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Predictions: Week 4 – Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Shawn (2-1, 2-1, ATS): I think it is about time to actually talk about the game.

If Packer Nation gets the result they want, then my record and the Packers’ will diverge at this point. I am taking the Chicago Bears.

Predicting nearly anything in the NFL right now is almost impossible. When the Jaguars are scoring 44 points a game and Casey Keenum is actually a good quarterback, then truly dogs and cats are living together and mass hysteria has arrived.

The Bears played well in two home games, first against the Atlanta Falcons, who they should have beaten, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who they did beat. Sure, they got crushed in their one road game, but Lambeau Field barely constitutes a road game for the Bears. In recent history, the Bears have given the Packers more problems at Lambeau than at Soldier Field.

The Bears are playing pretty well right now. Everyone sees the match-up and automatically picks the Green Bay Packers as favorites simply because they have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, while the Bears have Mike Glennon. However, you don’t need a great quarterback if you can run the football and play defense, and the Bears have been doing that.

We all know that the Packers’ best package on defense right now, especially with Mike Daniels out, is the Nitro. However, the Nitro took its lumps against the run in both of the last two weeks. It is likely to take its lumps again this week. If the Bears can run the ball, then they can score, and they can win.

The Packers have impressed no one on offense so far this year. They can’t run the football, and they can’t consistently pass it either. The passing game has done good work in the fourth quarter so far this year, but that has been their only saving grace. The first halves of the first three games have been a disgrace.

We all know what the Packers have going at tackle. Obviously, that could be a key weakness that the Bears, and especially Leonard Floyd, can exploit.

Considering the schedule and their injuries thus far, the Packers might take a 2-2 first quarter of the season at this point. I like the Bears in the tight game. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers pulls this one out like last week.

Bears 23, Packers 20

Monty (2-1, 1-2 ATS): Yup. I was the jerk who expected the Green Bay Packers to roll over the Cincinnati Bengals last week. Thus, my loss against the spread.

Know what? David Bakhtiari in the lineup makes a huge difference. I have long not cared about/thought Bryan Bulaga is a bum. The Packers could plug in John McEnroe at right tackle and it wouldn’t make a difference. The offense just doesn’t really function without Bak. At least that’s my theory.

Ty Montgomery has to drag motherfuckers two yards to gain any yards at all on the ground. That isn’t likely to change today, even though Montgomery had his only career 100-yard game against the Bears last year. The Packers’ line is weaker and the Bears’ defense isn’t as banged up.

This is going to be a fight. Unlike Shawn, I am putting my faith in the good guys, however.

Hell, I have two shots of whiskey riding on it with my local dirtbag Bears fan, I might as well ride it out.

The Bears can run the football. Both Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen have more than 150 yards rushing this season. And no Mike Daniels for the Packers. Just great.

I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers abandoned the Nitro defense tonight and employed a more classic 4-3 with Blake Martinez and Jake Ryan at inside linebacker.

If Dom Capers is smart — and let’s be honest, we have no actual evidence of that being the case — he will make Pants Pooper Mike Glennon beat the Packers. The guy who couldn’t throw for 90 yards, last week.

Load up the box. I fail to believe the Packers and Capers are that stupid. And Aaron Rodgers is enough to get them by, despite their early-season and first-half struggles.

I don’t like the line. I like the Packers. Bring it home, boys!

Packers 23, Bears 17


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.