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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ 23-16 Win Over Bears

First of all, I might be still be in disbelief.

The Green Bay Packers won a game with Brett Hundley at quarterback. Granted, it was over the Chicago Bears. But hell, I’ll take any win over those dirtbags.

And I will give you this too. I have always thought the Green Bay Packers could win with Brett Hundley at quarterback. Having the good fortune of living in Los Angeles, I saw the kid play at UCLA. He was terrific there. He’s not Aaron Rodgers, but you could see a few things.

He could make the throws, he was a confident leader and he could pull shit out of his ass and win games, simply because he was that good.

I’m not suggesting Hundley is the second coming after one win, but I love that he got that first win and he did it against a pretty damn good defense.

Let’s get on with it.


The first and foremost thing that sticks out to me is that damn catch Davante Adams made to put the Packers at 23. And let’s not discount the throw. Hell, that was an Aaron Rodgers’ throw. I’m going to drop this into the only place it’s possible to drop it into. I’m going to trust my guy to make the catch. Adams has proven himself capable of this before. He was huge on Sunday — five for 90 and that touch. For some reason, Hundley doesn’t have anything with Jordy Nelson, but he seems to be developing it with Davante.

Welcome Back, Kotter

If you get that reference, you’re old. Or you’re a sweathog. But hey, somehow Nick Perry sacked the quarterback three times on Sunday. Perry and the Packers’ pass rush (hello! Clay Matthews) has been non-existent for most of the season. The biggest detriment of that defense. Perry decided to show up on Sunday, though. Is he back and ready to be the guy the Packers are paying him to be? Or is he just piling up on the Bears? That is the question.

Give Me Ty

For some reason, Mike McCarthy always seems to earn my nickname for him — Buffoon — when it comes to the running game. Aaron Jones goes down. He’ll be lost for several weeks with an MCL injury. Jamaal Williams did an admirable job in relief. However, he only averaged 3.3 per carry and had a long of seven yards. Remember the guy that was the No. 1 running back to start the season, Fat Mike? His name is Ty Montgomery. He ran for that 37-yard touchdown. He got six carries for 54 yards. Nine yard average. We’ve bitched about not handing him the ball more often last season. Nothing has changed, obviously. But why would it?

While We’re At It…

Hey, thanks to Mike Daniels for showing up for the first time since week 1. Five tackles, two for loss, including a sack. The Seahawks have a crappy line. The Bears have a crappy line. Rock and roll, brother!

The Bears Still Suck!

Do I need to say anymore?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard November 14, 2017

    I love that Hundley got his first win also. It sure looked like Hundley kind of lofted the ball at times. Maybe he was having a hard time gripping the wet ball? That may not bode well for more cold or wet weather games? It looked like two of Hundley’s quick outs to the sideline and the throw to Jordy in the middle of the field did not have much zip. A couple of those could have been pick sixes if Fuller was not playing so far off.

    1. PF4L November 14, 2017

      Yea, i gave Hundley his props on those 2 nice passes to Adams, they were deserved.

      But i look at Brett Hundley as a poor mans Colin Kaepernick on the field. Kaepernick is a faster runner and has a stronger arm.

      Kaepernick also had his share of strong td passes, many, many more than Hundley has. But even after all that, Most people don’t view Kaepernick as a valid NFL pocket passer.

      As far as reading defense’s, going through progressions etc, they seem like they are built from the exact same mold.

      I suppose because Hundley will be history after this season, i really don’t care what he does. If he ever becomes a legit starting QB ( highly doubtful) it won’t be for us. So in true Cutler form….. Don’t Care.

  2. PF4L November 14, 2017

    Concerning Ty, he might have had more carries Monty, if he wasn’t taken out of the game with a rib injury. Something i noticed by…… watching the game.

    For Perry, this is the NFL, 3 sacks is 3 sacks. But lets not ignore the fact the bears have no offense, as 3 of their best receivers are on IR, and Trubisky is a true rookie QB, who is very raw, and hasn’t yet gained the knowledge that when you hold the ball for 8 seconds, you might be giving up coverage sacks. Know when to throw it away son. He’ll learn.

    The Bears offense averages 16.7 PPG. The Packers average 22.7 PPG. The final score fell almost exactly on that stat line.

    So at the end of the season, what are fans really looking for from this Packer team?

    1) Build value in Hundley to yield that coveted 2nd round trade pick?

    2) Sneak into the playoffs somehow and have Rodgers come back and take the team to Super Bowl LII?

    3) Sneak in the playoffs and have Hundley take us to the chili bowl on Feb. 4th?

    4) Win a game, here and there against the weakest NFL teams?

    Option 1) 2nd round trade pick..unless Hundley can transform himself into Garoppolo, that isn’t happening. Options 2) and 3) are entirely possible, in someones dreams.

    I’m just confused about what fans want to happen. For me, i’m just looking for the circus to leave town.

    When i say this team is broken, a win against a shit team doesn’t change that. But if it gives some fans the warm and fuzzy’s….Rock on.

  3. Kato November 14, 2017

    “Having the good fortune of living in Los Angeles.” Said no one ever. Everyone I know out there bitches about how bad traffic is and how it is virtually impossible to buy a halfway decent property unless you are a trust fund baby or happen to make $250k a year. Hard pass.

    I don’t really need to rehash anything PF4L said, seems like an accurate summary. I would add that Blake Martinez might be the best player on that defense.