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Yup, the Bears Can Still Go Fuck Themselves

Did we see this coming? Not sure… YES WE DID!

The Chicago Bears are exactly who we thought they were, to channel Denny Green.

Not good enough to beat the Green Bay Packers. The Bears haven’t had much success against the Packers in recent years, but everyone thought they would on Sunday. Brett Hundley is at quarterback. The Packers can’t possibly beat anyone.

Fuck you, said Brett Hundley.

I don’t have my top two running backs?

Fuck you, said Brett Hundley.

Mike McCarthy finally took the training wheels off the offense and let Hundley wing it around a bit.

He surely wasn’t perfect, almost threw two picks. The egregious kind. But Hundley and the Packers got it done when they needed to.

Did I say the Chicago Bears can suck my ass?

Of course the Packers’ defense let shitball rookie Mitchell Trubisky throw for almost 300 yards. Davon House was a particularly giant piece of crap in coverage.

But Hundley came through with 18-of-25 for 212 and a touch.

The main guy in the running game, Aaron Jones, went down early. Ty Montgomery went down after him. Jamaal Williams filled in just fine.

I may have called Fat Mike a Buffoon just once during this game, which is a much better turnout than most games. The game plan was on target for a change. Unlike the past two games.

We’re not going to pretend this is a playoff team, but at least Hundley got his shot. At least Fat Mike let it roll. At least the Green Bay Packers are headed back in the right direction.

And at least the GBP still owns the goddam Chicago Bears.

Eat it, Chicago!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Jschizl November 12, 2017

    What was cool is seeing our running back trucking people. And cheering the fucking team on. All those assholes from Chicago can go fuck themselves. Love it.

    1. icebowl November 13, 2017

      Good gift from Bears – watching Fox blow a gasket on the pylon challenge was an added bennie….

      Like in the 80s its a Successful season, when they sweep da bearz…

  2. TyKo Steamboat November 12, 2017

    Fat Mike kinda set Hundly up a little better with the offensive scheme. Lucky to win with that shitty league rule touch-back early on in the game…. But some good clock management & ball control. Fat Mike continually beats the Bears.
    I just guess the Bears still suck
    Nice pad level….

    1. PF4L November 12, 2017

      lol…the bears know they suck, their fans know they suck, and the whole league knows they suck. This is a team that has won 6 of their last 25 games. Not exactly scaring many teams.

      But we beat them. Davante Adams just got paid. One hand catch, sweet back shoulder catch.

      I’m going to give Hundley props, credit when due. But there’s two sides.

      First, on those two passes to Adams, the passes and timing couldn’t have been any better, words aren’t good enough, it was poetry. On the big gainer to Cobb, even though it was only a 6 yard slant that Cobb turned into a 38 yard play, credit has to go to Hundley regardless. Beautiful plays, all 3.

      Keeping it real, take those 3 plays away, and Hundley is 15/23 for 113 yards. Same ole short dink and dunk with training wheels.

      Jamaal Williams, not sure what to make of this cat. His average sucked, his long gain of 7 yards on 20 carries sucked. But i don’t know if the Packers win this game without him. He had this uncanny ability on getting 2-4 yards more than he should be getting, and it helped down and distance and moving the chains. Not sure what this guy has to offer consistently. But i might be splitting the game ball between him and Adams.

      Credit to McCarthy, Perry’s 3 sacks, and those listed above, it’s a win in the Division on the road.

      Disclaimer: My future post about this game may not be so positive, but they will be reality based.

  3. Gort November 12, 2017

    Well, I heard that the Packers won today. I am surprised (I predicted a lop sided loss), but not sure if I should be impressed.

    As a US Navy veteran, i chose to not watch the game as a protest against the players who have been disrespecting me, other vets, police officers, and others who serve the community. Back in the 1980’s I watched Packers games on video tapes by taping locally broadcast Bears games and sending them to a Bears fan living in the Gren Bay area and receiving taped Pakers games from him. If you don’t remember the 1980’s, there were some really bad seasons. I worked pretty hard to watch those games, so it really was difficult to not watch today’s game – first Packers game ever that I have deliberately avoided. According to news reports, at least 3 players chose to protest on this Veteran’s Day (Armistice Day) celebration. All the more reason for me to protest them. I will wait for a meaningful analysis of the game to determine if I should be impressed.

    Yeah, I still am pissed off, and will not purchase any more NFL merchandise so long as the on field protests continue. Monty, I will borrow your catch phrase with regards to NFL merchandise sales: They can go fuck themselves.

    1. Arcturus November 13, 2017

      You should learn what the protests are about. Meanwhile, enjoy NASCAR.

    2. ay hombre November 13, 2017

      When did any player disrespect servicemen, police officers, et al? Y’all don’t own the flag or have more right to it than anyone else. They are kneeling because of racial inequality. If you find any instant of an NFL player disparaging any of the people you claim are being protested against, post it here. Until then enjoy your Sundays. We appreciate your service but punishing yourself from watching football because of a perceived slight is on you.

      1. PF4L November 13, 2017

        Ok, now it’s racial inequality?


      2. Kato November 13, 2017

        Yeah, I really have no issue with them protesting, but whatever. Although I think they probably should have shelved those protests this weekend on veterans day.

    3. tupac November 14, 2017

      No one cares about your protest just as no one cares about theirs. Oh wait you do because he must be a fickle little snowflake.

  4. Ferris November 12, 2017

    What a sad day….Now Big Ted will say…”Man that McTubby can coach…sign him to a lifetime contract” My only hope is a loss to the Browns…and the rest of their games…even then McCarthy will still be there looking stupid and clueless. He should have been fired in the tunnel after the Seattle NFC Championship loss, they should have left him out there, maybe he’s get a job at Starbucks.

  5. Deepsky November 13, 2017

    The Pack got pretty lucky.

    First, the Bears team isn’t exactly making life easy for Trubisky. Like the Packers team, I think they realize Trubisky isn’t going to win them anything, so why risk injury. A jacked up Bears team gets a couple INTS early off Hundley.

    Second, the Bears fumble against the pylon going into the end zone was something I have never seen and gave the Packers a huge break.

    As for Hundleys performance, he played a lot better especially in the second half, but he still continued to show why he has major issues. There were times he should have stepped up in the pocket and fired instead of taking off running. Any pressure on the guy he thinks like a running back, not like a QB. Second, he was way off target on a lot of throws. The PI on Jordy Nelson was a lucky call on a pass that was uncatchable even though Nelson had a step on the guy and well placed pass gets TD. Third, he has a slow release and floats the ball too often.

    But I will give him credit, he seems to pick up his eyes and look downfield more that he has in other games.

    1. MJ November 13, 2017

      Yeah, we had a few fluky plays going our way. The pylon fumble was on Fox, who asked for reviewing. Then, instead of 1st and goal from inches away, he got a TB. Their offense shot itself in the foot with penalties. And that PI to Nelson was a nice gift as well. Subsequently, their offense would cease to function and leave their defense in the field to get worn out. Jamaal Williams either stepped up his game, or the bears def was exhausted. And some credit goes to Hundley, who completed a few passes downfield that looked like darts.

  6. Gort November 13, 2017

    So, if the players wanted to show that they have respect for vets, then why do some continue to protest during the league’s “Salute to Service” celebration? Do they respect Pat Tillman?

    1. PF4L November 13, 2017

      Fuck those low lifes Gort, let it die the death it’s dying. The networks don’t show them anymore, hence they lost their platform, don’t keep giving them one.

      Besides, the high life of L.A. has moved on from the protest, the current L.A./Hollywood fad is accusing people of sexual assault and harassment, it’s in vogue, it’s what is the now thing to do this month. So if somebody grabbed their ass 25 years ago, or were propositioned for an acting job. what other recourse do they have other than destroying their life.

      I don’t know what will be in vogue in December, maybe back trying to convince the rest of us that we all need to live our life in accordance to their political ideal’s and beliefs. As if they were the highest power of authority next to God.

      1. Cheesemaker November 13, 2017

        Well said

  7. Gort November 13, 2017

    Thanks, now back to football.
    My neighbor watched the game and told me that there are no worse teams in the league.
    We will get a chance to find out if he is right in the upcoming weeks.

  8. PF4L November 13, 2017

    The Packers aren’t the worst team, but my latest source of entertainment is, because we beat the bears, some Packer fans now believe the Packers are all of a sudden back in the playoff hunt….lol.

    The Packers have 5 things going for them….

    1) A soft schedule

  9. Gort November 13, 2017

    My tablet must be broken. There was nothing listed for “things” 2 rhrough 5.

  10. Gort November 13, 2017

    Dammit all. – through, not rhough

  11. Yawa November 14, 2017

    Where the fuck is 5 more things, get off your cunt Morty.

    1. PF4L November 14, 2017

      Stay in school kids.