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Predictions: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

It’s the marquee matchup of week 1 of the NFL season. Or maybe I’m just saying that because it’s the Seattle Seahawks at the Green Bay Packers.

Since that game that will not be mentioned, the Packers have owned the Seahawks. Russell Wilson threw a career-high five interceptions in a 38-10 Packers’ blowout last season in Lambeau Field.

This is obviously not last season, however. The Seahawks come in as 2.5-3 point dogs in this game. That line suggests that Vegas actually likes Seattle in this game.

I do not.

We’ve talked about preparedness leading up to this game all during the preseason. About how Seattle plays during the preseason and the Packers don’t care.

I believe this is a prepared Packers’ team. I do not think there will be another blowout where Wilson gives up the ball multiple times. What this really comes down to — and what we’ve all been waiting to see — is if the Packers’ revamped secondary will be any good.

I’ve consulted my Magic 8 Ball and signs point to yes.

Actually, the way the Packers got better in the secondary throughout the preseason points to yes.

That, and let’s be honest, if I’m betting, I’m betting on Aaron Rodgers. The way he finished last season suggests he’s going to come into this season and be a monster.

If, as he mentioned last year, the Packers want home field in the playoffs, this game should go a long way toward establishing that.

QB1 rules the day on this day. I put my faith in that.



Week 1 is finally upon us. All the bullshit is aside and the talk turns cheap when the pigskin is finally kicked at Lambeau Field today same as it has for the last nearly 100 years in Green Bay Wisconsin.

On one sideline we’ll have the communist-sympathizing, god-hating, dog-eating, kill-a-baby-seal and talk shit about your momma while doing it Seattle Seahawks. On the other sideline will stand your own defender of the weak, shield in the night, and champion of truth, justice and the American way Green Bay Packers.

As much as I despise most things the Pete Carroll regime stands for, I have to give them credit. They know who they are and they aren’t trying to be anyone else. While the Packers try to lead the charge into the next era of professional football with receivers at running backs and safeties at linebacker, the Seahawks just keep building their defense and saying, “Bring it on.” As much as things change, one thing that stays the same is that if you can’t score, then you can’t win. The Seahawks are built to stop you from scoring, and thus, stop you from winning.

The Seahawks have done little for their offense other than bringing in some new running backs, like the former Packer known as Eddie Lacy. For their defense, the Seahawks just brought in another Pro Bowler to add to the seven that were already there.

In short, after losing their path the last two seasons, the Seahawks appear to have decided to just go back to what got them there in the first place. They are going to bring a dominant defense and an offense that won’t screw things up.

Screw things up is what the Seahawks did for four quarters the last time these two teams met. Pete Carroll and crew had never suffered such an embarrassing defeat during his reign. I expect they remember that. I don’t expect for it to happen again.

The Packers probably won’t see a defense like this again all year. Can a starting offense that took most of the preseason off put up more than 20 points against defense like this? I don’t know. A lot of people around here seem pretty confident that they can. I don’t share that confidence.

All that sounds bad for the Packers. However, just like there was the last three times these two teams met, there is another key element to this match up. That is the Packer defense against the Seattle offense. Frankly, other than the last five minutes of the 2014 NFC Championship Game, the Packer defense has had Seattle’s number. THEY have been the most dominant defense on the field.

And while I don’t expect the Seattle offense to be the traveling circus that it was last year, I do believe that the Packer defense will be even better than it was at that point.

I see this as a defensive game. And with the Packers at home, I like them to edge this one out.

Of course, how both offensive lines do against the pass rush of their opponent will be huge keys in this game. In addition to that, I believe that whoever plays the slot for the Packers, Damarious Randall or Quentin Rollins, against Doug Baldwin will be another important factor. And lastly, can the Seahawks get a running game going, whether it is with Lacy or otherwise?

Partially because of their own errors, the Seahawks didn’t stick with the run in the match up last season. We will see if they repeat that error. We’ll also see definitively if this Packer offense is ready to roll or not.

This is likely to be a bumpy start for the offense, but I still trust Aaron Rodgers and company to do enough to pull this out. Take the under and the Packers.

Packers 23, Seahawks 20


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Deepsky September 10, 2017

    The Packer defense will be fine. The seahawks picked Lacy just for this game, so expect them to try and run him and not rely on Wilson.

    It will come down to how ready is Aaron Rodgers. If he’s on target, the Packers win. If he’s off target or hangs on to the ball because the Seattle defensive backs are playing tight, Seattle can win this game.

    I’m worried Rodgers will not be in sync with his receivers like the beginning of every other season.

  2. PF4L September 10, 2017

    I clicked on this article convinced i was going to pick the Packers for a one point victory. Then i read Monty’s comments.

    I’m not buying the magic 8 ball revamped secondary theory, until i actually see it in action.

    I commend Shawn’s 1st paragraph. All the bullshit is over, no more…this corner is working with the #1’s (YAY), or this guy or that guy is the pre-season MVP. It’s week 1, and this is a no bullshit zone, it is time to put your finished product on the field.

    The Bad…

    Even if you think the Seattle defense isn’t what it once was, it was still 3rd in scoring defense last season at 18.2 ppg. Those are numbers that give senior citizen Dom Capers a raging hard on (it’s been awhile).

    Russel Wilson, is the ultimate game manager with a twist, he can pass, run, and has the legs to buy himself some time. He also has a uncanny knack of creating throwing lanes.

    The running game should be improved with a fresh (for now) Lacy. A healthy Prosise who is productive running or receiving, albeit a short work sample. Then as per usual (injured), the talented, dynamic Thomas Rawls, (injured).

    The Packers pass defense…..until i see otherwise.

    The Packers have 12 or 13 players learning a new system…1st game, bound to be some confusion in assignments.

    The Good….

    Aaron Rodgers & Co…

    Homefield…..no 12th man for Seachickens.

    Aaron Rodgers & Co…

    The weak, still unproven Seattle O-line….This is the perfect opportunity for the defensive line to look good. If you can’t look good against the Hawks front line, you might as well pack it in. The D-line and olb’s and maybe 1 or 2 corners and/or a safety, could (should) have a big day in Seattle’s backfield.

    Aaron Rodgers & Co….

    Pre regular season ANNOUNCEMENT: I am under no illusion this Packers team will be going to the Super Bowl. Been there, down that road, no more. I expect they will reach the playoffs under Rodgers, at the same time, i wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t, or they got in as a wildcard, or because the NFC NORTH is as usual, weak.

    With that said……i would take the Seahawks by 7 with the game in Seattle, or if they had a good 0-line. So….

    Seahawks 17-16. I’ll be happy to be wrong as i had a hard time making that call. But i need to see improvement, before i predict it.

  3. Gort September 10, 2017

    I just saw that Bulaga is inactive. That doesn’t help.

    1. PF4L September 10, 2017

      Adjustment: Seahawks 24-16

  4. PF4L September 10, 2017

    So i’m waiting to see if Bennett stands for the Anthem, or if he chooses to manufacture drama and attention because his brother “almost died.”

  5. Kato September 10, 2017

    Cant win games if you don’t score points. Ugh this is a hard game to watch

  6. Howard September 10, 2017

    O.K, I’m all for trying to get a score at the end of a half. This move, however was stupid by MM. Less than 60 seconds left and the opponent runs the first play. You do not call a timeout when you only have 2 timeouts left. Nothing can go well. All Seattle has to do is run the ball three times. You only have 2 timeouts. Shit Seattle even if they do not get a first down can just run out the clock. That was stupid by MM.

    1. Kato September 10, 2017

      Agreed. Didn’t Bill Belichek just make this same mistake?

      1. Howard September 10, 2017

        Not sure? Did he have three timeouts or closer to 2 minutes left in the half. It makes no sense otherwise. If Belechek did the same thing as MM then both should be smacked senseless.

      2. Howard September 10, 2017

        In fact if buddy Ryan was on the sideline Buddy would have been throwing punches at MM.

        1. PF4L September 10, 2017

          Cold turkey?

          1. Howard September 10, 2017

            Not one alcoholic beverage today.

          2. PF4L September 10, 2017

            Ummm….it wasn’t just for today. It was for the rest of your life. I might have won the bet, but it was made in the interest of improving your life. I’m a humanitarian giver.

            Tell ya what, go on a 3 day bender, get it out of your system. Cold turkey starting Thursday.

  7. Kato September 10, 2017

    Good win to start the season. Defense probably won the day for the pack. Still have to see if they can keep it up. Rodgers was solid against probably the best defense he will see all year. Made a lot of timely plays. Nick Perry and Mike Daniels had great days. Watched the Bears and Falcons, and the Falcons looked a bit off. That will be the true test for the defense

    1. Howard September 10, 2017

      With the Falcons changing offensive and defensive coordinators from last year the best time to play them is early in the season.

    2. PF4L September 10, 2017

      Like i said above, i figured the D line would look pretty good. I think Daniels had a great day, Perry was pretty good, but Daniels was the def. MVP. I’m not sure why Clay Mathews didn’t play.

      It’s amazing how much better a secondary can look with pressure up front.

      Offensively, Seattle is going nowhere fast with that 0 line. The defense is still stout. Like iv’e posted in the past, i just think this team hasn’t been the same since they lost the Super Bowl. They still haven’t figured out how to use Jimmy Graham.

      That 1st half offensively was ugly, good thing the Packers could wear down their defense and move the ball in the 2nd half. Props to the defense for a strong game….That was the epitome of a team win.

      Credit when earned.

  8. PF4L September 10, 2017