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Here Are Your Packers-Vikings Injury Surprises

Or maybe they aren’t. We discussed the Green Bay Packers possibly being without half their starting secondary on Sunday. They will definitely be without safety Morgan Burnett, who has been ruled out.

Cornerback Kevin King is listed as doubtful and if history holds, that means he won’t play.

For the Minnesota Vikings, we already knew quarterback Sam Bradford would be out, but they’ll also be without their top receiver. Stefon Diggs, who torched the Packers once last year, has been listed as out. That’s the biggest surprise — and development.

Look for the typical Case Keenum checkdowns to the running back, which, by the way, is no longer Dalvin Cook. He’s on injured reserve.

If the Packers’ defense, even a beat-up one, can’t stop this offense, they’re not stopping anyone.

For Packers, linebacker Ahmad Brooks is also listed as doubtful. Per usual, tackles David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga are questionable. However, Bulaga played last week.

Cornerback Davon House and running back Ty Montgomery are also questionable. Linebacker Joe Thomas is out.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Ferris October 13, 2017

    Let Montgomery sit. Aaron Jones is the man! Way to go Teddy!!! That is a real compliment too, like the diner guy said in “The Natural” ” I got a real feeling about this guy”

  2. PF4L October 14, 2017

    Although one game, does not a career make, i agree it would be wise to sit Montgomery. I’m guessing that Ty has fractured ribs versus broken ribs with a clear break, otherwise his playing status wouldn’t be an issue yet.

    Frankly, if i’m the Packers head coach, i’m playing my best blocking backs and tight ends in this game.

  3. KILLER October 14, 2017

    Nothing but check-downs by Case Keenum? To Running Backs and Tight Ends? Did you see that beautiful really long check-down to Adam Thielen against Detroit? 25 yards. Thielen is listed on the roster as a WR but I guess he must have been playing TE that play. The same game Keenum threw check-downs to a RB named Stefon Diggs. Said check-downs included really long ones of 21 yards, 32 yards, and 33 yards. That game an exception? Let’s check the game before that, vs. the Buccaneers. A 47-yard check-down to RB Stefon Diggs! Three separate 17-yard check-downs to TE Stefon Diggs!!! One of those would have gone further but it ended in the endzone! Then Keenum did a check-down to RB/TE Stefon Diggs for a 59-yard Touchdown! Now THAT was one heck of a check-down! Same game Keenum also checked down to RB/TE Thielen for 19 yards and for 45 yards (all through the air, no YAC).

    In fact: Against the Buccaneers 16 of Keenum’s 25 completions were to WRs. Against the Buccaneers 281 of Keenum’s 369 yards were via WR. He really worked them over with those check-downs. Just incredible check-downs.

    In fact: Case “Check-Down King” Keenum only has a 7.4 yards per attempt average this year. Sadly, the title of “Check-Down King” is being stripped from him by Aaron Rodgers who has a 7.2 yard per attempt average. Just to really dig it in to poor Case, Aaron has completed a larger percentage of passes than Case which means his passes typically travel even shorter distances than you’d think in comparison to Case’s!

  4. KILLER October 14, 2017

    The injury situation strongly favors the Packers. All the members of the Packers secondary are currently average to below average to awful so replacing one with another makes very little difference. In fact, it could help as less game tape makes it harder to game plan against!

    The Vikings will be without their #1 QB (Sam Bradford), their #2 QB (Teddy Bridgewater), their #1 RB (Dalvin Cook), their #1 WR (Stefon Diggs), and their starting left guard (Nick Easton).

    Imagine the Packers if Aaron Ridgers, Brett Hundley, Ty Montgomery, Jordy Nelson, and Lane Taylor were all out due to injury….

    I’ll be impressed if the Vikings can get 13 points on the board and even the Vikings great defense isn’t going to keep Rodgers under 24 points.

    So the Packers will win and brag endlessly about being a better team and brag that somehow they have “fixed” their defense. Both just a temporary illusion.

    1. PF4L October 14, 2017

      The injury excuse before the game even starts…..typical, lol. Didn’t you sing that same tune last year also? Might as well throw in the white towel, and be honest with yourself and declare the season a failure. Surely you’ve had enough practice.

      Imagine…. the queens starting 5-0, imagine they had the 6th best scoring defense in the league. Now….imagine that they still missed the playoffs.

      OOPS……..my bad