Aaron Rodgers’ Last Drive, One More Time

Aaron Rodgers easy does it

Will I ever get sick of watching this? DOUBT IT!

But here we have the NFL Films treatment of the Green Bay Packers’ game-winning drive against the Dallas Cowboys. I love these things.

It starts with Ezekiel Elliott telling the defense “just one more stop!” Hehehehe.

To Aaron Rodgers: Are you thinking touchdown or field goal there?

Looks down. “I’m thinking touchdown.”

Rodgers then mentions the importance of the first play on a two-minute drive. Of course, he hits Davante Adams on the back shoulder for a first down on that pay.

Jerry Jones’ reaction has got to be the best part, though.

Have a look.

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3 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers’ Last Drive, One More Time"

  1. Kato

    Pretty cool. Would have been even cooler had they gone play by play through the entire drive

  2. PF4L

    “Some people can make a baby in a minute so……” – Marcy Bennett

    Nice analogy.

    Know what else someone can do in a minute? A family member can go on twitter and make up lies and false accusations about innocent police officers. I guess it’s ok, because…”he almost died”. #lowlifes

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