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Season Over: 30-17, Lions Over Packers

Is there any other way to put it? The Green Bay Packers are what we thought they were.

I was too terribly optimistic.

Brett Hundley can’t quite get it done and the the Packers’ defense just can’t get home. We were afraid of the first. We knew the second.

Blitz all you want. You still can’t frickin’ get anywhere.

Dom Capers’ crappy defense is predicated entirely on pressuring the quarterback. And guess what. This crappy version of it can’t pressure the quarterback to save its damn life.

Couple that with Not Aaron Rodgers and you’re in real trouble. The Packers had two weeks — Mike McCarthy had two weeks — to prepare a game plan that would suit Brett Hundley. And guess what.

Mike McCarthy isn’t much of a coach.


Are we all on the same page about that now?

Much like Ted Thompson really made one great acquisition, Mike McCarthy has rode one man’s coattails. You have a street named after you in Green Bay because Aaron Rodgers handed it to you, Mike.

You are not a highly-successful football coach.

You’re a fat joke.

You can’t come up with a game plan for a guy you almost traded away for a second-day draft pick, last year. That second-day draft pick can go straight to hell now. Should have taken that second-day draft pick when it was there. Fat Mike has ruined that possibility now.

All said and done, Hundley ended up throwing for 245 yards and a couple of zeros in the other two categories. At least he didn’t throw a pick, but McCarthy again refused to take the training wheels off.

And maybe the defense will win it for us?


Golden Tate — Taint, if you will — went for 113. Marvin Jones went for 107.

What else do you need to know?



Where’s Jim Mora when you need him?

Kiss that goodbye.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Gort November 6, 2017

    The only good part was that it was a quick game.
    No defense + no offense + no special teams = pathetic performance.
    Need to call a carpenter. Bring a lot of lumber and a lot of nails for the coffins.

    1. Gort November 6, 2017

      PS – the pad level looked OK.

      1. icebowl November 7, 2017

        Imo, Hundley is only the tip of the iceberg. So many more issues exposed – shows how amazing #12 is – fuck Brady, if this doesn’t prove Rodgers is the True GOAT…..

        The GB Titanic is taking on water and sinking fast. In this case it may be better to see the captain (TT) and first mate (MM) go down w the ship… don’t need many lifeboats, few live bodies left on this team…

  2. MMTTDCSUCK November 6, 2017

    Is anyone even remotely surprised? At home, our defense allowed a Detroit team who had 2 losses in a row, has only won one game here in years to come in here and not even have to punt during the whole fucking game . . . Even the announcers were kind of ribbing the Packer brain trust for their choices throughout this game. What a joke! Each year you can see the decline in attitude, talent, drive, health and unity. This team is run by buffoons and charlatans. Aaron Rodgers MAKES this team come together and holds them up higher than there talent level to be sure. Capers needs to go now. The rest? at the end of the year! Make them EAT CROW.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 6, 2017

      Angry . . . excuse the massive typo’s and misspelling’s . . .

      1. PF4L November 6, 2017

        3 losses in a row.

        1. Ferris November 7, 2017

          it will be 11 straight by week 17. Cleveland will beat this team. Maybe then McCarthy will get fired.

          1. PF4L November 7, 2017

            Detroit had 3 losses in a row.

            Fear not people….our Packers know what they need to do to turn this ship round. Here’s two examples….

            Mike Daniels: “We have to play much better.”

            Also, i have it from a reliable authority that Brett Hundley will be announcing on Wed. that this team will run the table.

            So breathe easy Packer Nation, good times be a comin.

    2. icebowl November 7, 2017


      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017


      2. Cheese November 7, 2017

        Too bad the water is frozen because Ginger Gap Tooth doesn’t hold the fire to anyone’s ass.

  3. Tmr November 6, 2017

    I thought Brett looked good at times, made some nice throws. He also made some poor decisions that should get better with experience. Fact is this team lacks overall talent. Too many good players, no great players with the exception of #12.

    Years of blowing draft picks on defense. No longer believe in Ted…the mistakes are glaring now.

    How much cap does the pack have tied up in Bulaga, Cobb, Matthews, Perry?

    Fckn A. At least bring back Gang Green as a mascott. The rest of the year will be like the 80s again.

  4. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe November 6, 2017

    I’m telling ya, the best thing that can happen to this team is to lose all remaining games, especially against Cleveland. That would show the world how bad this team truly is without AR. It will show how one man has been the foundation for the success of this team and how the Ted Thompson has done a less than stellar job of ensuring most of the remaining 52 can provide at least some depth.

    We did the first time AR went down, going 2-2-1, which wasn’t a total disaster. But since, Thompson has displayed an inability to put together a team which could weather the storm while employing a Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator who can’t coach.

    Losing the remaining games is the only war for change to happen, something needed over the past few years. It has gone on long enough, and now the timing is right.

    1. Savage57 November 7, 2017

      If something doesn’t happen as a consequence of the shit show the Packers are without AR, then the concept of accountability should never be mentioned in Green Bay again.

      Do this shit long enough, and the product on the field will look exactly as it did last night against the Lions.

      Bunch of status-quo loving assholes, terrified of the prospect of change.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017


        1. Mike K November 7, 2017


          1. icebowl November 8, 2017


  5. PF4L November 6, 2017

    Lets all just relax and focus on the positives…..

    The offense moved the ball pretty well in the 4th quarter, the trick is, getting behind enough to get the opposing defense to play soft. Maybe throw in a pass interference, and were all set going forward.

    Now we can debate who our running back of the week is. Aaron Jones damn near got inducted to the Packers H O F the last couple weeks. Now it seems we’ve done a 180 and Montgomery is saying “whoa whoa…not so fast mofo’ers, i’m still the man”.

    On the defensive side i could blast this unit, but lets stay positive…..

    They held the Lions under 450 yards.

    Forced 2 fumbles.

    N. Perry and D. Lowry fell over Stafford at the same time earning a half sack each. Teamwork baby!

    Three teams gave up more points this weekend.

    I was going to do an assessment of the Lions punter Sam Martin, but i think i’ll wait until week 17.

    Stafford wanted his passer rating to be higher than Jared Goff’s this week. The Packers defense was having none of that.

    1. PF4L November 6, 2017

      Almost forgot, for all of you non real Packer fans complaining that Mathews and Daniels aren’t earning their money, they each had a solo tackle tonight….so EAT IT!!

    2. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Thanks P.
      I feel a whole lot better now…

      1. icebowl November 7, 2017


  6. Mitch Anthony November 6, 2017

    Went to a Packer party at a friend’s home. Right before the game I said, “Matt Stafford will throw for over 300 tonight.” Well, he easily did. Went way out on a limb did I.

    Dom Capers. You need to be gone. Your schemes sucked. The blitzes were read and they burned you so bad. This has become so old and tired. Stafford plucked the passes in between coverage and there seemed to be nothing the defenders could do.

    Ted Thompson. You need to be gone. The annual player acquisitions just suck. You, of all people, cannot be the guy who makes the choices in 2018. It just can’t happen. Don’t anyone give me the crap about drafting at the bottom of the order. Other teams have made picks and deals at the bottom of the order and met with successes.

    Hey, highly successful coach. Coach up a plan for Hundley and who you have out there. What was the plan? Your record after a bye week?

    The only hopeful and optimistic thing to come out of this, and what is to come, is that this finally might be the end of this regime.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Going to a packer pitty party was your first mistake yesterday, dude….

  7. TyKo Steamboat November 6, 2017

    I remember Aaron Rodgers’ 1st season… 2008. we went 6-10
    I remember how fiery I was… probably my most fondly remembered Packer team ever … I was inspired. We could have been 14-2. I swear
    we only lost 2 games by more than 4 points that season …
    Now… wow. lets go 4-12 & get the picks
    Sucks… whole offense was healthy minus Rodgers tonight. Defense actually played OK all things considered.
    All of the defense was healthy minus Gunter.
    But this is tough.
    Chucky tried to say “These poor packers are so injured…” true 2 weeks ago… now we’re just a former Superbowl contender minus their QB
    Truth is, about 23% of the NFL loses their starting QB every season (7 of 32) & we’re one of the unlucky few
    Makes me detest every team that has a pre-made back-up QB ready to deploy… Joe Callahan…you’re up next

    Just hard to watch

    1. Deepsky November 7, 2017

      Rodgers was 6-10 in 2008, but you could tell he was the real deal. His passer rating was well over 100 for half his games.

      Hundley is no where near that level of play.

      1. TyKo Steamboat November 7, 2017

        yea… that Is my point

  8. Tom November 6, 2017

    People can complain about McCarthy and Capers all they want, but it’s been clear for a long time now that the Packers desperately need an infusion of talent. Ignore the big names and contracts…they have a HoF quarterback and an excellent pass-blocking offensive line, but average and relatively slow skill position players. They have some nice pieces on D but at the premium positions- edge rush and CB- they have middling players at best (some of whom are very expensive). I’m sure Dom Capers doesn’t like blitzing out of desperation any more than any of us do, but Stafford was on fire tonight and had all day to throw unless a blitz was sent. I’m agnostic on MM and DC because evaluating coaches is so difficult, but I’d be shocked if any coach in the league can make the Packers a good team with their current Rodgers-less roster.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Feel like I’ve been transported back into the 1980s

      1. icebowl November 7, 2017

        Memories of Tony Dilweg after Majik got hurt. Same deal – homegrown “QB of future”, same choke act …..

  9. GoPack November 7, 2017

    Not surprised one bit but it still pisses me off. Two weeks to prepare and this is the shit we get? Tired of hearing about opening up the offense only to see more reverses, screens, runs and 4 yard passes. At this point it clear they don’t have confidence in hundley to throw the ball and he’s not gonna get it done with the game plan they have in place.

    Everyone knew this was gonna happen when Rodgers went down but a team shouldn’t be his horrible when their qb goes down, especially when you’ve got a backup that’s been in the system for years. So much for getting a valuable draft pick. Minnesota was on their third string qb and beat the packers. Other teams are having backups play as well and look a hell of a lot better than the packers.

    Is it hundley or coaching or talent around him? Probably a combination of all. Noticed earlier this week how well peppers is doing back in Carolina along with Hyde in buffalo and I’m sure Chicago and Detroit are happy with Sitton and Lang. Throw in Haywardast season and here’s a pattern. Guys get better when they leave the packers. Looks to me like it’s coaching.

    At this point, give Callahan a shot or bring in kap. How much worse can he be than what we have. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough, what’s gonna be the excuse when they get beaten by Chicago and a rookie qb? They don’t exactly have a difficult schedule ahead and that’s what’s gonna be even more pathetic if they lose to chi, Balt, cle, Tampa.

    Defensively, capers has to go. This is pathetic. Can’t get off the field on third down and no pass rush. Not all his fault but at the same time he’s had guys in the past and as I mentioned, they got better when they left his system. Daniels said the right things earlier this week but of course didn’t back it up and did something stupid that cost them a td.

    Wasn’t surprised one bit they gave up an easy td after the o finally scored a td. Blitzing obviously won’t work because even that can’t generate pressure.

    Am hoping this will at least result in capers being gone. Hopefully ted will go away as well but I doubt he’ll step away when he sees they have a high draft pick for him to fuck up. Rodgers gone shows just how much he masks and it’s amazing how far he’s taken them year after year. As good as he is, this is the NFL and one person can’t win a championship alone. He’s gotta be thinking wtf is it gonna take to add some talent. Reality is even if he was healthy, maybe they make another NFC championship game or possibly the super bowl but the odds of them winning with these players is not great.

    How many of teds moves hve paid off this season? Ricky jean? Dial? Brooks? Letting the guys he let walk? King seems like a good player.

    Interesting to see what happens this offseason. Will they pay Adams. Will Burnett and Cobb be back? What position do they draft with that high pick? Unfortunately, I think McCarthy will be back. This shows he is just riding Rodgers coattail and wouldn’t have a job if not for Rodgers but the injury will be an excuse to keep him around. The only one I see being out is capers. Hopefully they will clean house but this is the packers so we’ll hear all the bullshit week to week and the same staff will be back next season, maybe the te coach or ok coach will be fired. Just cause.

    Damn shame what this team is. We could have had multiple titles if craft was the owner. Instead we get Favre and Rodgers and end up with 2 titles. I doubt we’ll get another qb with that type talent after Rodgers.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Really sense your frustration dude.

      I’d read the excellent positive post by PF4L (above), 4 times a day, with a beer, preferably a Jack chaser. Get plenty of sleep and don’t watch any more GB games until you see #12 on the field (in green &gold) again…

      I’m starting the recovery plan tpday…
      Beer breakfast was great.

      1. icebowl November 7, 2017

        Early breakfast….

        1. PF4L November 7, 2017

          I’m a healer :)

          1. icebowl November 7, 2017

            Yes you are dude, lol…

    2. Savage57 November 7, 2017

      You said regarding AR, “He’s gotta be thinking wtf is it gonna take to add some talent.”

      If you saw his facial expressions and body language while the Packers D was pissing out of their asses every time they needed a stop, it’s probably getting to the point where he’s wondering about the answer to that question.

      It also plays back to some of the same frustrations Favre had with Thompson’s SOP when he was pleading for him to bring in some FA talent in the twilight of his time as a Packers, instead of the usual selection of some of the finest ring meat available.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017

        Ring meat! now that deserves some applause. This ^^^^

    3. KILLER November 7, 2017

      GOPACK, excellent points about other teams looking better than the Packers with back-up QBs. You are right, a well run well managed team would not fall so fast and so far due to a missing QB. TT and MM arrogantly put, not just all eggs in one basket, but just one great big egg (Aaron Rodgers) in the basket. With these guys any year Rodgers gets hurt, or old, or out of focus the Packers are DONE.

      But I think your BEST point GOPACK is actually how very well players perform and blossom once they leave Green Bay. The arrows went way Way WAY up on Hyde, Hayward, Peppers, and you did not even mention Jared Cook who had something like 126 yards receiving this week and a huge game the week before as well. Teh flip side is the new arrival who then performs worse such as Martellus Bennett. That may be yet another reason the Packers do not give much effort in free agency. It reveals the deficient coaching.

      Anyway, yeah, I think your point is excellent in showing that this is not all TT but that poor coaching is a very real factor.

  10. Big John November 7, 2017

    Huntley needs to go.

  11. Gort November 7, 2017

    AR should be a strong candidate for league MVP just like Peyton Manning should have been for 2011. This is what happens when the offense is a one trick pony.

    The defense has some aleged stars. Daniels was heralded as a possible all pro after the Seattle game. Everybody loves Matthews – for his acting ability for Jack Links, pistachios, and a cameo for State Farm. Randall had 3 consecutive games with a pick. Micah Hyde and Julius Peppers are both having a superb 2017 after an average 2016. Oh, shit, I forgot they are elsewhere. Maybe their 2016 performance was due to missed games – nope, they played in all 16 (+3).

    Superb play on recent kickoff returns have the Packers starting between the 15 and the 20 quite often. Sometimes even farther back after an illegal block in the back. Too bad they could start at the 25 (most times) if they want.

    The play of this team is soo bad that they have lost the support of the fans. The silence last night was defening. Don’t take that comment the wrong way – not meant to criticize the fans at the game. They were cheering as loud as those of us at home, and it all was based on the unfolding debacle. Frankly, I didn’t hear as many “boo birds” as I thought were appropriate. They definitely did NOT get what they paid for.

    There are so many issues that this is too easy – like fishing with a stick of dynamite.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017

      MM benched Janis for mishandling a KO, but Janis usually used his head when returning the Ko’s. T. Davis? not at all. But MM likes him. MM always plays favorites. This type of favoritism in the locker room does get attention I am certain. Fuck MM and fuck the ST coach as well . . .

    2. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Good one…..

      “Everybody loves Matthews – for his acting ability for Jack Links, pistachios, and a cameo for State Farm.”

  12. Gort November 7, 2017

    Sorry – silence was deafening.

  13. Mike K November 7, 2017

    SS McSlob has sunk. Its Mark Murphy who needs to act!!!!! Fire McCarthy, Thompson, Capers. Total infusion of life plus Aaron comes back next year is what we need. Murphy’s too much a Thompson boot-licker, but last night he should have been talking to Jon Gruden in private about taking over next year, regardless of $$$$ needed.

  14. Mike K November 7, 2017

    Like I said last week, “look out” we’re going to give Cleveland their only win of year. I really believe this ends up 4-12, unless there is some crazy 6 Turnover game we benefit from.

  15. Deepsky November 7, 2017

    Hundley simply doesn’t have the talent to win even one NFL football game. Not one.

    There were receivers continually wide open downfield that he was missing, instead he takes the check down. When he scrambles, he puts his head down like a running back instead of keeping it up and making big plays downfield. He never steps up in the pocket to make the throw.

    I think the players know Hundley isn’t very good and they are just going through the motions instead of playing with winning intensity. This is what happens to the worst teams in the league.

    Look at the Broncos. They definitely have a top defense, not one can question that. But they are not winning because they don’t have the quarterback play. Their quarterback right now is Brock Osweiler and even with a top defense they just got blown out. And Hundley is worse than Osweiller.

    At the end of the season, when the Packers are 4-12, there will be coaches fired.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Unfortunately the ones to blame won’t be let go….

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017


      2. Mike K November 7, 2017

        That’s because of that F&^%D UP Public owned structure. There is NO ONE accountable. Its not Titletown, its status quo. Harlan had balls to act, Murphys a clueless idiot, more concerned about pep rallys and new rock gardens.

        1. PF4L November 7, 2017

          HEY NOW!!

          That sledding hill wasn’t gonna build itself.

  16. JD November 7, 2017

    That bonehead headbutt penalty by Daniels cost us big. If we got the ball back on a three and out after that first Detroit series, and maybe scored a TD, that would have made the difference in the game. But really, Stafford and his offense made plays and made our secondary look like shit. And where’s Matthews, selling nuts, and insurance, perfect.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Sorry to disagree J. Score woulda been same – they wouldn’t have gotten junk time td….

  17. Kato November 7, 2017

    I hear Colin Kaepernick is still available. Oh, that’s right, he hurt peoples feelings because he knelt for their favorite song. :(
    And he is apparently a cancer, despite all evidence to the contrary

    Thank god I wasn’t sober for last night’s game.

    1. PF4L November 7, 2017

      Colin is currently too busy to be playing in the NFL. He’s currently ordering a new batch of custom made socks, plus he’s being tutored on how to participate and vote in the next election.

      It’s a process.

      1. icebowl November 7, 2017

        Klapperdink is not the answer – he’s done..
        Garapolo would’ve been the right choice

        1. Kato November 7, 2017

          You don’t trade a second and third round pick for a 10 game rental.

          1. PF4L November 7, 2017

            Yea, Ted’s 2nd round picks are to be spent more productively, like sitting on the pine, or helping out the Gatorade chic fill cups for real the players.

  18. sb November 7, 2017

    I thought it was a great game! I’ve just been waiting for the “bad officiating” part. Kinda disappointed here.

    1. Deepsky November 7, 2017

      I’ll mention that if Aaron Rodgers is throwing to Jordy Nelson on those non pass interference calls, the flags would fly. But Hundley is terrible so the refs won’t throw a flag for him.

      1. KILLER November 7, 2017

        Hahaha! Rodgers got all sorts of calls other QBs would not get, usually fictional pass interference and fictional roughing the passer calls. It’s not because Hundley is terrible that he does not get them. He just does not get the golden boy favoritism that Rodgers has enjoyed for so long.

        Oh no! A level playing field!

        No wonder the Packers are losing….

  19. Kato November 7, 2017

    Seriously, this failure is on the front office, and more specifically Ted Thompson. This team isn’t even competitive sans QB 1. This team treaded water in 2013 with Matt Flynn, and was at least competitive. This isn’t on McCarthy. This fucking front office could have traded Hundley for a 3rd. Jesus pig-raping christ. The guy sucks. It was pretty apparent after the Minnesota game. This team could have went out that week and signed Colin fucking Kaepernick, and at least let him get a couple weeks of practice in learning the system and when Hundley fell flat on his face the second week, Kaepernick could have started this game against the Lions. But no, TT loves Hundley so much and was convinced he would win them games that he wouldn’t take a 3rd rounder. LMAO

  20. Zwoeger November 7, 2017

    I’ve only seen all of the Packers games since 2011 and I don’t think I’ve seen empty seats at Lambeau before end of game during that time. Today I saw about 25% at least empty with 3:30 to play. I got sad that moment. Of course there was no suspense at all during the game nor will be there the rest of this season.
    Probably there will not be much change in the powers that be next season but if there is, don’t expect things get better right away.

    1. Ted Hawthorne November 7, 2017

      That’s right. I’ve seen the Packer home games for decades. No empty seats until last night.
      Thompson is toast.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 8, 2017

        Now that is some good news for us . . . TT, MM, DC and M Murphy need to go now! Let’s get this team focused on winning and HELPING Rodgers for a change!

  21. KILLER November 7, 2017

    Interesting facts=

    “Detroit must have a heck of a team to dominate the team with the NFL’s most complete roster like that [Long deep chuckle]. This was the Lions’ first double-digit win in Lambeau since 1982. To put that in perspective, that’s the year the USA Today was first published and Survivor sang “Eye of the Tiger”.” And the Weather channel aired for the first time.

    The Lions have beaten the Packers in Green Bay two of the last three years…..

    No, no asterisk due to loss of Rodgers. GB has been supernaturally lucky in QB health the last, what, 25 years with Favre and Rodgers. Injuries are a big part of the game. Other teams don’t get the asterisk from the Packer fans when their QB is out or if the entire O-line is injured or whatever. If asterisks aren’t a two-way street they sure as heck will not be a one-way street. As well, look at how the Lions ripped up the Packers defense. There is no assurance the Packers would have won even with Rodgers. They lost to the Lions with him in 2015 after all.

  22. Empacador November 7, 2017

    You guys know Favre was in town Monday right?

  23. Deepsky November 7, 2017

    At this point I think we ask Brett Favre to strap on the copper fit belt and put on the copper fit socks and play QB for the Packers.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      That ^^^

  24. Adam November 7, 2017

    Welp, I’ll eat my crow.

    After the Viking’s game, I thought I saw enough promise in Hundley on certain throws to say he would manage the offense well enough. While I still think he has all the tools, I don’t think he’s ready and I’ve lost confidence he ever will. Chalk that up to poor coaching the last two years or poor individual performance… bottom line is he’s not coming along as I had hoped and believed.

    Aside from that… holy shit does AR cover up the mass deficiencies of the rest of the team. I mean, we all KNEW he carried this team on his shoulders but to actually see it front and center, in the spotlight, without the rose colored glasses of the W’s he will’s out of this group is amazing. His wins-per-share impact might be a legitimate 10+ per year – because without him the rest of this squad is a perpetual top 5 draft pick recipient.

    I now have absolutely zero doubt (as if there were any to begin with) that AR would have multiple rings if management had put together any sort of competent supporting cast around him. TT’s time is 100% up, and past due. Hand the reigns over to Elliot already. Dom’s time is 100% up, and past due.

    Yeah, yeah, I know…. “We’ve been saying this for years!”
    You’re right.

    1. icebowl November 7, 2017

      Absolutely agree…
      Even 40-whiners would’ve won more rings if they’d drafted QB1 as everyone expected…

      1. Cheese November 7, 2017

        Harbaugh with Rodgers would have produced multiple rings in San Fran. Harbaugh got to the NFCCG in his second year as coach with squidward, and made it to the Super Bowl in his third year. If Rodgers had that defense year after year…. dang. But that never happened because when he was in SF McCarthy wanted them to skip Rodgers and take Alex Smith. He was even a Buffoon back then.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017

          This^^^^ MM has always been a dolt regarding talent . . .

    2. Kato November 7, 2017

      I don’t think Elliot is any better. Supposedly he has had his hands on the controls a bit more the past couple years

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017

        I firmly believe this to be a valid possibility, which scares the hell out of me . . .

        1. icebowl November 7, 2017

          MMEWDCSUCK has a good ring to it, dude….

          1. MMTTDCSUCK November 7, 2017

            This may have to happen . . .

          2. PF4L November 7, 2017

            Elliot Wolf will be in charge when/if he’s put in charge. Rumor and/or speculation are for fools.

      2. KILLER November 7, 2017

        Due to the unusual nature and extent of the Packer free agency this year, the drafting of uber-athletic players with higher ceilings in this year’s draft, and, most especially, TT’s behavior/state of affairs, I think Elliot is pretty much running the management show and TT is a figurehead.

        I’d put the loss of Jared Cook and replacement via more expensive Bennett on Elliot. And passing on Dalvin Cook to select Kevin King as well. I still think the Jones pick was an excellent one though.

        Bottom line though is that if the Packers want to use their #1 pick in 2018 on a position of dire need they could either draft a NT or a ILB, or an OLB, or a CB, or a RB, or a TE, or a WR, or an OG, or a DT/DE. Only safety, OT, OC, and QB seem at least average enough to rule out a #1 pick used on them. Oh, and Punter and Placekicker.

  25. Mike K November 7, 2017

    well at least it was over by halftime. Gave Murphy & Board of Directors plenty of time to wheel Ted back to the assisted Living facility. Bed-Time & Soup