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Lance Kendricks Has Some Strong Words for the Ignorant

Most of you will remember that tight end Lance Kendricks was one of the Green Bay Packers who sat for the national anthem a few weeks back. After the game he noted it was a last-minute decision and explained why he did it.

His wife is from Puerto Rico and he felt the government wasn’t doing enough to help them recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. And of course there was the Donald Trump remark that any player who sits for the anthem should be fired.

He reiterated his thoughts this week (although we’re not sure why the Press-Gazette had to dredge this up).

The interesting part is what Kendricks had to say about fans who blindly get angered or turn away without even noting the issues at hand. You know, ignorant people who refuse to have a conversation about anything besides their own opinion.

“As a diehard fan,” Kendricks said, “you might want to at least try to understand or do some research into it, and be like, ‘OK, I understand why he did what he did.’ As opposed to just automatically being like, ‘No, eff you guys. That was stupid. Stand up.’

“You wear this jersey at this bar, and you’re proud of what we’re doing on that field, and we’re busting our ass for you. But when we voice our opinion on a social issue, you’re against us?”


I don’t know if I would say “a lot” in the grand scheme of things, but some vocal fans have up and said I’m never watching another game again.

Good. Good for you. Go mow your lawn or shovel some snow. None of us care. You won’t be missed.

There was even that one idiot who burned all of his Packers gear. Hey, good job, man. You rule!

These people claim it’s about respecting the flag (a symbol) and soldiers. Well, Kendricks had family members who fought in WWII and Vietnam and he was just trying to use his platform to draw attention to an issue.

What a terrible guy!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. mr October 13, 2017

    Not a beta-cuck…I’ve never worn a jersey or anything else with another man’s name on it. Get over yourself LK, you have the right to your voice your opinion on social issues but don’t cry when everyone doesn’t react in a way you approve of (or hoped for).

  2. PF4L October 13, 2017

    Why did the Gazette dredge it up? The same reason you “dredge it up”. To take another opportunity to get in your shots at Trump because it feels so good, amirite Sparky? Mmm-mmm-feels so good!! Well that’s terrific, you all good now? Ready to move on with your life? Or isn’t it worth it.

    Thank you also for taking cheap shots at Packer fans again, that never gets old for you does it? You know, us Packer fans, who you describe as “blind and angry….you know, all us “ignorant” people as you describe us. What’s wrong Mordi? Aren’t us Packer fans L.A. enough for you? If not….FUCK OFF.

    So Lance Kendricks says he is busting his ass? He must be really tired from catching all those passes. All 6 of them.

    Funny how if some fans simply just don’t care for having politics mixed with their football and say so, how they are all ignorant, angry, or need to do some research, apparently because they (we) can’t do our own thinking and we need some research to tell us what our view points should be. Because God fucking forbid, if we want to enjoy our freedom of speech and express our views that don’t agree with someone else’s. We are then labeled as angry, ignorant, and stupid. Again, fuck off.

    So what have we learned through all this?

    We learned we can do our own thinking and have the freedom to express our own views, ONLY…if our views coincide and have the stamp of approval of anti trump protesters. Otherwise…..we are angry and ignorant. Which begs the question….which side is truly angry and ignorant?

    Seems the symbolic gestures of those protesting change every week. We don’t know what the protesters have in store for this weekend, they may stand, they may sit, they may kneel, they may stay in the tunnel, they may stand and lock arms, they may raise a fist, they might stand on one leg and pick their nose, idk. It seems the gestures change almost as often as the narrative. Maybe they should commit to one and stick with it, might give them a sliver of credibility.

    1. Empacador October 13, 2017

      Realize not everyone that hates Trump is crying because Hillary lost. Not only should she be in prison but she is a despicable human being. And Trump is a pedantic, pontificating, pretentious bastard! A belligerent old fart! A worthless steaming pile of cow dung! Figuratively speaking. With a Twitter problem to go along with his many other hypocritical stances on politics. https://www.reddit.com/r/TrumpCriticizesTrump/ for the win and honest to God not fake news literal examples of his hypocrisy in action.

      We can all agree there are some closet uber conservative and uber liberal douchebags hanging out here. I can’t say solely as Packer fans because that external element (fans of other teams) likes to come in and try to shit on us because they think they are being funny and edgy and cool. We should be flattered they want to hang out with Packer fans instead of their own ilk. But their own fans are probably grateful they aren’t polluting their favorite teams blogs/sites with their holier than thou bullshit.

      Remember the good old days when it was fun to simply roast McCarthy and his BK menu fetish while second guessing his every single move? Or the pleas of “sign the petition!” or “Rodgers is done!”. This Cloudflare crap here the last couple of weeks couldn’t have happened at a better time.

      1. PF4L October 14, 2017

        As you probably noticed, i didn’t mention Hillary in my post You’ll also notice my post wasn’t Pro-Trump in any way, form or fashion. Although i have spoken of his ills in the past on occasion (in making a point). Unlike some others, i’m trying to view this site as a sports blog. You have obviously missed the point of my post.

        My point was….the author continually speaking down to Packer fans if we don’t agree with his political viewpoints. Some Packer fans, may not care, may have low self esteem, maybe they need others to do their thinking for them, i don’t. So i say something, and will continue to do so if warranted.

        Also, Lance Kendricks can kick rocks and go cry in a corner with his millions the Packers are paying him. I don’t like some new guy questioning my or ANY Packer fans loyalty. He’s “distraught” some Packer fans don’t understand his “plight” and his social views?

        News Flash Mr. Kendricks: You aren’t paid 2 million a year to educate us in social or political issues. You are payed to catch footballs and run. Apparently only 16 or 17 of them a season.

        “But when we voice our opinion on a social issue, you’re against us?” – L. Kendricks

        Show me in your NFL contract where it is part of your job to voice your opinion on social issues at work.

  3. Ted Hawthorne October 13, 2017

    You stupid, hypocritical, fuckin’ right-wingers–you fetishize the stars and stripes and then
    Remember the South wanted to destroy the nation-state called the United States. And you
    call yourself patriotic! What a bunch of mixed-up, inconsistent, mentally ill assholes.
    Just like your leader–Trump. Go Lance!

    1. PF4L October 14, 2017

      Atta a boy, let it all out.

    2. rebelgb October 15, 2017

      Lighten up snowflake. Turn on an episode of the View and drink your Starbucks you ignorant self entitled sad fuck.

    3. MMTTDCSUCK October 15, 2017


      1. MMTTDCSUCK October 15, 2017

        This ^^^ was for Ted.

  4. Mitch Anthony October 13, 2017

    Why did the Gazette dredge it up? The same reason you “dredge it up”. Thanks for that line PF4L, you beat me to it.

    I tried to read that entire Gazette article, I really did. I sprained an ocular muscle and now I’m on the PUP list. That whole entire article was so much hot blowing wind and still didn’t really make a good point.

    So was Lance maybe upset that more than a century ago, political forces in this country made Puerto Rico a US territory. Not a state, and not an independent country. Those political forces were motivated by protectionism (of domestic sugar growers) and not wanting to have to treat other protectorates (ie: Phillipines) with the same status. So PR languished in a political and economic limbo for many decades. Their status as US citizens gave them some benefit but their territorial status basically held them back. They are not represented in Congress and most of their best and brightest leave the island and make their fortune in the states. Of those left behind, they live in a depressed economic climate. They don’t even have the economic stability to support their US mandated $7.25/hr minimum wage. 26% of their people work in their failed government bureaucracy. Their island is $74 billion in debt and has been in 11 years of recession. Their infrastructure and power grid has been in need of repairs for many years but they have been borrowing to pay increasing debts and deferring improvements. Their own emergency management director failed in his mission to prepare their island for the possibility of storms by even having enough diesel fuel on hand for the generators they would be using.

    Now mind you, I have a disdain for the tweets and the bluster. But responses to storms and Texas and Florida are much easier when competent state and local systems exist as a foundation of the response effort. Much easier when assets can be pre-positioned and driven in, rather than have to come by sea.

    Or we could take a knee and say it is all the current president’s fault. Yeah, that works.

    Since this is a football site I’d like to add this. I really wish we would have made more of an effort to keep Jared Cook.

  5. MARK October 14, 2017

    The fact that Kendricks had to explain WHY he sat for the anthem AFTER the fact really says it all. Wouldn’t this “solidarity” that supposedly exists among the brotherhood of NFL players choosing not to stand seem to indicate that they are all united in a specific, common cause? Initially, I thought we were told that this was all about racial inequality, specifically as it relates to treatment of blacks by police.

    When did this become about how our federal funds should be directed following a natural disaster? What’s next? Are players going to start taking a knee to protest the new tax plan or the healthcare debacle? Sorry Lance, but the more players like you color outside the lines when it comes to your supposed unity and support of a common cause, the more ambiguous and lost your message becomes.

    1. PF4L October 14, 2017

      Good points Mark.

      I’ll contend the reason he immediately explained why he sat, had to do with guilt, or possibly due to immediate social media negativity. Which would explain why he further stated he will be standing from now on. It’s a shame they had to brain wash rookie Kevin King into sitting with them.

  6. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe October 14, 2017

    Highlighting a problem is one thing. But what is Kendricks’s solution to the problem, i.e. concrete, well laid out steps will a measurable end goal with intermediate goals along the way? Highlighting a problem without a solution is what an insufferable teenager does.

    1. MARK October 14, 2017

      In other words, HIGHLIGHTING the problem associated with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria is all that Kendricks has basically accomplished, whereas another certain former Wisconsin Badger was more of a SOLUTION after Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas.