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There’s a Petition for Packers to Sign Colin Kaepernick

Maybe we should just see how Brett Hundley does as a starter? Nah!

Let’s sign Colin Kaepernick!

Although he isn’t Aaron Rodgers — no one is — I personally think Brett Hundley can and will be a serviceable starter in the NFL. More so, I think the kid deserves a chance. He’s poised, he’s intelligent, he studies the game and he has some talent.

I am certainly in the minority in that thinking, it appears. All the pundits are writing the Packers off. A lot of fans are writing them, and Hundley, off.

Many believe former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the answer.

Would I be angry if the Green Bay Packers signed Kaepernick? Not at all. The guy has talent and my feeling is he’s on some secret NFL blacklist. He’s another guy who deserves a chance.

But not before Brett Hundley.

Here’s the thing. Hundley knows the Packers system. He’s been in it for three years.

If the Packers were to bring Kaepernick in, how long would it take to get him up to speed? Three weeks? Four weeks? Even then, would he possess half the knowledge of the offense that Hundley does?

If Brett Hundley is a spectacular failure, then I’m all for the Packers signing Kaepernick (although I would prefer Tony Romo). But at this point, it makes no sense.

Nonetheless, as I said earlier, I am probably in the minority on this one. As such, there is a petition for the Packers to sign Kaepernick. About 20,000 people have signed it at last check.

I am obviously not one of them. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with football common sense.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Mike K October 19, 2017

    Why don’t those idiots do something constructive like get a petition going to FIRE McSlob & Cadaver Ted and remove Alfred E. Neuman Murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike K October 19, 2017

    That’s what we really need.

  3. Empacador October 19, 2017

    Listen, I have no idea what Hundley is going to do. Obviously we hope for the best. I was gonna post this in another thread but here is as good as any. Hundley has 3 years in the Packer system, that’s all well and good. McCarthy is happy with his QB room, as he stated yet again.

    Just like he was in 2013. When he had B.J. Coleman and Graham Harrell. Harrell had been with the Packers since 2010, Coleman was with the Packers for 2 years just like Callahan. McCarthy endorsing ANYONE doesn’t really instill any sort of confidence considering what they did at the end of 2013 training camp and blowing up the QB position. McCarthy, the offensive guru, had eyes on Harrell and Coleman.

    I do think Hundley has more talent, but based on McCarthy’s history I take nothing the man says at face value. Attempting to bring in CK, RGIII, or anyone else at this point is futile. Whoever it is will only be a placeholder until Rodgers can go. With as complex as we are told the BK menu is to run, anyone coming in here can fuck the offense up as well as McCarthy is about to. I wish Hundley nothing but the best, but he is gonna be gone almost as fast as Micah Hyde left for Buffalo.

    1. PF4L October 19, 2017

      Yes Sir

  4. PF4L October 19, 2017

    That petition has everything to do with politics, and nothing to do with football, it’s an activist petition. What i see when i look at it, is proof that there are at least about 20,000 morons with internet access.

    Anyone who thinks the Packers need someone like Kaepernick, doesn’t have the first clue about NFL football or our team. Kaepernick couldn’t succeed on our team, we don’t have a top 3 defense. That’s just one reason out of 20.

    Lastly, the activist lady who originated the petition, is slapping the face of Hundley. Hundley has worked hard and earned this shot, regardless if he passes or fails. **** that ***t.

    1. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe October 19, 2017

      Kaepernick is average at best, and teams figured him out after one season. He didn’t lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl; that defense and Harbaugh did. For him to ‘lead’ a team to the SB he would need an elite defense (LOL) and a borderline lunatic coach who, if it weren’t for football, would be in a psychiatric ward.

      Instead, we have a porous defense which couldn’t tackle a basic math problem and a pussy for a coach who is more concerned about not losing than winning. Kaepernick’s limited skill set is not greater than the distraction which he would bring to Green Bay and the wrath the Packers would face when he is cut.

      1. Cheese October 20, 2017

        Capers still hasn’t figured out Kapernick, which is why he’s the happiest person in the NFL when he sees Kapernick can’t get a job.

  5. Howard October 19, 2017

    Kaepernick is on a secret NFL blacklist. No. K wants to be paid more than his value is as a backup QB to NFL teams. Maybe if K would agree to a contract for a little above veterans minimum he would have a job that would allow him to try to be a starter someday. It won’t be with the Packers.

    A secret NFL blacklist? No. Double secret probation? Maybe? You would have to ask the Dean or Greg, as it is double secret!

  6. PF4L October 20, 2017

    Finally, someone acknowledging that half of Kaeps problem could very well be salary demand.

    The other half of the problem is skill, or lack thereof.

    As far as collusion, just because teams don’t want that cancer on their team, or don’t think his drama justifies the talent, doesn’t mean collusion, it simply means that 32 GM’s are smart enough to reject the idea.

    Funny how the protesters scream about their rights and freedoms. But apparently, NFL teams don’t have the freedom to hire who they want, or don’t want to hire.

    Good luck with your lawsuit.

    1. Cheese October 20, 2017

      I was gonna post something similar. Now I don’t have to.

      Gm’s aren’t going fill their clubs with infinite amounts of drama over some borderline backup who wants more money than he’s worth. Plus he still has to learn the system. Who knows, maybe with the way GB’s O-line is Kapernick would flourish lol. He’d be running every play.

      If a team ever does sign Kapernick, just imagine how many bandwagon fans that team will get? And how much pressure they will get to start Kap whether he deserves to or not..

    2. Mitch Anthony October 20, 2017

      Yes indeed, all the political BS aside, he’s simply asking for too much money. He might, just might, be able to offer some team something in the way of his skill sets and abilities as player but if you are a GM you have also consider the factor of- what are you going to do with him if he doesn’t work out?

      Imagine trying to cut CK once you have CK. That’s one of the big hurdles to his employment. Nobody with any good sense wants to face that problem. If over 20,000 idiots sign petitions to try and get him a job, imagine the activism if a team has to let him go even for the most legitimate reasons. Every player, on every team, at some point will become “surplus” for whatever reason. Try getting that through the heads of the supporters, including some so-called sports reporters, of this guy.

  7. Arcturus October 20, 2017

    Been going to Packer games for 35 years- thanks to my employer. Couldn’t wait for them, my whole fall was built around them. Some years I’d make 5 or 6 plus a playoff game if there was one. This year, for the first time, I won’t be making the trip. My “gold” ticket package makes me pay $200 for four useless preseason tickets. I grudgingly used two, ate the other two and left at halftime.
    The other two were Bengals and Lions, one at 3:30, the other a Monday night game. Who needs the hassle? I mean, I’m retired- time means nothing- but I sold all the tickets. Now with Rodgers injury and the transient nature of the game, I keep thinking what does “Green Bay Packers” mean? It has nothing to do with Green Bay, or Wisconsin pride, etc. Might as well root for GE or Johnson & Johnson or Exxon. Pro football is fading for me… and it feels fine.

    1. Cheese October 20, 2017

      I get your point, and feel the same way to a degree. I’ve stopped caring quite a bit over the past few years. I don’t have season tickets and find it silly when people brag about having them, as if I can’t find a ticket otherwise. I find preseason tickets on the street for $10 or free. I got a playoff ticket a few years ago for $30. Plus I’d rather pay an extra $50 for one game instead of being on the hook for thousands of dollars for games I might not even want to go to.

      Wisconsin does have its history and tradition that doesn’t involve the Packers, but without the Packers, next to nobody would even know Green Bay WI existed. Aside from the people in Wisconsin. The Packers have a lot to do with Green Bay. This isn’t some generic expansion team like the Jaguars owned by some billionaire foreigner.

  8. mr October 20, 2017

    There is already one-too-many SJW activists on the roster – Martellus “big mouth” Bennett.