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This Martellus Bennett Thing Isn’t Over

We have surely not heard the last of Martellus Bennett. The Green Bay Packers released the veteran tight end on Wednesday, a surprise move that brought an end to one of the more disastrous free agent signings in the Ted Thompson era.

Actually, the Bennett signing will likely go down as the worst free agent signing in the Thompson era. Not that there’s many more to choose from…

Bennett had a shoulder injury that we learned of last week. The failure to disclose injury designation suggests Bennett knew of the injury some time ago, kept playing and kept collecting checks anyway.

Perhaps this is why he was talking retirement during the bye week. Perhaps this was why he was dropping so many balls.

Perhaps this was why he wouldn’t discuss said retirement with anyone.

Perhaps, who cares?

This was a disaster. The Packers — Ted Thompson and Russ Ball — let Jared Cook walk and decided to sign Bennett instead. Cook has caught 39 balls for 499 yards and a touchdown for the Oakland Raiders.

Bennett had 23 for 244 and no touchdowns for the Packers before being released.

The Packers’ top tight end is now Lance Kendricks, which is perfectly fine.

However, as Silverstein suggests, we haven’t heard the last about Bennett. The Packers are going to go after some of the money they paid him. And it appears they should.

Too bad this went down the drain so quickly. Big Ted will probably never sign another free agent again.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Gort November 9, 2017

    The best way for the last statement to come true is for TT to be gone NOW. Maybe they could share a flight out of town.

  2. Kato November 9, 2017

    What a strange season. And now Mike McCarthy is going to the witness stand in the Colin Kaepernick case.

    1. PF4L November 10, 2017

      If Kaepernick and his scumbag attorney need McCarthy to testify, they don’t have a case.

  3. Kato November 9, 2017

    Wow, these developments could completely change the direction of the franchise. It isn’t a good look when your head coach is testifying in a case like this. On top of the losing sans Rodgers, the Marty Bennett situation. There will be major changes that everyone has been pining for.

    1. Tupac November 10, 2017

      Get a clue! Isn’t a good look? It doesn’t matter one iota.

  4. Zwoeger November 9, 2017

    I miss interpreted the picture last time a little .It’s Bennet showing lil Mikey the way: Out you’ll go.

  5. Adam November 9, 2017

    He just went full circle and was claimed off waivers by the Patriots. Interesting to see what happens now. If he ends up playing and contributing in the coming weeks, I think that gives a pretty good indication of what ‘really’ went down behind closed doors in Green Bay.

  6. PF4L November 9, 2017

    So is Rodgers going to keep heaping praise on “Marty”?

    I’ll also assume by Rodgers silence, he is done being the puppet mouth piece for Bennett and his social issues.

    What i find interesting, is the lack of character in these protesters. Bennett, collects most of his 1st year cash, then wants to pack it in and lie about an injury. His brother makes up lies about the cops, calls the head of BLM and tells her to get those lies out in the media. Then his lawyer puffs out his chest for 2 minutes threatening a lawsuit…then of course….nothing. Scumbags.

    Yea, two pieces of shit. That’s the kind of high character people who sit down during the Anthem.

    I posted after the signing, that Bennett has a reputation for being a cancer on a team. But like the rest of you, i rolled with it. Until i saw him out of shape playing in the 1st game.

    Lesson learned,,,,when a guy has jumped teams, and bad mouths his former team and players after he leaves…Buyer beware.

    I’m not gonna knock Ted too hard on this one. Although Ted knew he was a risk and rolled the dice.

    BTW….where has Ted been through all this shit? Oops, i keep forgetting, he’s on vacation every year from Sept. through March. My bad. Where is the President of the Packers?

    Almost feel bad for Fat Mike, having to be the punching bag because other leaders of this team are always missing in action at any hint of team drama.


    1. Ferris November 10, 2017

      I think the Benny Hill music is better for this….once you think of it you can’t get that music out of your head.

    2. Kato November 10, 2017

      Yeah well Ted is a spineless prick. I thought this was old news?

      1. PF4L November 10, 2017

        Ferris….I was here before the circus tents went up, and i’ll be here long after the circus leaves town. I can’t get the circus music out of my head, i’ve been begging for years for it to end. Back far enough where other fans were still saying..”In Ted we Trust.”

  7. autpackgo November 9, 2017

    “Big Ted will probably never sign another free agent again.”

    Let’s hope this because of TT call it quits after the season.