Cowboys Fan Sets Self on Fire After Losing Bet

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You’ll love this story. A Dallas Cowboys fan in Vero Beach, Florida did indeed set himself on fire after the Green Bay Packers’ win on Sunday.

He had a bet with his wife on the game. The loser would burn their jersey. One small problem.

He burned the jersey all right, but the idiot was wearing it.

At the hospital, deputies spoke with a couple who admitted they were watching the NFL game and agreed to burn the losing team’s jersey. However, the man decided to wear the jersey as it was burning.

A witness told Sebastian Daily, “He was set on fire after losing a bet on the Cowboys game … Skin was hanging off his arm and back.”

Isn’t that delightful?

Yes, of course there was alcohol involved.

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Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!

5 Comments on "Cowboys Fan Sets Self on Fire After Losing Bet"

  1. PF4L

    Skin was hanging off his arm and back….lol.

    Who are the two dumbest football fans in the NFL? Certainly this guy with the skin baked off his arm and back qualifies, and lest we forget that “badass” fan who got his faced sliced up like a Chucky doll, protecting an inflatable toy.

    I’d call it a tie.

    • Cheese

      Sports fans in general are pretty dumb. The crap they do over a game is maniacal. Reminds you of religion. Sports- the new religion.

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