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So Long Bryan Bulaga, You Useless SOB!

I have never been a fan of Bryan Bulaga. Here’s a guy the Green Bay Packers spent a first-round pick on in 2010. They wanted him to be a left tackle, but he wasn’t good enough to be a left tackle.

David Bakhtiari, a 2013 fourth-round pick booted him from that role. Might not have happened if Bulaga were actually ever able to stay healthy, but that’s not who Bulaga is.

I was also not happy when the Packers signed Bulaga to a nearly $34 million deal in 2015. For what? Because he was drafted in the first round?

That’s never been a secret. Which maybe is why Bryan Bulaga and his weak-ass self blocked us on Twitter. A spade doesn’t like to hear he’s a spade, does he?

So for all of that, the Packers have gotten no All-Pros, no Pro Bowls and a guy who is constantly injured.

Bryan Bulaga has started all 16 games one time in his eight-year career. That was in 2016.

Bulaga has missed 34 games in his career with a variety of injuries. That number will go over 40 this year because Bryan Bulaga is out with a torn ACL. Gone for the rest of the season.

And hell, good riddance.

Justin McCray, Jason Spriggs, whoever. Let’s see what you got!

You can’t be much worse and certainly not any more injury-prone than Bryan Bulaga.

I’ve been hoping for the Packers to rid themselves of this mediocre player with an albatross of a contract for years. Unfortunately, the structure of the deal made that impossible — great job Ted, Russ.

Next year, they could realistically do it. The Packers would take on $3.2 million in dead money. They’d also save $3.55 million against the cap.

Do I think it will happen?


Ted loves his boys.

It’s funny that Mike McCarthy always says the best ability is availability. Well, no, not really, Mike. The best ability is actual frickin’ talent.

But Bryan Bulaga doesn’t have either, so this should be a moot point.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Tom November 7, 2017

    If you don’t think RTs can get much worse than Bulaga, I recommend you not watch the rest of the season.

    1. PF4L November 7, 2017

      Yea, this gomer is acting all angry…lol.

      Maybe he’s salty he got blocked on twitter.

      If he think’s an arena league player, and 2nd round pick bench warmer Jason Spriggs are capable replacements, he’s in for a surprise.

  2. Kato November 7, 2017

    Lol. Mordecai has no clue. When healthy, Bulaga is easily a top ten RT. Yeah, I can’t WAIT for Spriggs. This will end with Hundley being a paraplegic. At least Rodgers isn’t back there to get decapitated

    1. icebowl November 8, 2017

      The Horror….

  3. KILLER November 7, 2017

    You can’t get much worse? He was ranked #7 at RT last year and also, I think, in 2014. It can and will get one hell of a lot Lot LOT worse.

    Bulaga is one reason Rodgers was not hurt until this year. His contract is going rate for a RT of his skill set and quality.

    You act like you think Bulaga plotted to get injured – his freaking ACL! — while giggling on his way to the bank.

    So… this is how you treat players that play well and give up their bodies for the fans and team?

  4. KILLER November 7, 2017

    NFL is all about overcoming adversity.

    Last year the Vikings lost their QB before game 1, lost their RT before game 1 (Phil Loadholt), lost their starting pro bowl level Center before game 1 (John Sullivan), lost their RG before game 1 (Mike Harris), lost their LT after a couple games (Matt Kalil), lost the next LT as well (Jake Long), and then another LT, and, of course, lost future hall of famer Adrian Peterson and still went 8-8.

    Contrast with the Packers losing their QB after FIVE FULL GAMES, and, now, a RT “Mordecai” claims is mediocre anyway. 4-4 now but does anyone think the Packers make it to the lofty 8-8 of the 2016 Vikings even though their injury issues are a mere shadow of what the Vikings endured and even though the “start date for the injury issues was AFTER 5 games were already complete?

    2016 Vikings after SEVERE and HISTORIC injury issues began = 8-8.
    2017 Packers after SIGNIFICANT injury issues began = 0-3 so far.

    1. Ferris November 7, 2017

      Long Deep Chuckle…No Superbowls…But get excited about 8-8, man that was an awesome season.

      1. PF4L November 7, 2017

        The vikings are NOT done!!

  5. PF4L November 8, 2017

    Mike McCarthy: “There’s more than one way to win”

    Finding that way is the hard part, right Mikey?

    McCarthy, though, hasn’t lost faith. He said the Packers are going to Chicago to win.”

    Mikey…is that similar to when you said the Packers will beat Detroit?

    Keep talking tough Mikey….keep entertaining me.

    The National media will be chewing you up and spitting you out in short order, and just like Favre’s 2010 season, i’ll enjoy every second of it.

    1. Charlie Stevens November 9, 2017

      “just like Favre’s 2010 season, i’ll enjoy every second of it.”

      Good one!

  6. Mike K November 8, 2017

    I think Bulaga has been serviceable, but dude can’t seem to walk to mailbox without blowing out something?? Its time to dump him. Lavender scum to the west probably sign him as they do all our cast-offs.

  7. Mike K November 8, 2017

    Another Cadaver Ted wasted #1 pick. Not a shock! Roster, IR, PUP List, is littered with them.

    1. Kato November 8, 2017

      Again, I don’t like G3T, but this hardly qualifies as a wasted pick LMAO. When they picked him, they had two aging tackles (Clifton and Tauscher) and needed to replace them. He has had some injury issues, but for the most part has been a stalwart for the offensive line the past 8 years, and played admirably as a rookie on the super bowl team. Hardly a wasted #1 pick. Actually, pretty decent, especially considering his first round picks since 2011.

      1. Kato November 8, 2017

        Don’t like TT *

    2. Kato November 8, 2017

      Do you ever post something meaningful, or is it just bitching about how every pick TT has made has been bad? Let’s look at the rest of the first round. CJ Spilled, Tyson Alualu, Rolando McClain, Ryan Matthews, Brandon Graham, Derrick Morgan, Jermaine Greshum, Tim Tebow, Dan Williams, Jared Odrick, Kyle Wilson, Jhavid Best, Jerry Hughes, Patrick Robinson, Sean Weatherspoon. I would go on a limb and say Bulaga has has a better career than those guys

  8. PF4L November 9, 2017

    “Justin McCray, Jason Spriggs, whoever. Let’s see what you got! You can’t be much worse and certainly not any more injury-prone than Bryan Bulaga.”

    Makes you even wonder if some of these writers even watch the Packer games.