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Aaron Rodgers At Odds with Doctors About Playing

Aaron Rodgers wants to play. The Green Bay Packers doctors apparently don’t think he’s ready.

There has been no official decision on whether Rodgers will return from injured reserve and play against the Carolina Panthers this week. Coach Mike McCarthy said the decision about Rodgers’ broken collarbone was in doctors’ hands.

Ian Rapoport is saying the bone isn’t fully healed — that it’s about 80 percent healed — and doctors are erring on the side of being conservative.

This is currently the bottom line, per Rapoport.

As Packers doctor Pat McKenzie and other experts evaluate the scan, the decision was described as a “risk/reward” decision. The bone isn’t fully healed — and there was no chance it was going to be after two months. That was the expectation. Typically, 80-percent healed is healthy enough to be on the field. And Rodgers chose a surgical procedure involving two plates and 13 screws as an aggressive way of accelerating healing and protecting his throwing shoulder. It was a success.

And yet there are still loud and protective voices who wonder if it’s worth putting him on the field to potentially injure himself again for a small chance at a great reward. Those voices are weighing in with caution because putting him at risk might not be worth it.

And didn’t we know it would come down to this? The Packers’ medical staff is notoriously conservative.

And yet, we knew Rodgers would want to play. There may be an announcement yet today or we may have to wait until Wednesday when the Packers show up for practice.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador December 12, 2017

    Now wait just a god damn minute here, Marty Bennett said the good doctor pushed him to play…

  2. Empacador December 12, 2017

    Now wait just a damn minute here, Marty Bennett said the good doctor was pushing HIM to play…

    1. Empacador December 12, 2017

      This damn site playing peek-a-boo whether comments get sent or not…

  3. Kyle December 12, 2017

    Jesus, just shut him down. Even if this team manages to limp into the playoffs, the defense is a tire fire, and the O-Line is still a sieve. To kill him for a .05% shot at anything this year would be monumentally stupid.

    1. Adam December 12, 2017

      10000% agreed.

    2. Skinny December 12, 2017

      Agree but the entire NFC is now a shit show for QB play. Why cant the Packers do some damage with Rodgers? I would go for it.

      1. Cheese December 12, 2017

        The Packers are pretty much a shit show everywhere else except for QB play, and only when they have Rodgers.

  4. Cheese December 12, 2017

    This is 100% risk and 0% reward. The Packers need a miracle just to get into the playoffs. IF they do get in, they aren’t going anywhere. The secondary is trash. O-line, trash. Playcalling, highly questionable. To put the best player in the league, and the face of your franchise, at risk to re-injure himself when he’s not even fully healed from the initial injury just so you can say you made the playoffs is completely asinine. My thought is if the doctors allow Rodgers to play, or if the coaches choose to play him given the situation, everyone of them should be fired. It’s a no brainer. There is zero upside to playing Rodgers, other than to boost morale during this clusterf*** of a season.

    1. PF4L December 12, 2017

      Cheese has it right, there is no reward. I’ll go one further, if Rodgers never got hurt, and they were 11-2 right now, they aren’t sniffing a Super Bowl.

      As far as the Packers medical staff, it’s my understanding, someone outside of the team did the surgery. With that said, i would think the practicing surgeon would have authority to ok, or not ok Rodgers to play, not the Packers. The surgeon who performed the surgery has the legal liability.

      Speaking of liability, there are Insurance Company’s involved that have an interest in this, including, but not limited to an insurance policy like Finley had. I would assume Rodgers has a similar insurance policy.

      Heal up, get ready for next season…pray, pray hard, that this team can acquire a defense worthy of succeeding in the playoffs.

      And if all that fails, then Rodgers should find a team that knows what it takes on defense, and know’s how to provide it. Or….He should sign a new contract that reflects what he has meant to this team the last decade in terms of wins, and losses. Not to mention credibility.

      To play Rodgers for extending the playoff streak would be bullshit. I’m not saying that’s TT and MM’s intentions, i don’t know. But that is the one and only reward of playing him. And that’s not worth any risk.

      Personally, i doubt they win the last 3 games anyway, even with Rodgers.

  5. Howard December 12, 2017

    If Rodgers did play I would expect MM to start out calling 2 or 3 naked bootlegs just to show how cleaver he is. Not even the stupidest of D coordinators would expect that. Then move right into some read option runs. The move right after the first bootleg is the broadcast showing Rodgers saying “that is a stupid fucking call!”. Then repeat over and over.

    1. Howard December 12, 2017

      Meant smartest of D coordinators. I was thinking about MM’s potential play calls when I wrote stupidest. :-)

  6. Ferris December 12, 2017

    If they play him to “Salvage” this dumpster fire at a nuclear waste disposal company of a season, they are stupid. Line up all the what if scenarios on what has to happen for them just to MAKE the playoffs, a third grader can see it is idiotic to risk further injury.
    I just need to stop watching, too many stupid people involved in football.

  7. Kato December 12, 2017

    My spoiled self wants to watch Rodgers. However, in the best interest of the organization, they should shut him down. There is no point.

  8. Kato December 12, 2017

    Rodgers has been cleared. According to his instagram.

  9. TyKo Steamboat December 12, 2017

    & he was just cleared) literally 30 minutes ago)

  10. TyKo Steamboat December 12, 2017

    all you nerds that say to shut him down… we’re playing like the 2010 team

    AR is now 34 years old. Maybe 5 more premium years left.

    The balance of power shifts in the NFL because of injuries. Literally 7-10 QBs get hurt over the course of the season every single year. Palmer, McCown, Wentz, Bradford, Watson….etc

    A QB can literally get hurt on any play. So what? Maybe he should just never play ever again, eh?
    He heals up in the offseason & there is still a 30% chance he could get seriously injured at any time.

    We control our fate & guys are actually calling for AR to sit it out. Unbelieveable

    1. PF4L December 13, 2017

      “We control our fate”

      Except for the fact we need other teams to lose.

      “Were playing like the 2010 team”

      Except on defense, offense, and special teams.

      1. TyKo Steamboat December 13, 2017

        No way. We look better than the 2010 team on defense & in the WR corps.

        You can’t fool me. I was here in 2010. we were 8-6 & everyone was bailing on the Packers except for me & a handful of others.

        & yes we win out & we’re in. a conference game & 2 divisional game??? We also have the tie-breaker against Dallas & Seattle. No way Atlanta runs the table. Win & you’re in. Lots of “Realistic quitters” here LOL

        1. PF4L December 13, 2017

          Fairly bold statement about our defense looking better than the 2010 defense.

          2010 scoring defense: 15PPG
          2017 scoring defense: 23 PPG

          2010 yards per game : 309
          2017 yards per game: 354

          2010 defense ranked: 5th
          2017 defense ranked: 26th

          Realistically speaking.

          I’d delve into the offensive comparison, but it’s largely the same, plus i think that should be enough.

          1. Empacador December 13, 2017

            You know, he is from Colorado. Weed is legal there. Maybe we should smoke some of what he’s having to see the light. Lol! Unfortunately, this won’t be a repeat of 2010. Anyone who thinks this year will be different after what has happened since that 2010 season needs to be pissed tested because it ain’t just weed they are smoking, “realistic quitters” notwithstanding.

          2. PF4L December 13, 2017

            Maybe he can bring some smoke for the totalpackers bus tour to SB LII.

            It’s been awhile but hey, it’s a special occasion, amirite?