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Packers’ Best (Last?) Chance for a Win Is Sunday

There can be little doubt at this point in the season that pass defense is the Green Bay Packers’ biggest weakness. That’s why this Sunday will be Green Bay’s best chance for a win in the second half of the season.

Chicago ranks 32nd in passing offense, with 158 yards through the air per game. Only four other teams are under 200 yards. While Chicago is sixth in rushing yards per game, that still leaves them at 30th in total offensive yardage.

Most of the Bears’ passing yards (833) were gained by Mike Glennon; in four games, replacement Mitchell Trubisky has averaged a mere 128 yards per game. His passer rating is a lowly 66.2 – but that’s better than Brett Hundley’s 58.3. This game won’t be a battle of the titans.

The Browns, who Green Bay meets in Cleveland on December 10, are a passing juggernaut in comparison. Their pass attack ranks 22nd in the league – one place behind Green Bay.

Before we get our hopes up too high though, several advantages the team had in the last two games are gone. Sunday’s game will be played at Soldier Field. The Packers’ injury situation has gone back from getting better to worse: missing the game will be Morgan Bennett, Bryan Bulaga, Quinton Dial, and the traitorous Marty Bennett. Ahmad Brooks, Justin McCray, and Nick Perry are also nursing injuries.

Though it was little noticed, the loss of Kentrell Brice, due to an ankle injury in week 7, was another costly blow to the defense. Second-year man Brice had been having a solid season – and he had already made seven tackles against the Saints before he went down.

A final Packers’ disadvantage: the Bears are coming off a bye week.

In games against common opponents, the Bears have fared better than the Packers. They lost by smaller margins to the Falcons, Vikings, and Saints. Yes, fans, these are the depths to which the season has descended: comparing margins of losses.

The pre-eminent Bears player on offense is running back Jordan Howard. He’s a workhorse more than a thoroughbred. Though Howard is on pace for a 1,300-yard rushing season, his yards per carry is a tolerable 4.1 and he averages under six yards per reception. However, he averages just over 20 carries per game.

Trubisky has made news mainly for how much the Bears have kept him under wraps. In his previous game, a 20-12 loss to New Orleans, his line was 14-of-32 for 164 yards. But in the three games before that, he came away with two wins even though he only averaged eight completions.

In a game featuring two of the league’s rawest quarterbacks, the game on Sunday might come down to which quarterback has the less worse outing.

Or, will one or both coaches remove their QB’s training wheels? At this point, what does either team have to lose?

Rob Born

Someone else said it first but I popularized it: “Athleticism is important in athletic pursuits.” It took three years, but the Packers finally listened. My new mantra: “Trading down is fine, but never trade up.”



  1. MJ November 12, 2017

    Something has to be very odd, when we are comparing the performance of a three-year McCarthy understudy with that of a rookie QB.

    1. PF4L November 12, 2017

      Very astute MJ.

      I was shaking my head while reading that.

      Not to mention that Trubisky lacks good receivers. Meredith, White, and Miller are all on IR.

      Not only has Hundley been in this system for 3 years, he also has Randall Cobb, Adams, Jordy Nelson, Rodgers and Kendricks, plus Montgomery out of the backfield…..What’s Hundleys excuse? Plenty of them, doesn’t have timing, can’t run Rodger’s plays. etc. But talks like’s he’s already been a winner in this league. Pre-season 3 years ago doesn’t count bitch.

  2. PF4L November 12, 2017

    I hate to say it…but at this point the only way change is going to take place is if the Packers are embarrassed week after week…
    by Mac November 7 at 2:03 PM

    I hate to say it, because you really seem set on this idea of change, but if they’re embarrassed week after week, it’s pretty easy to reason that’s because they don’t have Aaron Rodgers. Sorry.
    by Ryan Wood November 7 at 2:03 PM

    No shit Ryan Wood, that’s his point why change is needed, you dumb fuck.

    1. PF4L November 12, 2017

      That was Ryan Wood the moron.

      Here is Ryan Wood the asshole….

      The analysis and thinking within the Packers media seems to be amiss …. it’s like it’s illegal to think MM and TT should shoulder serious blame for the current state of this roster and Murphy should realize this NOW while Rodgers is on roster rather than later when he’s gone
      by Robert November 7 at 2:04 PM

      Hey Robert, my name is Ryan Wood. You have me confused for Pete Dougherty. I’m a beat writer; he’s a columnist. I’m not giving you my opinion on what should happen, because that’s not my job. I’m analyzing what’s likely to happen. Big difference. Thanks for playing.
      by Ryan Wood November 7 at 2:05 PM

  3. Gort November 12, 2017

    This game most likely will be a defensive game. I suspect that the Bears defense (all by thmselves) may score more points than the Packers offense. The Bears offense only needs to give thier defense some rest before they tee off again on the ineffective Packers offense. I forsee another lop sided loss.

    The game will be broadcast live in my area, but I will NOT watch it and I urge ohers, especially veterans, to do our own protest. Ours however is in favor of the flag, the anthem, and the United States of America.

  4. PF4L November 12, 2017

    In fairness to the Packers pass defense…

    Last season they were 31st in pass defense at 269 YPG. This season they sit at 20th with 239 YPG. I only bring this up because it’s a significant improvement, and for all i say about this team, i will give credit when it’s due. Last season the defenders were 10 yards away from a receiver, this season they have been much tighter.

    The run defense, thought to be a strength, was ranked 8th last year at 94 YPG giving up 11 td’s. This season they rank 23rd giving up 118 YPG and on pace for 16 td’s given up.

    As far as the injuries, i thought with the return of Burnett last week, our defense would improve, i was wrong. Bulaga is a blow for sure. Bennett won’t be dropping any passes or just going through the motions, no big loss (fuck him). Dial is just a body (who always needs oxygen to stay alive). Ahmad Brooks never plays anyway. When isn’t Nick Perry injured?

    Wouldn’t all the Bear injuries be an advantage for us? It’s a two way street.

  5. Bobby D November 12, 2017

    Unless something really flukey happens like fumbles bouncing into an unsuspecting Packer defender who accidentally falls into he end zone, I can’t see this team winning a game against the Bears today, the Bucs or the Sisters of the Blind. Been saying it for years, the white freak built a pile of shit team whose stench has been masked by one guy and one guy only. If 4-12 leads to a swamp cleaning, I’m in. Only problem is with Howdy Fucking Doody Murphy running the show, until the bottom line caves like the team has, this bunch of assholes will most likely all he back fro more of the same bullshit next year with the possible exception of a sacrificial lamb named Capers. It’s the white rat, and his bloated coach that need to go before it’s too late…if it isn’t already.