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Martellus Bennett Says He’s Retiring

The three-year investment the Green Bay Packers made in tight end Martellus Bennett this past offseason appears as if it will only be a one-year investment.

Bennett revealed that he plans to retire after the season, on Saturday.

There are really three items of note here.

First, Bennett hasn’t been terribly productive since coming to the Packers. Bennett caught 55 balls for 701 yards and seven touchdowns last year with the New England Patriots. He has just 24 for 233 yards and no touchdowns with the Packers this season.

Bennett has made a couple eye-catching plays, but when we think of Martellus Bennett this season, we think of drops. Maybe that’s a signal Bennett’s heart and mind are not in the game anymore.

That brings us to point two. Bennett has a lot of things going on off the field. Those include writing children’s books and his company, The Imagination Agency. He’s also been vocal about social issues.

Those things have clearly become increasingly of interest to Bennett.

Lastly, it appears the Packers’ never-ending search for a tight end will be back on next offseason.

The team will still have Lance Kendricks on the roster and he is a decent option to take over the No. 1 role. Although Kendricks only has six catches for 94 yards and a touchdown on the season, he seems to make plays whenever given the opportunity. Basically, exactly unlike Bennett.

The team’s third tight end, Richard Rodgers — who has never done much of anything — will be a free agent. Rodgers has great hands, but can’t stretch the field or block very well.

If we had a guess, we’d place a large wager on the fact that Mike McCarthy will want another playmaker at the position. The free agent market is pretty bare for tight ends in 2008.

Seattle’s Jimmy Graham is the most notable name, although the Seahawks have done their best to ruin him.

Or maybe you like Cincinnati’s Tyler Eifert? You shouldn’t. He’s missed 31 games over five seasons.

Interestingly, the tight end who currently leads next year’s free agent class in receiving is Carolina’s Ed Dickson, with 325 yards.

Like I said, not much to get excited about there.

What do you think? Should we start a slogan?

Tank For A Tight End!

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Ferris October 28, 2017

    Whatever… I’d leave too, McCarthy is not capable of using a talented TE anyway, so you may as well retire. Plus all GB fans can’t really warm up to this Ex Bear and Cowboy.

    1. Empacador October 28, 2017

      That was my first thought too. McCarthy wouldn’t know what to do if he had Kellen Winslow, Keith Jackson, Antonio Gates and Rob Gronkowski staring him in the face.

    2. TyKo Steamboat October 30, 2017

      who has McCarthy had???Jared Coo whom made 1 good catch & Jermichael Finley dropping the football before neck injuries?

  2. Ace October 28, 2017

    Blame the coach all you want but he has been a disappointment. He’s too busy building his ‘brand’.

  3. Zwoeger October 28, 2017

    Plus he hoped for a ring. With AR out his hopes for this season evaporated and he saw from the inside he will never ever get a ring with Micky at the helm. So might as well retire.

  4. PF4L October 29, 2017

    He won a Super Bowl ring last season, i’m not so sure winning a ring was motivating him anymore. Especially considering he came to the Packers in the worst shape physically of his entire career. That is the 1st clue someone isn’t committed.

    I’m not sure why he would even bring this up right now. why not just wait until the season’s over? Unless of course he’s just looking for attention, then it would make sense.

    As far as bringing him onto your team, he was a wild card to begin with. I’m sure more will be said about Ted fucking the pooch on this signing, right or wrong.

    1. PF4L October 29, 2017

      Also, can someone tutor Mr. Bennett in simple math.

      Or does this dumb P O S plan on sitting out one game in protest of something.

  5. icebowl October 29, 2017

    Can’t help but think that Belicheat figured that out and was more than happy to let MB go….

    For as much as I despise Belichek I have to give him credit for his coaching skills. Could only imagine what he’d have accomplished had he ever come to Green Bay….

  6. mr October 29, 2017

    Maybe TT is already planning on converting Montgomery to a TE…or better draft an OT from a DIII program in the 2nd round of next year’s draft to convert to TE.

  7. PF4L October 29, 2017

    This is getting silly. TT is not converting Ty to a TE, way too short…He’s converting Justin Vogel to tight end next season. Janis is being converted to punter, and McCarthy is being demoted to offensive coordinator. The Packers are leaving the head coaching job vacant citing the fact they can save a few bucks…… and that nothing will change.

  8. Gort October 29, 2017

    I thought MB was retired already. He rally hasn’t had much impact.

    1. mr October 29, 2017

      He should be immediately released because obviously his heart is not into football and being a SJW is a distraction

      1. PF4L October 29, 2017

        That is a very good idea. The season is lost anyway. You don’t let cancer stay with you, you remove it so it doesn’t spread.

      2. icebowl October 29, 2017

        Agreed, Kendricjs and DickRodg should be handle TE load ….

      3. ay hombre October 29, 2017

        Dump his ass. Be gone Martellus.

  9. Kato October 30, 2017

    Him and his brother can go spread false stories of police brutality

  10. Mike R October 30, 2017

    If you haven’t figured this out yet, MB likes attention and may be a little dramatic. This is typically what drama queens do when they are stinking things up. No way he leaves 17M on the table by retiring. His head has always been the problem, also the reason for him being on 20 different teams since he’s been in the league. We can’t now in hindsight start talking about TT fucking up this signing when the biggest criticism of 99% of Packer fans is he takes 0 risk in free agency. Everyone knew this was a little bit of a risk. They are not going to cut him now and take the salary cap hit either. He can get his head squared away to at least get a productive season out of him. That will have to be next year with AR out.

    1. PF4L October 30, 2017

      I agree with the top half of your comment.

      TT is in charge of player acquisition, whether he gets them in the draft, free agency, or off the street. He doesn’t get a pass because he got him as a free agent. He should be judged on results.

      If everyone knew it was a risk, didn’t TT know that also. Wasn’t it also a risk to let 3 quality players walk from the O-line?

      Drafting players, letting players go, signing free agents, they are all risk. You’re judged on how often you succeed or fail, taking those risk. He’s failed far more often than he succeeds.

      As far as Bennett. He was guaranteed his signing bonus of 6.3 million. someone else wrote an article saying the Packers could re-coup 4.2 million of that, but i’n not so sure.

      His dead cap is 4.2 million. I say eat it and cut him. If he’s vying for attention, what does that tell you? It tells me he’s a child. He came in out of shape, what makes anyone think he can, or even wants to play a productive season? So we should just keep paying him millions hoping he’ll take this seriously, be in shape, and play well?

      As you said, he’s been in a lot of locker rooms, there is usually a reason for that. One thing we know, the bears couldn’t wait to get rid of him. It might be different if he was balling out.

      This guy has no upside…just childish drama.

      One thought i had was, and it’s a real stretch, but i’ll say it anyway. Is he trying to get cut to join the Seahawks and play with his brother? The Hawks are looking to move Graham. Far fetched i know, but…….

  11. Cheese October 30, 2017

    Good thing discount Ted passed on Jared Cook..