Martellus Bennett Isn’t Talking Retirement

We were all surprised when Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett indicated he planned to retire after this season, last week.

The Green Bay Packers seemed pretty surprised too. Bennett is in the first season of a three-year deal he signed this past offseason.

Naturally, this was a topic of conversation among the local media when the Packers returned to practice on Tuesday. First, coach Mike McCarthy noted that he didn’t have any idea what Bennett’s plans were.

“That’s really something, I think anytime comments are made, you should probably speak to the individual,” McCarthy said. “I’m not going to speak on anybody’s future plans and so forth. But there’ll be a point to sit down and talk to Marty. But it was the bye week, like I said, I can’t really speak on it.”

Bennett was on the practice field for the Packers. He did not, however, make himself available to the media. He declined all interview requests and uttered only one word on his way out of the locker room.

When asked what led to his decision, Bennett simply said, “life.”

Unlike a lot of players, Bennett has numerous off-the-field interests, including a company — The Imagination Agency.

It is assumed by many, that that’s where Bennett would like to turn his focus. And as we’ve noted numerous times, his focus doesn’t seem to be on football this year. He has more drops than big plays.

As excited as we were about this signing when it happened, it’s starting to look like a total waste.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.

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  1. Avatar for PF4L PF4L says:

    This team has turned into nothing but a joke. We could write a long list with everything that’s wrong or has been done wrong with this team, i mean a long list.

    Except for a handful of players, it’s hard to find redeeming qualities in this team overall (in it’s current form).
    Don’t misunderstand that, i love this team with every breath i take. I will always be a fan, and will always watch them, win or lose. But as God as my witness, this circus needs to come to an end soon. Rodgers was the glue that kept this ship afloat. Now were about to see what kind of shape she’s really in.

    • Avatar for icebowl icebowl says:

      Well stated young man.
      My feelings also…

      Packer fan for 50 years, survived some bad coaches (Phil Bengsten and Dan Devine come to mind). This is hard to watch…

      • Avatar for Mike K Mike K says:

        Gregg, Infante, Sherman, Rhodes, McSlob, list is endless since Legend Lombardi

    • Avatar for Mike K Mike K says:

      I also agree 100%

  2. Avatar for Gort Gort says:

    I saw a power ranking someplace that said Packers were #8. Got no idea why, because I don’t see that. With a healthy Rodgers (Aaron, not Richard) they were in that area. Now, they are someplace in the 15 to 20 range.

    I am with PF4L as a die hard fan, but big changes are needed sooner rather than later.

    • Avatar for Mike K Mike K says:

      yes its a disaster. No Rodgers, were the Bills of the NFC. I wish fans would show some venom on Monday night, signs, something?? begging for changes. Hire Jon Gruden before U of Tennessee does!! and were stuck wih another coaching BUM (Sherman, McSlob, Rhodes, Infante)

    • Avatar for icebowl icebowl says:

      Are you sure that #8 ranking wasn’t old. I recall seeing that number WITH #12, prior to the injury.

  3. Avatar for Cheese Cheese says:

    Bennett probably sees what a mess this team is, aside from Rodgers, and decided to call it quits like megatron.

  4. Avatar for Mitch Anthony Mitch Anthony says:

    Caption that photo. McCarthy has a serious WTF? look going on there (raised eyebrow and all). Like there is some serious disbelief as to what is coming from the creative missives of Marty. Like he is hearing the Samuel L Jackson speech of Jules in Pulp Fiction, where he’s explaining how he’ll roam the world like the guy in Kung Fu, only Marty sparked a huge fatty for breakfast so it makes it more weird.

    • Avatar for Empacador Empacador says:

      That look on his face is perfect for how he coaches. When he selects plays or players and the execution isn’t exactly to the vision he has in his head. I can almost see him forming the words “Pad level…”as he explains to Bennett how he is gonna get that cleaned up. Now you know why McCarthy has never been considered a serious candidate for coach of the year.

      While I don’t think this would happen, they could go winless the rest of the way. Unfortunately that lone super bowl appearance/win 7 seasons ago has bought them all a reprieve. So we’ll get to see this play out once again next season, exactly like the movie “Groundhog Day”. The only difference is Bill Murray’s character eventually learned what he did wrong and adapted the next day. Jeff Fisher and Marvin Lewis somehow got a stay of execution while underperforming for years, so why not McCarthy too.

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