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Ty Montgomery: Broken Ribs, Still May Play

Green Bay Packers running back Ty Montgomery left Thursday’s game against the Chicago Bears in the first quarter.

The initial diagnosis was broken ribs. Montgomery confirmed that on Monday, but says he might play against the Dallas Cowboys anyway.

“I’m going to do my best to try to be out there. But of course, I have to be wary of risking something more serious. I don’t want to puncture any internal organs. We all know how serious that can be. It’s also kind of frustrating when an injury happens – obviously it’s in the public eye and everybody wants to know what’s going on. But I wish I could have some privacy on my own injuries sometimes. And I wish the people that are reporting things from anonymous sources could be held accountable for the things that they report.”

“It is what it is. But I will say that (the ribs) are broken. Multiple. And I’ll be fine. I’m feeling a lot better than I felt on Thursday. I can laugh now, I can sleep now. My movement’s fine. It’s just a matter of, is it going to be safe enough for me to be out there and not risk internal injury? That’s the conversation I’m trying to have now.”

Montgomery seemed to be on the way to his best game of the season against the Bears. Before getting hurt, Montgomery had carried five times for 28 yards, a 5.6 per carry average. That’s the best Montgomery has posted in a game on the season.

He’s still averaging just 3.3 per for the year. However, Montgomery has added 18 receptions for 129 yards.

Although Aaron Jones played fine against the Bears, we’d love to have Montgomery back for the Cowboys. Of course, not at the risk of long-term injury.

Kind of seems like the Packers are cursed in that department this year. But what’s new?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Cheese October 3, 2017

    Don’t be stupid. Don’t risk puncturing your organs for a football game on a team that has zero depth at RB and can barely beat the Bengals. TT wont even risk paying for a quality free agent under the age of 34.

  2. Abe Frohman October 3, 2017

    This is all gamesmanship. Of course he’s not playing. If nothing else, MM hopefully learned his lesson by playing Lacy when he was hurt last year.

    1. Savage57 October 4, 2017

      Agree. An attempt at disinformation the Cowboys are looking at like, yeah, right. I wonder if he can even take a deep breath yet

      Playing 10 days after multiple broken ribs? If he does, we need to get this guy to start flying because we’ll know he’s Superman.

  3. PF4L October 3, 2017

    Yea…Something is way wrong with all this. McCarthy forbids anyone from talking about injuries. Then here comes Ty how he broke multiple ribs and still wants to play. Why not tell the Cowboys and the rest of the /NFL which ribs are broken while your at it. Maybe draw a target on your jersey.

    Montgomery has played more snaps than any other rb in the league, yea…put him out there with broken ribs, what could go wrong?

    I’m with Abe, he’s not playing, If he has broken ribs, and McCarthy plays him anyway…fire MM on the spot.

    What is wrong with this place? I write one comment, try to post it, and it tells me to slow down, i’m posting too fast.

    1. Cheese October 3, 2017

      Half the time I click on an article I get an error message or it says the website servers are down.

      1. Kato October 4, 2017

        Same. This website has gotten so shitty.

  4. Mike K October 4, 2017

    OH BOY!! Dude barely breaks 50yds game when healthy. Gotta LOVE TT stocking up with weapons.

  5. rebelgb October 5, 2017

    Hence why WR’s cant be running backs. RB’s at college and pro level learn very early on how to take or better yet avoid certain types of hits. Good RB’s run low, WR’s run upright. This whole experiment has been a joke. Put an actual RB out there, I dont care how shitty he is.