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Predictions: Week 9 – Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

Shawn (3-4, ATS 3-4): Line: Lions by 3

I righted the ship two weeks ago by doing something as simple as picking against the Green Bay Packers. I will probably roll with that until the Packers show me something.

The Detroit Lions are who we thought they are. As pretty much has been the case ever since Matt Stafford was drafted, the Lions are the Jeckyl and Hyde of the NFL once again. After doing enough in the first four weeks to convince a bunch of fools that the Lions were for real, the Lions have since lost three games in a row to all but hand the division lead to the sorry sack Vikings.

Regardless of which Lions team shows up tonight, I think they are much closer to a playoff contender than the Packers are right now.

With the offensive line and the running game momentarily shored up, my concerns for the Packers basically linger in two prominent areas. First and foremost, their defense sucks. The injury to Aaron Rodgers has overshadowed that fact. The big question coming into this season was whether the Packers could improve enough on defense to win a title. So, far, that has been a resounding NO.

Maybe with Aaron Rodgers the Packers could have pulled out enough wins while the defense got better towards the end of the season. Maybe. However, with Rodgers now out, that plug is out of that tub. Packer Nation needs the defense to step up and step up now, not later, or kiss this season goodbye.

I can almost give them a chance since Stafford is schizo at Lambeau and the Lions have virtually no run game to worry about. I still have my doubts.

My second area of concern is the obvious one — quarterback. Even as a Brett Hundley supporter I have to admit that the Saints game wasn’t what I was expecting. After a full week of practice, I didn’t expect the exact same quarterback rating as he had against the Vikings, but that is what happened.

Hundley had one drive against the Saints where the Packers opened it up, went a lot of empty sets, and Hundley threw the ball well, leading to the second touchdown of the game for the Packers. The Saints, however, were wise enough to start blitzing after that, and the blitz seems to be Hundley and the young RBs Achilles heal right now.

Similar to what I said against the Saints, give me a win and at 5-3 I’ll feel a lot different about this team and the remainder of this season. But we’d have to see a significant improvement on both sides of the ball for that happen, and I have my doubts.

Lions 24, Packers 17

Monty (5-2, 4-3 ATS):  I don’t really give a shit tonight.

GPB against the Detroit Lions? At home?

And we are not favored?

I’m sorry, but go fuck yourself. I’ll take those goddam odds, even with Brett Hundley at quarterback.

And I will say this. Big Ted — that senile bag of shit — should have took the third when it was on the table. Unfortunately, that guy wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground if someone pointed to a hole in the ground.

The Detroit Lions can and always will suck yours, mine and all of our collective balls.

Fat Mike will have something for Hundley.

And if he doesn’t, he’s fired.

Packers 17, Lions 16


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.


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  1. PF4L November 6, 2017

    A third, from who?