Martellus Bennett Says It Could Have Gone Either Way

Martellus Bennett drops it

I’m still not done with this sack of shit. I should be, because that’s exactly what he is. It has been revealed.

Martellus Bennett, tight end for the New England Patriots, has pretty much revealed that his “shoulder injury” was bullshit.

Watch this. These asshole’s video won’t embed so, you’ll have to go here.

Saw six or seven doctors. Could have gone either way.

And Martellus Bennett is a doctor. Could have gone either way, my ass.

And Tom Brady was texting him while he was seeing these six or seven doctors.

I think we said this before. Martellus Bennett can go fuck himself. He’s a quitter. He’s a pussy. Most importantly, he isn’t even a fucking man.

Tell us more stories, Marty?

Or maybe we should call him Mary from now on? You even have a pair of nuts between your legs? If you do, I can guarantee you mine swing a hell of a lot lower than your undescended sack. But sorry for your malady.

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3 Comments on "Martellus Bennett Says It Could Have Gone Either Way"

  1. Kato

    So, while there is probably <5% chance of this happening, there would be nothing sweeter at this point than the packers making a super bowl run and beating Brady and Bennett in it.

  2. Cheese

    How does this not have red flags all over it to the NFL? Between Bennett being a lying sack of shit and the possible tampering going on..

  3. Chad Lundberg

    If we lived in a world that acted on principle, neither of the Bennett brothers would be playing in the NFL anymore. Smug little bastards.

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