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Ah, Great, Aaron Jones was Arrested

Rookie running back Aaron Jones is the latest Green Bay Packers player to get arrested.

Jones was arrested for… guess what. A marijuana-related offense!

The arrest occurred in early October, but was first reported today. The counts — which Jones has pleaded not guilty to — are: speeding, driving without a valid license and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his system.

Jones reportedly admitted to smoking weed during the stop.

Jones was pulled over for speeding on Highway 172 in Ashwaubenon at 11:37 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 1, according to an incident report obtained by the Journal Sentinel. State trooper Dillon Larson clocked Jones’ vehicle traveling 79 miles per hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone.

The report states Larson smelled marijuana emanating from the vehicle and observed Jones’ eyes to be red and bloodshot. Jones told Larson he had woken up three hours earlier and smoked marijuana after eating breakfast. A search of the vehicle did not produce any narcotics or paraphernalia.


This is likely going to end up being a DUI and some other more minor stuff. Or maybe they still call it an OWI in Wisconsin.

I don’t know.

This is not Jones’ first such mistake. He was arrested for driving drunk in 2016 in El Paso, where he played at UTEP. Jones completed a diversion program and the charge was dropped.

If last year’s Geronimo Allison weed incident tells us anything, it’s that Jones will probably end up suspended for the first game of the 2018 season.

Finally, a question.

Do the Packers talk to their players about this stuff? If they do, they’re not doing it right. The number of drug and alcohol-related incidents in the past few years is unacceptable.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Kato November 20, 2017

    Lol. It is a full blown circuis

  2. shawn November 20, 2017

    Anyone who knows GB knows that HWY 43 connects to 172 that connects to HWY 41. Highways 43 and 41 are 70 MPH, even in town. HWY 172 is 55. In other words, no one goes 55 MPH on HWY 172. That being said, 79 MPH is probably about 10 MPH beyond advisable for 172, and a full blown 24 MPH beyond advisable if you happened to hit the pocket rocket or burned a fat one prior to getting into the car.
    A speeding ticket and OWI he can afford to pay, and 1 game for first time offense is all pretty minor. Just don’t do it (get caught) again… The 2nd go round for either is much more punitive.

  3. Bobby D November 20, 2017

    Old Gay Ted sure can pick ’em!

  4. Cheese November 20, 2017

    Michael Phelps has won more Olympic gold medals than anybody in history, and it’s not even close. The person in second has 14 less than him. Phelps also smokes weed.

  5. TyKo Steamboat November 20, 2017

    In all fairness if I went from El Paso to Green Bay in November, i’d be on beer & weed too…

  6. Mitch Anthony November 20, 2017

    I can remember the G-Mo incident from last year. Who was the other, I forget? The one who answered the door with the joint in his hand? For the undercover? Yeah, dumbass.

    I remember reading someone saying in this blog last year that only the Wisconsin State Patrol (or cops in general) and the NFL gave two shits about marijuana, so it was no big deal. So based on these opinions, the NFL should have changed some rules because, well, thugs with low impulse control can’t be expected to follow rules. Right?

    Well, if people like Aaron Jones (or Gmo Allison) would rather go across Green Bay and maybe put in an application at Schneider National and get a CDL, he can try to do that while pissin’ hot, cause it ain’t happenin’. There’s a lot of construction going on right now around Green Bay, try to get an operating engineer job when you can’t pass a pee-test. Try going to Canadian National and getting a job in a locomotive while stoked. There’s a whole bunch of other jobs out there that people who, on the weekends pay good money to watch their Pack, have to pass a drug test just to keep their job. I’ve been subjected to drug testing for 30 years! I have no sympathy for this epic dumbassery. Get with it you dumbass role models, play the game.

    So, is it too damn much to ask that these college educated (uhuh yeah) athletes quit sharing a brain when it comes to following some simple rules and realize, the world in general is not 240 friendly just yet. Even in Colorado, you ain’t getting a great private sector, or public sector job, unless you can pee clean.

    If Aaron Jones can swim like a shark and challenge Michael Phelps, more power to him. If he can be self-employed, or work for a marijuana dispensary, or some job that is lax in their drug testing well then, he has a future in life. Otherwise, there is a lesson here kiddos.

    1. Mitch Anthony November 20, 2017

      I meant 420

    2. shawn November 21, 2017

      Stop trying to rescue this comment section with rationale posts.

  7. ay hombre November 21, 2017

    When a cop asks if you’ve been smoking weed the answer is never yes. Put it on the fucking Wonderlich which I set the over/under for Aaron Jones now at 10.5.

    First time smoking weed dude? Sheeeeeet.