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Packers Players Have Now Released A Statement

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will be the first teams on the national stage when they play Thursday night.

We already know what the Packers are going to do. No sitting for the National Anthem, but they will be locking arms. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers asked fans to join the team on Tuesday.

The players released a statement reiterating that request later in the day.

It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L September 27, 2017

    Well isn’t that sweet, i’m getting kind of choked up.

    I guess he wants locked arms and unity this week because its a beautiful thing. Contrary to 4 days ago when him and 2 others wouldn’t stand and lock arms with their teammates, instead, choosing to separate themselves from the other players locking arms in unity. I can’t help wondering what will be in fashion next game for him.

    There is a reason he’s been with 5 teams in his career. Next year he’ll be trying to find his 6th team, if anyone will take his clown act.

  2. Mitch Anthony September 27, 2017

    Prior to these episodes of virtue signalling everyone pretty much did stand for the Star Spangled Banner in unity. In unity they stood, gentlemen removed their covers, everyone faced the flag and placed their hand over their heart. Many would also sing along and some would simply stand in reverence. Unity did really exist in that moment before all this came along.

    So call me old fashioned but if you decide to be a traditionalist and still do it the time honored way, that’s perfectly fine too. That display of unity worked well for generations. You are not a bad or racist person for being a traditionalist in showing the usual and customary respect for the National Anthem.

    For a little history on the anthem and the connection to sporting events, follow the link to an interesting podcast episode.


  3. Shawn September 27, 2017

    It seems to me that the other writers on this site have been talking out of both sides of their mouths on this one.
    I just have a couple questions…
    Isn’t standing for the anthem and locking arms simply doing exactly what Trump demanded you do in the first place?
    If what Trump said was “divisive”, then how is doing exactly what he asked you to now unifying?
    If Aaron Rodgers and the statement from the players claims the moral high ground in a call for equality and unification, then why are they essentially admitting via action that they were wrong by stopping their protest? If the players are right and hillbillies and Trump are wrong, then why not everyone take a knee instead of standing? Apparently, at least tacitly, the players are admitting that not only does kneeling offend people but that it SHOULD offend people because its divisive.
    Lastly, and most importantly, I have news for this site, the media and the Packers, just like last week, I won’t be turning the game on until AFTER the national anthem. I don’t CARE what people do during it. What I care about is BEATING THE FUCKING BEARS. And I wonder why these guys making 6, 7, and 8 figures to do JUST that and ONLY that, are bothering to spend their time and energy caring about anything else.

  4. mr September 27, 2017

    So professional sporting events have officially become political rallies? No thanks…I’m opting out and will watch a few episodes of Ozark instead