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Ah! Good, A Running Back Rotation!

I didn’t really understand Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers’ approach to running the football on Monday night against the Detroit Lions.

But when has that ever been the case? Who has ever understood Mike McCarthy’s idea of running the football?

You’ve got a guy in Aaron Jones who averages 5.3 per carry on the season. But… meh…

You’ve got another guy in Ty Montgomery who averaged 6.6 on the night. But… meh…

Jones has been the clear lead back since he ripped off 125 against the Cowboys and then ripped off 131 against the Saints. Against the Lions, Jones had five carries for 12 yards.

Five. Fucking. Carries.

Uhhhhh… I go back to game planning.

Tell me that Brett Hundley sucks all you want, but until he’s allowed to throw the damn ball like a normal quarterback, we really won’t know. More importantly, in this conversation, he should have been supported by a running game that is robust.

But not Mike McCarthy!

He’d never do that. Pssssssch!

Seventeen carries on the run. Four of those by Brett Hundley himself.

So the Packers ran the ball 13 times. Thirteen fucking designed runs.

Jones wasn’t breaking off runs like he was in the previous three games, but Fat Mike always says he’s committing to the run. And now he has one, maybe even two running backs that can allow him to do that, and still — a whole heap of garbage.

We are gonna throw the ball and we are gonna throw the ball until I die! Because that’s what the Mike McCarthy Packers do!

Now Fat Mike says the Packers have a running back rotation.

Fine, Fat Mike.

You’re such a highly-successful football coach, teach us how a running back rotation works. Teach us how handing the ball off with a neophyte quarterback 14 times is a fantastic game plan.

I mean, we already know how you suck.

So wow us with your great acumen and play-calling ability going forward.

Seems legit… that you would fuck this up, you fat fuck.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.


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  1. Phillthy November 9, 2017

    One guy needs the rock. I liked Montgomery but all he ever was, was a stop gap fill in for the next guy. Aaron Jones needs to be fed, no RB in this entire league is good enough to net a decent average off of less than 10 carries week in and week out.

    What happened to using FBs, didn’t we draft a guy??? I haven’t seen Rip on the field but for a handful of plays. Only time it seems he’s on are the vaunted obvious run calls. We use to kill defenses with play action due to a FB. I didn’t agree with carrying 3 on the roster but it doesn’t hurt to have one in for a good amount of plays. Especially since we’re not running that amazing 2 TE set I heard about all off-season.

    Fuck fat Mike I’m done with this clown. Luckiest head coach ever going from Favre to Rodgers, but let HIM tell you how he’s a successful NFL coach.