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Predictions: Week 10 – Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Andrew: Have the Green Bay Packers ever faced adversity like this before? The entire national press, sports media and people like myself not worthy of an opinion, all say the Packers have NO chance whatsoever to win without Aaron Rodgers. Not only are the Packers hopeless without Aaron Rodgers, but they are by all opinions one of the worst teams in football. And if not that, at the very least they are certainly the most BORING team to watch.

Gone are my leisurely Sundays enjoying the Packers game from the comfort of my own home because games featuring Aaron Rodgers are almost always the national game in Southern California. This is not so with Brett Hundley, which we’ll all soon see when we get saddled with whatever fifth-tier broadcasting team today wasn’t already booked broadcasting badminton. (I know this info is available. Please don’t tell me it’s David Diehl with whoever drew the shortest straw.)

“I’m not much for giving inspirational addresses, but I’d just like to point out that every newspaper in the country has picked us to finish last. The local press seems to think that we’d save everyone the time and trouble if we just went out and shot ourselves. Me, I’m for wasting sportswriters’ time. So I figured we ought to hang around for a while and see if we can give ’em all a nice big shitburger to eat!” —Lou Brown, “Major League”

Then to make matters worse, one of their own jumps on board, or should I say jumps off-board… and abandons his team altogether.

No one wants this team. No one likes this team. This team can’t win. This team can go to hell. Season over.

I disagree.

I think we are about to witness one of the great Packers victories we’ve seen in many years. I think the asshole that just exited stage right might provide this team with exactly what it needed to bring them together and to fight for one another.

Nothing can bring a team together like an event that is viewed as a slight against every man on that team. Everyone outside that locker room has been saying the Packers are dead since No. 12 went down and now someone who was once a part of their locker room, supposedly one of their own brothers, just walked out and agreed with the outside world.

I tell you what… if we don’t see one of the most emotionally charged performances that we have EVER seen out of ANY Packers team, then the change many of us have been craving for a really long time almost certainly must take place. If this team can’t get up for this division/rivalry game after all the shit that has been said and done in the past couple weeks, then they have no heart. And their coach has no ability to lead this organization any further.

That. Ain’t. Happening.

You’re going to see a pack of wild animals out there today. You’re going to see a Packers team that looks more like the Seahawks on defense in terms of emotion. The Dom Capers critics are about to be silenced. The Packers are going to be ripping Bears’ faces off today.

I’m not much of a believer in Hundley, but today I’m picking this TEAM. This TEAM is going to rise up and get it done.

Packers 20, Bears 17

Monty (5-3, 5-3 ATS): Have I ever been less excited about a Green Bay Packers team? Maybe when Forrest Gregg was coach.

I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the notion that Fat Mike had two weeks to prepare for the Detroit Lions and somehow didn’t give anyone anything. That tells me one of two things is true.

Theory one is Fat Mike isn’t much of a coach, which I have long believed. It’s the reason I have given him the nickname Buffoon. Just riding the Aaron Rodgers train.

Theory two is Fat Mike thinks Brett Hundley is a POS incapable of leading this football team and, you know, actually throwing the ball more than two yards on a regular basis.

And it’s also possible that both of those things are true.

I don’t know what to believe about Hundley. I honestly don’t think he’s been given a proper chance to succeed. Maybe he sucks, but Christ, at least let him go out there and sling the ball around. If he fails, he fails. Then we know.

This two-yard receiver screen shit is just that. Shit.

And here’s another thing. Hand the ball to Aaron Jones. Hand it to him 20 times. This running back by committee shit the Packers tried to employ last week was also that. Shit.

On the unfortunate side, the Chicago Bears seem to have built themselves one hell of a defense again. Of course, their problem is their offense sucks. Rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Name me a receiver on their team. Could you do that?

It’s like crap vs. crap. Packers’ defense vs. Bears’ offense.

So it really comes down to Fat Mike’s game plan and the play of Hundley. The Bears are now favored by 4.5. Seems crazy, right?

I’m going with the emotion. The Packers are being disrespected. I’m sticking with my team.

Packers 24, Bears 17

Andrew Chitko

Andrew Chitko is an excellent handicapper and a below average bettor. Although he is capable of uncovering keen insight in to sides and totals, he will almost certainly derail his profit margin chasing ridiculous parlays that have almost zero chance of cashing. Despite his self-awareness on these matters, expect the trend to continue until he hits a 12-teamer for a six-figure score. If he steps out of line and is convinced he has a lock, mortgage your house and bet the other way.



  1. Gort November 12, 2017

    NASCAR race starts in less than 2 hours. They will make a big deal out of pre-race ceremonies, including the national anthem and a prayer for safety of the participants and fans. Those activities will be aired on national TV and the commercials will happen before or after those events.

    Those of you who choose to watch a certain football game are likely to hear “Bear down” multiple times.
    The bloodbath continues – Bears 21, Packers 3.

    1. Ender November 14, 2017

      hahaha so fucking WRONG!!!!

  2. PF4L November 12, 2017


    At least with Forest Gregg’s team, they had some fight in them. When it was bear week, you knew some shit was goin down YO!!

    I know what i’m believing about Hundley….All the scouts who said he isn’t accurate downfield, can’t read progressions and defenses, panics in the pocket, inaccurate, etc,etc,etc….and we see the same today. McCarthy has been around a lot of QB’s in his career, i’m thinking there is a reason he’s only giving him simple short assignments.

    But the Packers could beat the bears….if he doesn’t get swallowed up. Plus Trubisky doesn’t have many skilled receivers left to throw too.

    So…..what’s up? You guys are kind of like the Packers (Red China) you don’t say shit.
    Where’s Shawn, did he quit or get fired? Who pissed in his cereal?

  3. Jschizl November 12, 2017

    Good predictions writers