Brett Hundley is Pretty Awesome with a Bow

Brett Hundley bow hunter

We first discovered Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Hundley was a hunter during the bye week. Hundley shot his first deer while the Packers were off.

It appears Hundley spends quite a bit of time in the woods and has become pretty awesome at shooting a bow.

Check out the video.

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3 Comments on "Brett Hundley is Pretty Awesome with a Bow"

  1. Jake

    I bet Janis owns a sweet piece of property for hunting. I wanna hang out with that dude.

  2. PF4L

    I’d hunt and swig cold ones with Janis.

    As far as this other clown, buying an $1800 bow doesn’t make you a hunter. Just like starting an NFL game by default, doesn’t make you a starting NFL QB.


  3. Deepsky

    A friend of mine used to hunt with another backup Packer qb in the 90s. That’s where I learned that the Packer backups knew more about how to read a defense than Favre did. Favre’s teammates loved him but they knew he was an idiot.

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