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Coulda, Shoulda Woulda… Packers 17, Saints 26

You know what? We had these fuckers.

We had em.

But then we didn’t. I don’t want to say the Green Bay Packers’ defense didn’t make enough plays. They did. Two picks.

They knew they had to step up and they did. Hats off to Davon House, in particular.


Motherfuckin’ money!

Sorry if you don’t like my language.

These guys didn’t beat us, they’re not better than us.

I feel like Brett Hundley was handcuffed. 87 yards? I mean, are you fucking kidding me? Mike McCarthy said Brett Hundley was his boy and then didn’t allow him to do shit.

That isn’t utilizing your quarterback that you supposedly believe in.

Brett Hundley is capable, he made plays when he was given the opportunity to. Certainly, Aaron Jones was the main focus of this game for the Packers. He performed well — 171 on 13 carries. Amazing!!

However, every time we needed Hundley to get the job done, McCarthy wouldn’t take the leash off. Brett Hundley can play. I would like for the Packers to let him play. Because we would have beat these fucks.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese October 22, 2017

    Exactly. Two picks. What did McCarthy produce from that? Zero points. Zero first downs. Run the ball twice and pass on third and long. Punt the ball to about the 45.

    Like you said, we had them. The defense wasn’t the problem, the offensive playcalling was. Hundly played as well as you could ask him to. Whenever I see Montgomery running the ball I ask myself why? Jones is infinitely better. Without Rodgers to pull miracle plays out of his ass every game McCarthy is being exposed for the buffoon that he is.

    1. PF4L October 22, 2017

      The Packers moved Ty to rb before they acquired Jones. They fucked the pooch with thinking that Ty can be a rb, i think they finally admit they were wrong and move him back before next season, possibly sooner.

      That experiment failed. Despite his 5.9 ypc. last season. Which we don’t hear about much anymore.

      1. PF4L October 22, 2017

        It might be debatable if the defense was a problem, but if a defense gives up 485 yards, it sure as hell isn’t the solution.

        1. Mike K October 23, 2017

          Defense wasn’t problem??? WTF you kidding! give up 3-17, 3-12, 3-10 rinse & repeat. Saints punted once. They don’t get 2 ints games larger blowout. Defense sucks and can never get off field.

          1. PF4L October 23, 2017

            I was trying to be diplomatic about it. : )

        2. Kato October 23, 2017

          While I mostly agree with you, the offense didn’t help matters. When you don’t control the ball on offense and allow the saints a 13 minute edge in TOP, that certainly doesn’t help things.

    2. Icebowl October 22, 2017

      Did we see the same game ?
      Stopped counting the 3rd and long and 4th and short the D let Brees convert.

      Offense was 1D, The Other Aaron (Jones) was doing the job setting up manageable 3rd downs, but carp play calling didn’t let them convert. Payton figured it out, made changes, McCarthy knew that he did but didn’t adjust realizing Hundley too slow on release to go deep.

      When was last time Nelson, Adams and Cobb were held to so few receptions? Hoping they work on getting passing game going during bye week break. Looks like you gotta be named Aaron to play well on this team…

      At least the pace of injuries was reduced….

  2. Gort October 22, 2017

    This loss was a total team effort.

    The offense didn’t put up points on early turnovers. They didn’t move the ball at all in the second half. What about that wonderful depth at wide receiver? True that there were not a lot of passing attempts, but the TV coverage showed that they were not open. We finally have a running game, but no aerial attack to complement it.

    Yeah, the defense did get a couple pics early, but the Saints were successfully moving the ball on both those drives. After that, they couldn’t get a stop, even on 3rd and long (3rd and 9 maybe) and then again on 3rd and really long (3rd and 17). Yeah, they had an occasional good play other than the pics, but not nearly enough consistency.

    Special teams didn’t do enough either. Could have had another turnover, but a penalty gave the ball away. For kickoffs, PLEASE, if the ball ends up in the end zone it should stay there. It is far better to start at the 25 rather than the 10 after another penalty or inside the 20 after an short reurn (that started at least 6 yards deep).

    Bonehead coaching at the end of the half gave the Saints an opportunity for a “hail Mary”. If they had called that play (instead of the check-down / screen that they did run), a defensive penalty or a good play from them could have lead to a late score.

    The biggest positive from the game – didn’t see many new injuries.

  3. Skinny October 22, 2017

    I was fine with Davis bringing that ball out. Shit, get a spark going. I’m not fine with the WRs moping around like their best pig died. Yea we get it, Aaron is your guy and he knows how you like the ball. But Jesus Christ, step it up for the sake of the team. Adjust to Brett, help him out. McCarthy, grow a pair. This guy played at UCLA. You don’t need to design a YMCA league game plan for this guy. He can handle some shit I’m sure.

  4. Nick October 22, 2017

    Buffoon has been exposed long before this game.Perhaps all you McCarthy defenders will see the light,probably not.

  5. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe October 22, 2017

    Fuckin’ motherfuckin’ fuck balls! McCarthy – this pile of cocksnot is on you. How the fuck can you expect to win when you are more concerned about not losing? Give Hundley a chance, for fuck’s sake. Not run on first and second down then throw on third. Every fucking time.

    Got off to a fantastic start. Jones is a fucking beast and we used him and we got points. Then, in true McCarthy fashion, lets try and sit on our 7 point lead with a defense which couldn’t defend a 70 point lead. Look at the games against Seattle and Arizona. We take leads and only when we go down do the gloves come off. Rogers takes that team into field goal range against Seattle in 30 seconds and in two plays goes 110 yards against Arizona. Why can’t we do this for the entire game, for fucks sake? They’d be over by half time.

    Is McCarthy afraid of winning or embarrassing the other team? That is their fucking problem. Say what you want about Belichik, but isn’t afraid to put the ball in his best player’s hands and allow them to win and twist the knife once its in. It won’t happen every single time, but BB gives it shot. McCarthy, on the other hand…

    I truly want this team to go 4-12. It will show how much not drafting well and not going after free agents can hinder a team when its QB goes down. It is the only way to expose Murphy, Thompson, and McCarthy as the beneficiaries of lucking out on Aaron Rogers. Without AR falling into our laps in 2005, I dread to think we’d be now. A more northerly version of Cleveland or Jacksonville.

    1. Howard October 22, 2017

      I’ve got more bad news the Jaguars are already a much better team than the Packers.

      1. Mike K October 23, 2017

        so are the Bills, what a FKG Joke we’ve become. NO AARON NO WINS. One man show & now hes out. rearrange Titanic deck chairs all you want. Until Ted, Mike, Dom are gone it will not get better

    2. Deepsky October 23, 2017

      I think it was less McCarthy and more Hundley can’t play.

      If one were to coach a game like this, I would think they would want to establish the run, then when the run was going well, open up the passing game. This is EXACTLY what McCarthy did.

      When the Packers were running the ball on early downs, Hundley made plays, mostly with his feet.

      When the Packers started throwing on early downs, Hundley couldn’t complete a pass and they found themselves in many third and long situations because Hundley couldn’t complete a pass.

      The problem is Hundley can’t read defenses, can’t make it through his progressions quickly, is inaccurate when he finds an open receiver and has a slow release. There were also times receivers were running the same routes which tells me Hundley isn’t making the right calls.

      Maybe Hundley will improve as time goes on. I’m afraid he’s just not NFL material.

      1. Adam October 23, 2017

        Completely disagree, and I think the majority of that criticism is too harsh for a guy that just made his first NFL start ever. Remember, before he came in to relieve Aaron last week, he had a total of 11 passes in his entire career.

        He’ll learn to read defenses as he gets more experience. He’s never had the opportunity to read first team defenses before. If you were to use the “he’s been practicing for over two years” excuse, remember, he practicing against our defense, which is barely a first team defense in the loosest definition of the word.

        He can make all the throws, he has all the tools. He just needs to get more experience to sharpen and hone them. It helps when the coaching and game-planning is derived to give him that experience, rather than handicapping him too.

        It’s going to be a bumpy couple of weeks with plenty of ups and downs – but crucifying the guy as inept after his first NFL start is being too critical.

        1. Kato October 23, 2017

          Let’s not act like Hundley is some green rookie here. He is a third year player. He is at about the same point in his NFL career as Rodgers was when he had his first significant playing time at this level against the cowboys (and he played very well). Cam Newton was throwing for 400 yards. I am sorry, but Hundley is not a starter at this level. Idk that he necessarily lost the game for the packers, but he sure as hell didn’t put them in a position to win either.

          1. Adam October 23, 2017

            Fair points.

            I’d argue that Cam was a Heisman Trophy winning number one overall pick with an entire off-season dedicated to him being the starter, and not a 5th round backup. I still think he’s gonna figure it out but maybe that’s that just my optimism for the kid. I feel better about him than I ever did about Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzein, or Matt Flynn in 2013.

            I honestly can’t think of too many teams that survive their franchise QB going down in the midst of the season. The Patriots are probably an example – but there are far more exceptions to that scenario than success stories.

            Let’s just hope that he does pick it up and keeps us in contention for a shot at Aaron coming back. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t and we end up with better draft selections for next year (let’s table Ted’s ineptitude for when we cross that bridge) .

          2. MMTTDCSUCK October 24, 2017

            Buffoon’s play calling was about as bad as it gets. Horribly obvious formations. Not playing the WR’s that Hundley is used to throwing to would have been a great way to break him in. The pocket continues to collapse because there are no extra TE’s actually out there to help stem the tide. Buffoon is proving that he is out of his element without Aaron Rodgers at QB1. Total shit show. The defense led by Capers is underwhelming, no one is assignment sure at the same time. The D line was a sieve Sunday. This team has been developed by a CTE candidate who is still allowed to choose in the draft. Subsequently, the drafted players are coached into a “simple” style with (what I have read over the years) complex verbiage (adding to the chaos) by a group of over-rated charlatans who believe that they are brilliant. Which, if you add the “plays favorites over better players into the mix is most likely a locker-room disaster as well as a game time disaster. I swear that if you put a group of fundamentally sound coaches out there and told them to use a standard “cookie cutter” approach schematically that this team would fare much better than this shit show has. What has happened to playing players to their strengths? Or designing plays to protect QB1? Or get WR’s open? Just out routes and fly routes with little to no variance? When using the fly route why not use the fastest fucking WR’s for a change? Why is Green Bay’s defensive middle as wide open as the panorama in a western movie opening scene? Mark Murphy is a cunt. He knows that most Packer fans will come to the games regardless of outcome . . . so why change? Well? Why? . . .

  6. Ferris October 22, 2017

    I was formerly a “Highly Successful” coach. I was a genius QB whisperer, everybody said so. 4 and 12 were nothing until they went through my QB camp. Next week we will “clean things up”….pad level….etc.
    Repeat for the next 10 weeks…Cleveland gets their first W against this team. Is that enough to get this idiot fired? I want them to lose every remaining game and hear the excuses from this fool. It’s been 7 years since the SB win, when will they wise up and dump him? Throw a bag of bit coins at Chucky, he liked Green Bay.

    1. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe October 22, 2017

      Pad level. Pad level. The most consistent and most pathetic excuse from McCarthy. It never seems to get solved… Then hire someone who can solve this shit show. On seconds thoughts, don’t! I want you, Thompson, and Murphy gone!

  7. PF4L October 22, 2017

    Jones had himself another nice game, but i’m not so sure he ran for 171 yards on 13 carries.

    I’m not sure when and where Hundley has shown he is capable. I just don’t consider 1 TD and 4 picks in the last two games Hundley has played, capable. I’m from the old school i guess where someone has to show they are capable.

    In Rodgers first real playing time in week 13 in his 3rd year against Dallas, Rodgers went 18/26 for 201 yards, 1 TD and 0 picks with a 104 passer rating.

    Hundley in his first outing last week was 18/33 for 157 yards, 1 TD and 3 picks for a 39.6 passer rating. Today wasn’t much better.

    Capable?……potentially capable maybe, we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. Howard October 22, 2017

    Did King really get over his concussion? King looked like he was not in the same ball park as the receivers he was suppose to cover. He was either lost or was having very poor footing problems. Looked very unaware on several plays. I think King gave up almost every yard on that one TD drive, including the TD. King was not close in coverage.

    1. PF4L October 22, 2017

      Yea, this kid runs really hot and cold. One game he’s playing nice and tight, other games he’s out in left field somewhere.

      Interesting facts: Passing yards per attempt.

      Eli Manning: 3.4 YPA

      Brett Hundley: 3.4 YPA

      Blake Bortles: 12.6 YPA

      1. Howard October 22, 2017

        The Mike McCarthy coaching branch is not doing well.

    2. ay hombre October 23, 2017

      I thought he was concussed on the first play from scrimmage. I cringed knowing he just came off one before this game.

    3. Mike K October 23, 2017

      Chalk it up to another Cadaver Thompson DB draft bust. Injury prone, can’t tackle, lost on back-end. Randall & Rollins weren’t enough?? Ted needed more.

    4. Zwoeger October 23, 2017

      First note I made King does a Randall impersonation. Later thet thought well if so let’s bring in Randall. Luckely only for a while.

      1. PF4L October 23, 2017

        Ok, now try it in English.

        1. Zwoeger October 23, 2017

          okay thet is they. Satisfied now nag?

  9. MJ October 22, 2017

    The defense did enough to keep us in the game. And we know they cannot handle the whole game if the offense goes three-and-out too often. They are not SEA2013 or DEN2015. Leave them on the field long enough and they end up collapsing: the opponent advances by air, ground, and sea.
    But today they somehow held up well up to the third qt.
    It is the offense that by default gets a pass, but is very adept at collecting three-and-outs, and leaving our defense too long on the field. We are supposed to be an explosive offense, but not even with Rodgers at the helm has that happened much. And I am not sure whether it is Rodgers wanting to complete a 20yd bomb every play, our receivers being unable to get any separation against man coverage or McCarthy’s playcalling. I discarded the first hypothesis after a few times that McCarthy called plays designed to get the short-to-middle-ranged passes going, and helping our WRs get separation by play design, not just by outrunning or outmaneuvering CBs with crisp routes. Then he stubbornly returns to “run up the middle, run up the middle, third-and-long: pass, punt”. Today, their defense showed a loaded box, expecting a run from us. And what do we do? Audible it to a pass? That would be letting them down. No, we run precisely up the middle, run stuffed for no gain, thanks for trying.
    Back to our receivers, we have no deep threat. They are all good possession receivers, but no one has breakout speed (maybe Janis, but we have given up on that experiment, or Trevor Davis). They function well with Rodgers, but give us an average QB and he will not be able to work with the WRs gaining such a poor separation. They are all nice threats in the red zone, but we have to get there first. At least McCarthy should help them with better routes.

  10. Ken October 22, 2017

    At this point I ask why are people still upset. You should be numbed after several seasons of Big Mike.
    This stuff is not news and it’s not worth getting worked up about as if it ever was. Go hunting, read a
    book, build a fence. You can’t do anything about the mess or the injuries or Big Mike.

    1. Mike K October 23, 2017

      That’s what fans are pissed about. The fact NO ONE (Murphy) will do anything. Were stuck with this Pad Level train wreck

  11. Deepsky October 22, 2017

    Hundley had a 39 qb rating.

    Scott Tolzien and Seneca Wallace had about a 65 qb rating in their pathetic showings, just to put the 39 qb rating into perspective.

    So about that top 5 draft pick next year…

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 24, 2017

      The CTE laden TT will fuck it up . . .

  12. Big B October 23, 2017

    To add to the list of ill-fated McCarthy decisions- 59 yard FG attempt in the wind and rain at the end of the first half was asinine. Even in good conditions that’s iffy for Crosby-that was a classic Hail Mary situation, TD or PI opportunity + time runs out. Don’t recall I’ve ever seen a Pick-6 on a Hail Mary, so that ain’t happening’. Instead, McCarthy gives the SAINTS a shot at a Hail Mary!!?? Their play call was conservative, but I’ll let Saints fans rag on Payton about that-my plate is full enough with McCarthy.

  13. KILLER October 23, 2017

    I’ve got to tell you, I actually bought into Hundley’s bit of self-promotion/reassurance after the Vikings game. He said he hadn’t had a week of preparation with the first team offense and practice snaps. I felt it was a decent point. I also thought the other three factors could be huge — 1. A bunch of back-ups and out-of-position players on the O-line, 2. The home field differential, and, 3. The Vikings defense can make anyone under any circumstances look terrible.

    With the Saints Hundley would have a full week, nearly a complete O-line, home field advantage, and a much less difficult defense.

    Result? 86 yards! And still another interception!

    I no longer buy what Hundley — or MM — are selling.

    Packers have 9 more games. 4-5 may be optimistic but, then again, Browns, Ravens, Bears, Buccaneers. Those 4 should be automatic wins and you’d think at least 1 of the other 5 would fall into place even if just by blind luck. OK, 5-4 then. Which puts the Packers likely out of the play-offs at 9-7 and yet with a draft pick in the 17-23 range. Not a game changer pick, especially with TT at the controls.

    1. icebowl October 24, 2017

      compliments K. – one of the most readable pieces you’ve ever posted on this site ….
      There’s hope – for you and (maybe) #7

  14. Kato October 23, 2017

    At this point, is Hundley your starting an the rest of the year and you tank? Or do you sign another qb hoping that you win enough until Rodgers potential return? They aren’t winning a lot of games with Hundley at the helm based on what I have seen the past couple weeks

  15. PF4L October 23, 2017

    Brett Hundley: “Good game dude, i almost beat you”.

    Drew Brees: “Excuse me?”

    Brett Hundley: “I’m sorry, i’m Brett, nice to meet you.”….I’m a future Hall of fame QB.”

    Drew Brees: “Ok then, ummmm good luck”…..”listen can you let go of my hand, i have to go now”

    Brett Hundley: “No prob”…. “Probably see you at the Pro Bowl…buddy.”

  16. RIchard October 23, 2017

    The worst part is the fact New Orleans practically treated this as a bye week. They turned the ball over twice and moved around like the walking dead for the first hour and there still wasn’t any question who would win at the end of the day.

    1. Mike K October 24, 2017

      I noticed that too. 2 picks and they seemed like, no big deal. McSlob minus Rodgers = Doormat team, Incompetent Coach.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK October 24, 2017

        Well stated^^^^