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Max McCaffrey is Back and Don Barclay is Out

Receiver Max McCaffrey has bounced around the league since the Green Bay Packers released him. He’s now back with the Packers as a member of their practice squad.

Interestingly, the team released veteran offensive lineman Don Barclay from injured reserve on Tuesday as well.

The Packers offensive line hasn’t been a particular strength this year, largely because of injury. Barclay injured his ankle early in training camp. The Packers put him on IR when they signed linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

Many thought Barclay would eventually be designated for return. However, apparently the Packers like enough of what they see of their young backups.

As for McCaffrey, he spent a stint on the New Orleans Saints practice squad before being signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ active roster.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L October 24, 2017

    NO! NO! NO!….This guy is versatile, can play all across the line. Remember all that bullshit?

    Good fucking riddance.

    Getting rid of players that can’t play, a valuable concept.

    Stay by your phone Jason Spriggs, your useless ass should be next. Maybe we can get a 7th for you.

  2. Gort October 24, 2017

    Has Ted been reading my comments about Max?

    Maybe the rest of you jokers should post suggestions for Ted.

    1. PF4L October 25, 2017

      lol…i’ve been doing that for years.

  3. Bobby D October 24, 2017

    Here’s a suggestion for Ted….go fuck yourself and retire your awkward vastly overrated ass to where you may be able to perform. Fire Island awaits you ya fucking freak!

    1. Ferris October 24, 2017

      and take Ginger Gap Tooth, and McShittycoach with you.

  4. Howard October 24, 2017

    MM said the following about Barclay this summer. “Don Barclay has so many excellent attributes,” McCarthy said on Thursday. “You look at someone who can play all five positions and has played tackle, guard and center in our system. His versatility, his work ethic. He’s a great locker room guy.”

    This summer, and in the last two weeks MM has said similiar things about Hundley. Maybe MM was wrong about Barclay as many of us have said, and is right about Hundley. Or maybe MM was bull shitting the media and fans about both? Most wouldn’t know what goes on behind the closed locker, and meeting rooms, or practice field.

    The one group that does have a shit filter are the players. It will be interesting to see how full the players shit filters are. Players usually tune out a coach once they start tasting shit.

    1. ay hombre October 25, 2017

      Did you hear Cobb’s comments postgame on Hundley? I think the entire offense knows Hundley isn’t ready.

      “We had a lot of opportunities today. Jordy and Davante were getting over the top all day. And there were plenty over the middle for me too.” Something to that effect…he very much made it sound like Hundley sucked, sucks and will suck.

      1. icebowl October 25, 2017

        Agreed, especially noting that Adams and Nelson ended up playing defense in order to prevent INTs on the few receoving opportunities they were provided.

        1. MJ October 25, 2017

          If Hundley continues to be that scattershot, we might as well line up CBs instead of WRs on offense. At least they are used to finding a ball that was not thrown to them.

      2. icebowl October 25, 2017

        Gonna be a long remaining 3-6 season

  5. Robster October 24, 2017

    I echo the excitement about McCaffrey – impressed me much more than Geronimo or Trevor. Reminds me of Abbrederis, but better built.

  6. MMTTDCSUCK October 25, 2017

    So many are finally seeing just how bad this teams talent level and coaching level is . . . pathetic. We all owe Aaron Rodgers a big thank you for the years that he has kept this shit show relevant because of TT, MM, DC, and now Murphy . . . What gets me is that Rodgers should be much more demonstrative than he has been. I know that he has had a few moments, but at his level of ability, his word would hold a huge amount of validity and thus greatly quantify what many of us have been bitching about for at least 7 years. Get rid of this Packers brain trust clusterfuck NOW!

    1. PF4L October 26, 2017

      Agreed….Concerning upper management, plus coaches and/or coordinators, a move here, a move there and this team had the possibility of using this teams, and Rodgers skills to their full potential.

      Instead, we suffer through the same deal every year like a broken record, same problems, same results, same people in charge.

      God willing, this team can get a new start, with new people, while Rodgers can still perform at a high level.

      Otherwise in the future, we’ll all be talking about……what could have been.