the scout team offense this week.

Hundley will be pretending he’s a real NFL quarterback and running the No. 1 offense for one more week. At least one more week.

So Aaron Rodgers is not being cut loose. Would we expect him to be?


But he’s on track, isn’t it?

And then the question becomes this. If and when Aaron Rodgers masks all of the considerable faults of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy, does anything happen to those clowns?

Here’s what I’d bet. That Ginger Gap Tooth motherfucker, Mark Murphy, will just put on blinders and be like, well, we had one of the best playoff runs in NFL history. These are highly successful people who have only succeeded because of one single man, but they are highly successful, nonetheless!

Can’t argue with that perfect logic! And I bet that’s exactly what happens.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L December 4, 2017

    Lets be real, we are going to beat the lowest scoring offense in the league, just like everyone else does.

    That photo takes me back to all that bs we dealt with, Bennett getting in Rodgers head, Rodgers becoming Bennetts spokesperson. Rodgers has moved on, so should you.

  2. Kato December 4, 2017

    I hope to god they lose to the browns

    1. Kris December 4, 2017

      Because you know rodgers is going to play lights out if he returns and you are scared for your team. Makes sense that you are praying to your god.

      1. Kato December 5, 2017

        Um, no. You must be new here. I am a packers fan, I just think it is in the best interest of the franchise for them to lose and put leadership in the spotlight, and not in a good way

  3. Capt. Fritter December 4, 2017

    We know Thompson’s replacement is already in house. Elliot Wolf most likely or maybe Russ Ball or even John Dorsey coming back. Wouldn’t surprise me if the replacement is already running the show given how out of it Thompson is. Suppose McCarthy is fired or leaves to take the job in Pittsburgh if Tomlin retires, and the entire coaching staff is cleared out. Who do you replace him with? Who is out there who would be a viable candidate who can replicate a 60% winning percentage and annual playoff runs? Competition will be tough. Giants, Browns, possibly Broncos, Cowboys, may all be looking. Better be sure before you start canning people. I don’t agree with a lot of what McCarthy does but given a better GM, maybe the drafting and talent behind Rodgers improves.

    1. PF4L December 4, 2017

      Nobody…NOBODY, except McCarthy, could have a 60% winning percentage with only 2 HOF QB’s.

      Praise be to McCarthy.

      Good post Captain.

    2. MJ December 5, 2017

      Annual playoff joke, more like. The team with its current management is not designed to be a championship team. They are happy with ticket and merchandise sellings as they are. What’s the motivation to try to reach greatness, even if its fleeting? We have lost 6 games for a reason, haven’t we? What’s the point of making the playoffs to just embarrass ourselves? Not even Rodgers’ talent can mask the teams’ lack of talent everywhere else against contenders.

    3. Kato December 5, 2017

      Where the hell do get Tomlin retiring? Isn’t he like one of the youngest head coaches in the NFL?

  4. Capt. Fritter December 5, 2017

    I’ve been a Packer fan since the 60’s. (1960’s). I remember all too well the 29 years between Super Bowls. Year after year of lousy drafts, crappy coaching, when 8 -8 was considered a great season. The Packers have had unprecedented success since Wolf/Holmgren/Favre came into town. It’s been a fantastic 25 years of football. It’s nice to be able to look forward to a season where the playoffs are easily in reach as opposed to being eliminated by Thanksgiving. Makes me proud to be a fan again. So when I see the mediocre crap on display over the past 6 weeks, it brings back very painful memories of Dan Devine, Randy Wright, and some really lousy seasons. Nobody wants to go through that again. As Packers fans we are spoiled. Favre and Rodgers were a once in a lifetime back to back hit, but the next great qb is out there somewhere, maybe in college, maybe in high school. Let’s hope the Packers can find him along with the right personnel to back him up.

    1. PF4L December 5, 2017

      So what your saying is this team playing without a HOF QB isn’t successful, even with a highly successful head coach.

      I’m just being a little tongue in cheek snarky Captain. But i agree with what you’re layin down. The odds of getting two HOF QB’s back to back, are pretty slim. The odds of finding 3 in a row? Pretty much unheard of, but you never know. That’s why we buy lottery tickets i guess.

      Anyway, good post Captain.