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Packers’ Secondary Likely Shorthanded at Minnesota

Hey, what’s new?! Nothing when it comes to the Green Bay Packers missing important players. They’re currently missing two in their secondary — cornerback Kevin King and safety Morgan Burnett.

Neither has practiced yet this week.

King is in concussion protocol after going down early in the first quarter against Dallas. And just because he isn’t practicing now, doesn’t mean he won’t make the game. However, he will have to clear all the hurdles associated with that.

Burnett is dealing with, wait for it… a hamstring injury! Did you know Green Bay is the hamstring injury capital of the world?

True fact!

Burnett is one of the leaders of the defense, but the Packers would probably prefer he sat if they had to choose between the two.

One, the team has plenty of depth at safety with Josh Jones, Kentrell Brice and Marwin Evans. Both Jones and Evans have seen substantial playing time this season. Two, the cornerback depth chart no longer looks so strong.

You’ve got Davon House, who has been injury-prone this year; followed by Damarious Randall, Josh Hawkins and Quinten Rollins. The latter has been an unmitigated disaster when he’s played. What happens if one of these guys goes down during the game? Enter undrafted rookie Lenzy Pipkins?

Fortunately, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum doesn’t throw anything other than check-downs to the running back or tight end. It isn’t that doesn’t want to, he just isn’t capable.

That said, we’ve seen the Packers’ secondary make the Vikings’ passing game look just tremendous in the past.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. KILLER October 12, 2017


    You need an editor? Last sentence in second to last paragraph: “It isn’t that doesn’t want to, he just isn’t capable.” If you need greater specificity, let me know.

    Very important game for both teams and, I gotta tell ya, I am eagerly anxious and nervous. Butterflies in my tummy. Big advantage for Packers on the injury front.

    The Packers may be without Burnett and/or King but that is more than made even by Stefon Diggs either not playing or playing hurt. I hate to say it, love that guy, but he has a very sensitive groin apparently and it gets hurt in a strong breeze (if blowing from the SW). I don’t know the details… and… I don’t want to know the details.

    Assuming King and Diggs are both out we have the incredible Adam “More Than A” Thielen and Michael Floyd vs. Davon House and Damarious Randall, with Jarius Wright in the slot vs. a Josh Hawkins. Or maybe Laquon Treadwell outside with Thielen moving to the slot. These are pretty good match-ups for the Vikings, especially Thielen in the slot vs. anyone.

    It would be even better for the Vikings if Diggs and King were in. Not that King isn’t good, just putting both in to be fair. Diggs is at a much higher level right now as a WR than King is as a CB. Which means if both are out — or both play not at 100% — the Vikings loss is more significant. By a mile.

    Nothing but check-downs by Case Keenum? To Running Backs and Tight Ends? Did you see that beautiful really long check-down to Adam Thielen against Detroit? 25 yards. Thielen is listed on the roster as a WR but I guess he must have been playing TE that play. The same game Keenum threw check-downs to a RB named Stefon Diggs. Said check-downs included really long ones of 21 yards, 32 yards, and 33 yards. That game an exception? Let’s check the game before that, vs. the Buccaneers. A 47-yard check-down to RB Stefon Diggs! Three separate 17-yard check-downs to TE Stefon Diggs!!! One of those would have gone further but it ended in the endzone! Then Keenum did a check-down to RB/TE Stefon Diggs for a 59-yard Touchdown! Now THAT was one heck of a check-down! Same game Keenum also checked down to RB/TE Thielen for 19 yards and for 45 yards (all through the air, no YAC).

    In fact: Against the Buccaneers 16 of Keenum’s 25 completions were to WRs. Against the Buccaneers 281 of Keenum’s 369 yards were via WR. He really worked them over with those check-downs. Just incredible check-downs.

    In fact: Case “Check-Down King” Keenum only has a 7.4 yards per attempt average this year. Sadly, the title of “Check-Down King” is being stripped from him by Aaron Rodgers who has a 7.2 yard per attempt average. Just to really dig it in to poor Case, Aaron has completed a larger percentage of passes than Case which means his passes typically travel even shorter distances than you’d think in comparison to Case’s!

    So, Hydra Mordecai, you either are ignorant of that which you speak of or you intentionally deceive. Those are the only two possibilities.

    The case of disrespecting Case!

  2. PF4L October 12, 2017

    Lol…..I told everyone this season will be entertaining :)

    So Casey Kasem has a higher yard per attempt than Rodgers?…interesting. Ever think that maybe Rodgers tackles have been out and they keep backs and tight ends in to max protect? Ever think that the play calling is reduce dramatically because of that? Ever think that Rodgers needs to throw it quick because the line is collapsing? Ever think that all of Rodgers sacks, hurries and hits prove that out to be true? But i digress lonely boy, i shouldn’t have expected you to think any deeper than a number on a stat sheet. I should know better than to think you have any understanding of what you have been watching on a football field after the National Anthem.

    When the Packers won the Super Bowl, what was SB MVP Rodgers YPA? What was the vikings YPA during their Super Bowl win?

    What was Casey Kasem’s YPA during his 2 MVP seasons? What was 1st round pick Christian Ponders YPA during his MVP seasons? What was 1st round pick Teddy Bridgewaters YPA during his MVP seasons? What was 1st round pick Sam Bradfords YPA during his MVP seasons?

    Get the picture Sparky?

    Let me reply for lonely boy….



    1. KILLER October 14, 2017

      Of course and O-line situation effects strategy! What I am saying is that calling Keenum a check down QB is not appropriate when your own QB throws fewer yards in the air and averages fewer yards per attempt. And it is not accurate as I laid out.

      This is typical of you — can’t win the argument so you create a new basis for argument, a straw man. Just man up and say, “KILLER is right and Mordecai was wrong”. It’s funny because last year thus same site was criticizing Sam Bradford for throwing shorter passes behind a ravaged O-line (much MUCH worse than what the Packers have gone through) and now you defend the same activity in a similar circumstance.

      Hypocrisy by this site, by PF4L/Monty/Mordecai? I.. am.. Shocked..!

      1. PF4L October 14, 2017


  3. Deepsky October 13, 2017

    Sadly the Vikings receivers had have a hey day against the Packers corners lately.

    Adam Thielens best game of his career came against the Packers in December last year.
    Stephan DIggs best game of his career came against the Packers in September last year.
    Neither of these guys even had a 1000 yards receiving last year, but they each had around a 200 yard game against the Packers.

    No one corner was at fault, the Vikings took advantage of blown coverages and mismatches where Vikings receivers matched up with Packer linebackers.

    1. PF4L October 13, 2017

      Who didn’t have career games against us last year…lol.

      How many 2nd and 3rd rate QB’s that played against us last season, have career games?

      Just sayin.