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Packers’ Injuries Were the Storyline on Sunday

Following last Thursday’s practice defensive lineman Mike Daniels (hip) and safety Kentrell Brice (quadriceps/knee) were added to the Green Bay Packers’ injury list. They joined Ahmad Brooks (concussion), Bryan Bulaga (ankle/illness), David Bakhtiari (hamstring), and Jason Spriggs (hamstring). Of the six, only Daniels and Brice saw any action against Atlanta, and neither made it through the game.

Daniels managed only seven snaps. With Montravius Adams already inactive, the slack was taken up mostly by Quinton Dial, who matched Dean Lowry’s 34 snaps. Dial was acquired by Green Bay less than two weeks before the game after being released by the 49ers. This was a severe personnel downgrade.

Brice took to the sidelines after playing about half the game, giving way to rookie Josh Jones, who got 21 snaps.

Now, add in the Packers’ injuries that occurred during the game. Receiver Jordy Nelson took seven snaps and wasn’t targeted prior to leaving with a quad injury.

Receiver Randall Cobb managed 54 of the 76 offensive snaps. before leaving with a shoulder injury.

Cornerback Davon House, who was supposed to primarily cover Falcons receiver Julio Jones, also suffered a quad injury and left late in the game.

Guard Jahri Evans also suffered an injury, to his groin, during the game. He returned.

If the injuries to Nelson, Cobb, and/or House prove to be serious, the Packers’ prospects for the year will have greatly dimmed.

Quad Injuries

Time out. We might as well get educated on quad injuries. That’s short for a quadriceps strain or a pulled quad muscle – a tearing of muscle fibers – which is common with any activity where there is explosive contraction of the muscles. The quadriceps is a four-muscle group in the thigh area.

Like hamstring injuries, these can become chronic and nagging if not treated correctly. Initial treatment consists of RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It takes time for the damaged tissue to heal. You can begin by gently stretching the muscles, and working towards regaining your strength.

Okay, start the clock again.

Offensive Tackle Nightmare

To lose two starting tackles before the game even starts is awful, right? Actually, it’s even worse than that. The No. 3 tackle, Jason Spriggs, was also inactive for the game. Kyle Murphy, with almost no NFL experience, was inserted at left tackle, rather than his regular right tackle position. The other sub, Justin McCray, is a first-year player who went undrafted. He had never played a down in the NFL before playing 76 snaps against the Falcons.

Ted Thompson isn’t at fault for this. It’s the fickle finger of fate that’s to blame.

All in all, these two did better than expected. For the most part, they gave Aaron Rodgers enough time to complete passes.

2015 All Over?

As we all learned two years ago, the Packers have no top-rate receiver or deep threat (who they’ll play), to pick up the load if Nelson gets hurt. The wide receiver lineup for most of Sunday night consisted of: Davante Adams (71 snaps), Geronimo Allison (61), Randall Cobb (54), and Trevor Davis (17). That won’t do if the goal is winning a championship.

Adams, who always gives strong effort, almost reached the 100-yard receiving mark. However, most of his eight catches were during garbage time, when the Atlanta defensive backs went into prevent-a-big-play mode. Allison caught three of five throws for a pedestrian 27 yards. Cobb, who caught six passes for 60 yards, earned every one of those yards and got some needed first downs.

At best, these receivers are a group of role players. Given that, Rodgers looked most often to tight end Martellus Bennett, but the duo only clicked on five of 11 throws and for only 47 yards. Even when Bennett was not dropping passes, these balls were seldom precisely thrown. The chemistry isn’t there yet. Bennett had no catches in four tries in the first half, by which time the outcome was all but determined.

Atlanta Was Very Healthy

Atlanta’s injury list consisted of six players, all of whom were limited or full participants at last Thursday’s practice. Additionally, all were reserves except center Alex Mack and he played every offensive down against Green Bay.

Atlanta did incur some injuries on Sunday, but the game was pretty much decided by the time sackmaster Vic Beasley left with a hamstring injury. Right tackle Ryan Schraeder also left the game with a concussion.

I’m fine if you don’t want to use injuries as an excuse for Sunday’s beatdown, but the disparity in injuries for the two teams fully explains why this outcome was inevitable. Let’s not read a whole lot more into this game than this cataclysmic spate of injuries to key personnel.

The Packers will bounce back – unless the cataclysm persists.

Rob Born

I’m with Matt: “You gotta make those chunk plays!”



  1. GBORNBRED September 19, 2017

    I wholeheartedly disagree with Rob when he says that Ted Thompson is not at fault for the offensive tackle nightmare. Ted the Terrible had ten draft picks in April, and chose not to spend one solitary single pick on an offensive tackle, which is a critically important position for any NFL offensive line, especially for a pass-oriented offense with a future HOF QB like the Packers have in Rodgers. Speaking of #12 and the Hall of Fame, for as much as he’s going to continue being chased around in that pocket for the foreseeable future, we can only hope and pray he doesn’t become posthumously enshrined in Canton one day because of TT and his complete lack for any sense of urgency when it comes to building and maintaining, at the very least, an above average offensive line with any remote degree of depth. Thanks Ted. Thank you for spending 3 of those 10 picks on Running Backs, while the face of your franchise runs for his life! What a dick!

    1. PF4L September 19, 2017

      Or letting Lang and Tretter go. Instead of giving Lang another mill/year to stay. He gives Kendricks 2 million to….do nothing. Matter of fact, were paying a little over 9 million to our 2 new tight ends. Are they really better than what we had with Cook and Rodgers? Not so far.

      Save some money by ripping apart the O-line you’ve finally built up….go cheap Ted, how’s that working for you so far? I heard today the Packers brought in 3 off. lineman for workouts, even though Ted kept a record number of lineman on the roster.

      Doesn’t that move speak volumes?

  2. Mike K September 19, 2017

    The Injuries played a part, but honestly I think they would have lost anyway. This team is always 2 steps behind some team. WORST fkg GM in the league!!! You can’t win SB when your HOF QB has to throw 50x a game. Another year with ZERO running game or game breaking RB. How Dom Capers is still employed is million dollar question?? How many years we going on with ‘Bottom-Feeder” defense

    1. Kato September 19, 2017

      Lol. I am far from a TT fan, but let’s at least be objective here. He is not the worst GM in the league. I can think of much worse run teams out there.

  3. Mike K September 19, 2017

    If This team loses at LAMBEAU to Cincinnati, a AFC Doormat that would struggle vs. Austin Peay!!! There should be a Monday morning Massacre, Fatboy-OUT, Cadaver Thompson-OUT, Capers.

    1. PF4L September 19, 2017

      Where’s the faith Mike? This team has the talent to get to the Super Bowl, haven’t you heard? Didn’t you see the draft picks Ted got us and didn’t you see Ted go deep in free agency going all in? Didn’t you see the Seattle game?

      What’s wrong with you? Lets have some patience to let the magic happen. These men have taken the Packers to the playoffs 8 straight years.

      Thanks to the draft and free agency, this team is drowning in talent. Get on board my man.

      In other news, saving up for my Super Bowl tickets, i now have $37.71. I picked up some extra hours at Burger King to make sure i’ll have enough cash in Feb. to go watch my Packers.

      1. Mike K September 20, 2017

        I have had faith since 1971. Just aggravated watching the team I Love flop around. Wasting Rodgers Talent with a Jack-ass GM/Coach. I bleed Green & Gold, want us to run off Super Bowls like the cheat”in ass Patriots do

        1. PF4L September 20, 2017

          i know my man, i wasn’t being serious. I “try” not to judge people to harshly in here. Just the fact people even come here, tells me most everyone in here is a loyal fan. Some having more passion than others.

          I have different coping mechanisms, but as painful as this has all been, it’s time will come to an end and this to will pass. The downside is so will Rodgers career as Father time eventually takes it’s toll.

    2. Empacador September 19, 2017

      It could happen, the Packers historically struggle with the Bengals.

  4. Deepsky September 19, 2017

    On a positive note, it looks like Kyle Murphy may be a more reliable backup at tackle than Don Barclay.

    1. PF4L September 20, 2017

      That is true, but Barclay (as were always told) has the versatility to play every position along the line.

      What they don’t say, is that he plays every position badly.

  5. Bob September 19, 2017

    What a great GM Ted is he drafted Vince Biegle who had a foot injury last year and look where he sits today no impact what so ever for the 2017 team. Maybe later this year but I have my doubts he will be able to contribute this year.

  6. Mike K September 20, 2017

    Not drafting Dalvin Cook when we had the chance is going to burn us in ass for years to come.