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Aaron Rodgers is Done

If you thought you were going to go watch the Green Bay Packers see the stinking Minnesota Vikings this week and you’d actually get to watch Aaron Rodgers play, you were wrong.

The Packers have decided to shut down Rodgers now that their bogus playoff hopes are out the window. That happened, officially, when the Atlanta Falcons beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night.

We, and the Packers, had some idea this would happen when the team decided to re-sign the much travelled Joe Callahan.

So, Aaron Rodgers is healthy enough to play against the Carolina Panthers and come back and save some jobs? But then he isn’t healthy enough to continue playing against the Minnesota Stinkings, huh?

Maybe I’m overstating it. Some of you might tell me to pipe down, that the Packers shouldn’t risk Rodgers for two meaningless games.

Well, suck on this.

Knocking the Stinkings down a peg would be sweet. Rodgers isn’t going to break the collarbone in the same place again because it’s all metal. Like frickin’ Wolverine. Not possible.

And Rodgers wanted to play. Hell, he gets a big-ass game check for doing so, so why shouldn’t he?

So what are the Packers doing now? They are totally tanking for a draft pick.

And that’s fine. They’ll tell you otherwise. They’ll say this was in the best interests of the organization moving forward. But that’s an entire pile of horseshit.

Rodgers wasn’t going to break his collarbone again this year. The plate in there more or less guarantees that. The fact of the matter is the season is over. Rodgers won’t actually earn those game checks — even though he clearly wants to. The fans won’t get to see the player they want, even though he’d love to be out there.

It’s highway robbery for anyone who has tickets to these last two games. I’d expect to see Lambeau Field stuffed with purple chokers on Sunday. That’s the real travesty.

But hell, let’s lose out and get that draft pick.

The real question is, when this is done, does anyone have to pay the price? I can name two assholes who should.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Adam December 19, 2017

    Good. Smart move.

    Sucks as a fan, but it’s the right decision.

    1. Kato December 19, 2017

      The right decision. Why have him potentially tear his knee up in meaningless games

  2. PF4L December 19, 2017

    I don’t have a problem with this, but i do have a couple thoughts.

    I’m not sure how anyone can guarantee he won’t injure it again, the Packers coaches themselves expressed being nervous about him taking hits.

    This move tells me he wasn’t ready to come back. I guess the first sentence of the second paragraph that Monty wrote, says it all, which makes me indifferent about it anyway.

    Batter up Colin.

  3. Doug December 19, 2017

    McCarthy loves to talk out of both sides of his fat, sloppy mouth. Making contradictory statements to the media as usual. “We’re not going to be spoilers” “We’re not underdogs”. Well, with Hundley at Quarterback, you always are, you fat piece of shit.

    McCarthy’s doublespeak is just as bad as our politicians

    1. Adam December 20, 2017

      Well, I mean, we know it and he probably knows it too. But as a coach, you’ve got to keep your team engaged to win regardless of whether you’re the Browns or the Patriots. He can’t keep the locker room engaged for these last two games, and then turn around and tell the media and fans not to expect competitive effort out there.

      You’d do the same as a youth sports coach. You could know you’re the worst team in the league but you don’t outright tell your players they shouldn’t expect to win.

      I don’t really find anything wrong with what he said. He’s saying what a coach should say in this situation.

  4. Gort December 19, 2017

    It is the correct decision. Maybe MM and TT and MM are finally making decisions that make sense for the good ofvthe team? Naw, they probably just got into the egg nog a few days early.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!

  5. eugene December 19, 2017

    By your football knowledge and statements, my guess is you’re about 13 years old. That said you need your mom to wash out your mouth with soap or take away the internet for awhile.

  6. Disposable Hero December 19, 2017

    Because the only thing he could possibly injure is his collarbone? How many soft tissue injuries and knee injuries happened this year? Yes it sucks balls he didn’t come back and resume his normal production and we won’t see him until next year. But thats better than getting hurt to protect fat mike or TTs job or even beat the Queens.

  7. KILLER December 19, 2017

    As an ambassador of the Vikings (unofficial) I think it is sad that we will not see Aaron Rodgers out there trying to back up his false accusations against Anthony Barr.

    Also sad that if the Packers lose they will try to make out it is not a real game, does not count, asterisk please cuz’ no Aaron, etc. Aaron could have played but he/they chose not to. And, by the way, no matter what you hear, it is “he”. They bend over backwards for him. If he truly wanted to play he damn well would have played. He is no helpless victim of the organization’s will. He loves to play the victim but don’t let him do it this time. You know TT and MM would want better chances at one or two victories also. No way they stopped him from playing. He stopped himself from playing.

    This is Aaron just looking out for himself. That’s it. Aaron first, team distant second.

    Tanking is not a smart move. It’s a punk-ass weak-kneed move. It is a betrayal of the sport of professional football.

    You know the rest of the team will be out there risking knee injuries, concussions, ACL tears, cracks in vertebrae, etc. even though the team is out of the playoffs. If it is good enough for Aaron how about the whole team just sits at home, forfeits the game? Aaron sets the bar there. The Barr?

    Yeah, you’ll get a better draft pick, but I hope the team harvests destiny/fate and falls on its face with the selection. Poetic justice.

    1. Ferris December 19, 2017

      Long Deep Chuckle….Ambassador, second most idiotic post ever. Didn’t read the rest.

      1. Cheese December 20, 2017

        Smart choice. You didn’t miss anything important.

        1. Gort December 20, 2017

          Did I miss something?

    2. Kato December 20, 2017

      If Aaron was looking out for himself then why did he come back and play in a potentially meaningful game? He broke his fucking collarbone in his throwing shoulder, and played in a game two months later. Typical healing time is 3 months. Much like how AP came back for a game late in a season for a game against the packers, then gave up and took himself back out.

      1. KILLER December 20, 2017

        Because it was meaningful. Duh.

        He got the green light to play. So he played. That is what players do. Get injured. Get green light. Play. Except Aaron then said, wait, I can’t look good and get more endorsements with playoff games? What, I may throw some interceptions and it will hurt my QB rating? What, I won’t look so perfect? Can’t I get a football beard? No? …. I’m out!

    3. Deepsky December 20, 2017

      Have the Vikings ever drafted a decent quarterback?

      They drafted Tarkenton, but he threw nearly as many picks as TDs with them and when he realized the Vikings were a wretched team, Tarkenton demanded to be traded. The Giants then made him the great player he ended up being, going to the Pro Bowl every year with them. He was traded back to the Vikings. So in Tarkenton’s case, he was a good QB, but the Vikings traded for him.

      The next greatest was Daunte Culpepper, and his greatness lasted about 2 seasons.

      Then Brett Favre. The Packers drafted him. Randall Cunningham? The Eagles drafted him. Warren Moon. Nope. Case Keenum, drafted by the Rams.

      1. KILLER December 20, 2017

        Yes, the Vikings have. They drafted Fran Tarkenton and also Daunte Culpepper. Quite a bit beyond decent, one of them even a Hall of Famer. Jury still out on Bridgewater. Tommy Kramer did some fine work for the Vikings (even once throwing 6 TDs vs. the Packers — in less than 3 quarters!). So did Wade Wilson. So did Brad Johnson — a 9th round pick. He had 7 very good years with the Vikings and we also obtained a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick for him in a trade!

        Interesting Alt-History you have there on Tarkenton. First, he threw 76 more TDs than INTs in his career. His first two pro bowls were as a Viking BEFORE he was traded to the Giants so your claim the Giants made him a great player is entirely untrue. 6 of his 9 pro bowls were as a Viking. He also was League MVP as a Viking, not a Giant.

        I am also not sure what your overall point is here. Sure, your point is inaccurate, but what, even, is the purpose of your deception/ignorance? Is a drafted QB somehow more worthwhile or nobler than one traded for or otherwise developed? Or are you saying that the Vikings are so amazing, they have won more division titles v. the Packers even with a tremendous disadvantage in drafted QBs?

        1. PF4L December 22, 2017

          From the guy who said he doesn’t live in the past…..YAWN