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What to say about this turd? The Green Bay Packers stunk it up like they haven’t done in quite a while, losing 23-0 to the Baltimore Ravens.

It was the first time the team was shut out since 2006.

There are two stats that tell pretty much the entire story — five turnovers and six sacks. The former is a Packers’ number and the latter is a Ravens’ number.

Enough said. Let’s talk about some of the previously overlooked points.

On With Davante, Off With Jordy

Brett Hundley seems to have found his connection with Davante Adams. He still hasn’t found one with Jordy Nelson. Adams caught eight balls for 126 yards on Sunday. Somehow, Hundley just doesn’t seem to have any chemistry with Jordy Nelson, though. Nelson caught just two for 24, although I guess at least he was targeted six times. In the four games Hundley has started, Nelson has a whopping 10 catches for 92 yards. Not good enough, Brett.

Won’t Be Seeing Devante Mays For A While

Rookie running back Devante Mays got his first carry of the season and promptly fumbled. His second carry went a little better. It didn’t go anywhere, but at least he didn’t fumble. Third and final carry, Mays fumbled again. Luckily, this one was recovered by one of the offensive linemen. Mike McCarthy has a history of not tolerating fumbles. Those guys go in the doghouse and usually are never heard from again. Ask Trevor Davis about last year. But, OH! The Packers only have two healthy running backs, so Mays might have to stick around by necessity.

Welcome To The Team, Kyler Fackrell

Naturally, Clay Matthews goes down with an injury. It was inevitable. The Packers did give veteran Ahmad Brooks some snaps (26), but they gave more to Kyler Fackrell (35). We’ve been beating this guy down for being a non-factor and potential bust ever since training camp. On Sunday he showed up with five tackles, including 1.5 for loss, a sack and QB hit. And maybe you could say he should have done something like that. Nick Perry threw up a donut on the stat sheet. I’ll go ahead and assume that’s because he was being double-teamed. So Fackrell had opportunities, but it was nice to see him finally do something with them.

Right Tackle Is A Problem

Understatement of the year. The Packers started Justin McCray at right tackle. He’s probably a guard. Even so, he’s better than Jason Spriggs. I’m just going to go to the PFF grades. McCray is a 36.6. Odd, considering he came from the frickin’ Arena League. Jason Spriggs is a 36.4. Unless these clowns get some help in the form of a tight end or running back, Hundley has very little chance to succeed.

This Is All About Roster Building

Think about this for a second. The Minnesota Vikings are 8-2. Their quarterback is Los Angeles Rams’ castoff and backup Case Keenum. The Jacksonville Jaguars lead the AFC South at 7-3. Their quarterback is Blake Bortles. He has 12 touchdowns, seven interceptions and a 81.8 rating. So how do these teams win with a backup and a bum? Talent at other positions. The Packers don’t have it. That’s the fault of just one guy.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Nick November 20, 2017

    Let’s not forget McCarthy,there is some talent on this team , he refuses to adapt his strategy to take advantage of them or not play them at all

  2. Ferris November 20, 2017

    I was at that 2006 game…Cheaters 35-0. That was fun. You can tell your kids you saw Aaron Rodgers first regular season snaps, Bert got hurt and Rodgers came in and got hurt too. Awesome game to travel from FL to see.

  3. Kato November 20, 2017

    It is kind of hard to compare the packers situation to that of the jaguars. I would hope they have a strong team after picking in the too 5-10 picks virtually every year for the past decade. Still though, the patriots are picking at approximately the same spot every year. It seems like their team is fairly competent around Brady.

    Where is the architect of this mess? Why doesn’t he address the media rather than leaving MM out to dry? He is just as much, if not more at fault for this mess. He is supposed to be the leader of this franchise, the guy that put it all together. MM is his handpicked coach. It is his players that he picked. He is ultimately responsible for trading up to take Spriggs. He is ultimately responsible for the other failed picks, letting key players go, for thinking the packers would be fine rolling with Hundley and not bringing in a veteran. Responsible for letting quality linemen go and not replacing them, which may have ultimately led to Rodgers injury.

    But no, MM will continue trotting to the podium with each mounting loss like the good servant he is and give the same tiring sermon after every game, while TT is groping himself in his office watching film of a long snapper from some shit D3 school.

  4. Kato November 20, 2017

    If I am Aaron Rodgers, the contract negotiations start at $30 million a year.

    1. MJ November 20, 2017

      Couldn’t blame him. But at the same time, that ensures there will be less help from free agency.

      1. Empacador November 22, 2017

        What is this free agency you speak of? Packers getting a new GM? Because after the Marty Bennett experience I can’t see Ted signing anyone of significance since that deal went sideways. The holes, they are a plenty, but relax, McNugget is standing by Hundley. Maybe they can parlay a trade of Rodgers so they can waste a bounty of draft picks before finally throwing their hands up in disgust, leaving a wake of destruction in their path for whoever inherits this mess going forward.

  5. Gort November 20, 2017

    Most recent conscutive shutouts that I found:
    October 30, 1988 at Buffalo Bills L 28–0
    10 November 6, 1988 at Atlanta Falcons L 20–0

    2 consecutive is highly likely to happen next week.
    3 consecutive? The probaby score vs. Tampa.

    All the problems (and our complaints about them) are well documented. No significant changes are likely in mid season, but more embarrassing losses, and possibly a second consecutive shutout, MUST result in big changes.

    1. icebowl November 20, 2017

      Gonna happen….

      1. Kato November 21, 2017

        Not convinced. If there is a fallguy, it’s Capers. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but that is hardly the biggest issue at this point.

  6. Zwoeger November 20, 2017

    You know the Triads favorite refrain they’re singing for years now comes from “Across The Universe”.
    While I’m singing for years Zappa’s “The Torture Never Stops”.
    Do we have to endure this trough next season? Can the bipolar bear step back after a loosing season?
    Can Mad Murphy be influenced to force him if not?
    This and more in our next seasons favorite soap opera TGBP Circus.