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Packers Outlast Hapless Bengals

Let’s start with this. This game should not have been close. It should not have gone to overtime. Expect for this very clear fact.

The Green Bay Packers aren’t as good as we thought, their hype or they thought.

The Packers pulled off a 27-24 win over the winless Bengals — a team that hadn’t scored a touchdown until they faced the Packers — in overtime.

Why? Why did this game even make it to overtime?

The Packers should have dominated this game. Maybe it’s the early-season unpreparedness, lack of continuity or whatever. Maybe the Packers just aren’t that good.

We certainly know that other than Kevin King, their secondary is shit.

Andy Dalton — the bag of shit that he is — had a rating of 124.2 against the Packers on Sunday. Receiver A.J. Green, as expected, got his. Ten catches for 111 yards and a touch.

The Packers were down most of the game. What saved them? For a change, Aaron Rodgers.

AR hasn’t been Mr. Comeback. He has failed in those situations many more times than he’s succeeded. But he succeeded on this day. Like a stone-cold assassin.

You could see the look on his face. It said, I am getting this done. And get it done he did. He got it done with a 72-yard pass to Geronimo Allison. A perfectly floated ball that, unlike last week, Allison actually ran through and caught it.

And then Mason Crosby.


Folks, the Packers barely got by a team we should have whooped… at home. As they say, a win is a win, but this was a very uninspiring win.

The thing is, it’s still early. We don’t know who this Packers team is yet.

If we are to make a judgment now, it would be that this is no different than any other recent year. Shitty secondary. The defense will lose us a playoff game and it’s all on Aaron Rodgers.

Hope he has broad shoulders.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Dan September 24, 2017

    The first half was garbage and ugly to watch. At least Josh Jones was a beast! Blake Martinez even made some plays said no one ever. I am hoping the young defenders keep improving. Is GB any good? Who knows, but 2-1 is better than 1-2, that’s all I know.

  2. Remedy September 24, 2017

    Josh Jones can fuckin play

    1. TyKo Steamboat September 24, 2017

      Yea. & HHC-D is pretty good too. Not worried about our secondary. More worried about the pussy nickle defense we play & the injuries to Nick Perry & Mike Daniels

      1. Savage57 September 25, 2017

        HHCD needs to change his name to Casper, since no one ever sees him.

        He did nothing but whiff time and time again when he had chances to make plays.

        1. Arcturus September 25, 2017

          Clinton-Dix has been running on fumes for a couple years now. I don’t know how someone who does so little can be overrated, but he is.

  3. Kato September 24, 2017

    I simply think the packers aren’t a very good team right now. A win is a win though I guess.

  4. mr September 24, 2017

    This team isn’t going anywhere with their CBs, OL, and lack of depth at OLB…

  5. Ferris September 24, 2017

    Everyone knows exactly what this team is. #1 Injured (Surprise!) #2 A team that will win enough games to make the playoffs and lose…..again

  6. MJ September 24, 2017

    Actually, this time we even had trouble stopping the run. So now, it doesn’t matter what offenses do, our defense would yield yards even if they take a knee.

  7. Gort September 24, 2017

    Bad coaching decisions well before the game started. I believe that the home team can choose the color of their uniform. I am sure that the weather forecast called for really hot conditions at game time. Packers should have been in white due to the heat. Thy clearly looked gassed in the first half.

    Rob answered my question regarding Geronimo Allison’s athleticism. Don’t know the caliber of the defenders that were on him today, but he had a decent day today. Showed improvement from last week.

    Definitely agree that the defense sux. Not an effective squad when Daniels is out.

    They will get beat on Thursday if they play the same way. The Bears are significantly improved, and may be better than the Packers.

  8. Howard September 24, 2017

    This game being so close was on the offense not the defense. Sure the offense came back from the hole they dug. The defense gave up 17 points, with only 3 points allowed in the second half . The 17 points may be to an offense that is not tops in the league, however the Packer defense was missing several key players.

    1. PF4L September 24, 2017

      This is a team that averaged 4.5 ppg in their 1st 2 games. They had more than that in their first drive. They only scored 3 points in the 2nd half because they don’t know how to win yet, not sure if they ever will under Marvin Lewis.

      Our O line gave up 6 sacks, 5 in the 1st half. Rodgers is still running around for his life, which he’ll probably be doing all season. A few things of note, Linsley had his own struggles, as did Bulaga and Evans occasionally. It wasn’t just the back up tackles.

      They have to stop pretending Montgomery knows what he’s doing in pass pro. Too often he’s stay’s back to protect, and doesn’t block or chip anyone, or blocks someone when the play is whistled dead. I love Ty, but they aren’t using him to the Packers advantage, he had a poor game in every aspect, blocking, running and receiving. They have no run game, i mean….nothing. A lot of people thought he was the man in the off-season, gloating over his 5.9 yards per carry last season. I’ll be patient and wait.

  9. Howard September 24, 2017

    Just wondering did anyone else find Romo’s analysis a positive addition to the broadcast?

    1. Gort September 24, 2017

      Lots better than the #1 Fox crew.

    2. icebowl September 24, 2017

      I thought he was pretty good except for squeaky-voice effects, sounded like he was going through puberty…

    3. Ted Hawthorne September 24, 2017

      Deeply knowledgeable. I learned more from Romo in this one game than in
      years of listening to blow-dried network prima donnas. It was like he was
      coming up to the line of scrimmage and I was in his head hearing his thoughts
      as he surveyed the defense. Excellent!

    4. GBORNBRED September 25, 2017

      You have to like the enthusiasm Romo brings to the booth. Also liked how specific he’d be when he would often point out what a type of play the offense should and/or might run as soon as the offense would break from the huddle. Wish he was on FOX instead of CBS, because we’ll usually only get to hear him when Packers host AFC teams.

  10. GoPack September 24, 2017

    The o line is still a joke. Baluga left again and will pry be out another month the way he is. There was times the d line got no pressure and as expected wr were wide open. The rookie rb consistently cut back and gashed us. A win is a win but Howard and that rookie are locking their chops and it’s clear this team is far from a championship caliber team. It’s early and jones impressed like king did last week but the d is not very good and the o sucks with the line a mess and Bennett dropping everything.

  11. icebowl September 24, 2017

    Packers coaches and team went into the game too cocky, thinking it was gonna be: score a few tds early and then coast against marginal Bungles…. oline was unbelievably bad, 4 sacks in first half, no rushing game. Bennett couldn’t catch a cold right now.

    suspect they had interesting locker room talk. That and Dalton choke in 2nd half got them win…

    Good news : No new imjuries….

    Thursday vs Bears will be tough especially without Packers 12th man to help (now w Miami) ..

  12. Empacador September 24, 2017

    Saying Rodgers isn’t Mr. Comeback is a bit disingenuous. He has brought the Packers back more than once, usually only to have something beyond his control end up biting them in the ass. Like defense, or special teams, or coaching.

    Historically the Bengals are one of those teams that the Packers struggle with. The Packers have only beat the Bengals by double digits once, in 1995. Otherwise games the Packers have won have been by 7 points or less, and probably averages around 3 points margin of victory. Bengals average 22.1 and Pack averages 18.7 during the series after today’s game.

  13. TyKo Steamboat September 24, 2017

    Where the hell are our offensive tackles?!?!

    Pussies. Whatta load of crap. Paid millions to sit with an owie… Better get your asses out there vs the bears in 4 days or Trump is gonna send your ass on the other side of the wall

    1. Timfoil Hat September 24, 2017

      I would pay money to see you say that to either of them in person. I’ll pay for the bucket your mother will need to collect your remains as well.

      It’s fitting that you threw a Trumpkin reference into an internet toughguy rant, I’ll give you credit for that.

  14. Tom September 24, 2017

    A lot bitching about a win.

  15. MJ September 24, 2017

    Not to worry anyone… but our dear Lions put up a fight against the Falcons who had previously lectured us.

    1. Ferris September 25, 2017

      Where is Dave the Lions fan? Dave if you see this, I still don’t like your team (although I met some Lions fans at Lambeau and they were really nice) but your team got HOSED. Fail Mary hosed, Calvin Johnson hosed. What a bullshit rule.

      1. Empacador September 25, 2017

        It was Golden Taint so who cares? Just like he had “possession” during the Fail Mary. If his knee doesn’t hit the ground before the ball crosses goal line maybe you’d have something. Can’t have replacement refs for all controversial plays involving that guy. Calvin Johnson was ROBBED. Not Mister Taint.

        1. TyKo Steamboat September 25, 2017

          & the bears somehow beat the steelers…

        2. Ferris September 25, 2017

          That’s true. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’m saying it’s a bullshit rule.

      2. TyKo Steamboat September 25, 2017

        In Detroit. Hard to win anywhere on the road. Look what the Jets did to the Dolphins

        1. MJ September 25, 2017

          We barely won against the lowly Bengals. At home, so I’ll disagree on this one.

  16. Mike K September 25, 2017

    Same ol’ shit. This was basically a Loss. NO RUNNING GAME, DEFENSE SUCKS-year 8. Nothing will change with Alfred Neuman in charge of organization. W/O Rodgers this is a 1, maybe 2 win team. Don’t want to hear how great Clinton-Dix is!!! That dude blows. Another Cadaver Thompson bust. team is littered with his bad picks. Anyone else see how well Dalvin Cook is playing???? Ted & Green Bay can’t use him. Rather go with Hokey Pokey Montgomery back there. Shuffle back & Fourth, left foot in, Left foot out, fwd for 1 yard.

    1. Ferris September 25, 2017

      Nevermind Cook…what about Hunt or Cohen that the Chiefs and Bears got in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Hey GB got Adams and Biegel in those rounds…they are contributing to the worst defense in the league how exactly?

      1. Mike K September 25, 2017

        I know?? Thompson misses on every pick, hard to keep track. I said before, Packer Draft Room should just have a chimp throw darts at draft board. Couldn’t be any worse than what Weekend At Bernie’s selects

  17. Mike K September 25, 2017

    Listen to FAT McSlob after game , you’d thought we beat the ’72 Dolphins. JC this is the reason this franchise DOES NOT move forward. Lets worry more about that new slide in Titletown Park.

    1. Empacador September 25, 2017

      Mike, what good is Dalvin Cook to McCarthy? He doesn’t run enough to warrant wasting a high draft pick on a running back. Cook could be Barry Sanders and McCarthy would only utilize him for his 15 or so predetermined scripted plays.

  18. Zwoeger September 25, 2017

    A positive thing is AR got two firsts all in the same game:)

  19. Mike K September 25, 2017

    Curious about something????? WHY, WHY do Packers refuse to wear White jersey at home?? Especially yesterday with Temp so hot. Make Bengals wear their dark Black jerseys, like every other team does. Any little edge. Don’t get it

  20. Deepsky September 25, 2017

    Why do I get attempted download of viruses when I go to this website?

  21. KILLER September 25, 2017

    Special awareness note and then, BREAKING NEWS….

    Just so there is no confusion with 3 teams 2-1 in the NFC North = The Vikings are #1, the Lions are #2, and the Packers are in 3rd place. That is official via tie-breakers and, after seeing the Bengals game, I think even the diehard Packer fans can agree this is a right and just ranking.

    Facing the struggling Bears at their home on a short weak that tremendously favors the Packers it is quite certain the Packers will win this weak to move to 3-1. The Lions and Vikings will face off and one team will fall below the Packers and the other will be #1 in the division even when the Packer win.

    Just providing some perspective.

    BREAKING NEWS = The Packers have approached the Vikings about a trade. The offer? Aaron Rodgers for back up QB Case Keenum straight up, no draft picks. The Vikings did not even have to think about it. They have turned down the Packers citing the fact that although Keenum is only a little better than Rodgers he is much younger and much cheaper. Why pay more for less and get that less for much less time?

    1. Mike K September 25, 2017

      Yea, you beat a Buccaneer team QB’d by Mr. Peanut. Impressive

      1. KILLER September 25, 2017

        I actually think the Buccaneers and Bengals are pretty similar. Decent QBs who turn the ball over too much (Winston and Dalton), premier #1WR (Evans and Green), and very good sort of “No Name” defenses. Sure, we can all name some names as fans of the game, maybe even all starting 11, but hard to name pro bowl types. Well, OK, Bucs have McCoy and Lavonte David, they qualify. They are very similar teams and both played on our home stadiums. Packers had some injuries and Vikings were missing their most important player.

        The difference?

        Vikings dominated their opponent in all phases of the game while the Packers struggled and looked outclassed most the time and finally it took OT to win.

        I’m not sure Mr. Winston looks like Mr. Peanut either. But I am sure that 32 out of 32 teams would take him over Dalton if they had to choose from between the two of them. I’d also take Evans over Green and the Bucs D over the Bengals D.

        PS Another difference was the Vikings playing in a beautiful state of the art work of art stadium while the Packers fans sat in high school grade bleachers.

        1. Mike K September 26, 2017

          Work of Art LANDFILL. Impressive. Place is a SHIT HOLE

        2. Mike K September 26, 2017

          Lambeau is ALWAYS rated #1 Stadium in NFL, by all polls. You modeled your Dump after Liberace’s house. Perfect for you Lavender Queens. Try winning a Title in this century?????

    2. Mike K September 25, 2017

      Hang another useless banner??

    3. GBORNBRED September 25, 2017

      BREAKING NEWS…We are only in Week # 3, and Killer is already factoring in tie-breakers to determine who has the division lead in the NFC North. Folks, that is just priceless! Back to you down in your mother’s basement, Killer.

      1. Ferris September 25, 2017

        Right on…week 3 tiebreak. Stupid.

    4. Ferris September 25, 2017

      Vikings fans spell the word week, they only way they known how to spell the word…weak. Weak like their feeble attempts to win a Super Bowl. Weak like Gary Anderson’s leg, and weak like Bert Favre’s across the middle throw in the NFC Championship game.

  22. Arcturus September 25, 2017

    What is the purpose of useless Clinton-Dix? He’s in permanent prevent defense. A complete contra-asset to the secondary. Wonder what he’d be worth in a trade?

  23. TxCheesehead September 25, 2017

    Monty — crap analysis. Bengals possessed the ball for 18 and a half minutes in the first half thanks mostly to the offense’s lack of sustained drives. #12 needed to use quicker passing plays to support o-line he knew was going to have a bad time. I’m a Dallas guy now (Ty went to school with my sons) and agree #88 needs to block better.