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Lane Taylor is Getting Paid!

Not bad for a former undrafted free agent. The Green Bay Packers announced a contract extension for guard Lane Taylor on Monday.

Three years, $16.5 million and a $5 million signing bonus.

This comes pretty much a year after the Packers released former All-Pro Josh Sitton out of the blue and made Taylor his successor.

You certainly recall that people were irate with Sitton’s release. You may have been one of those people. However, Taylor filled in for him just fine in 2016.

Taylor was one of three linemen who started all 16 games for the Packers in 2016. As we often point out with linemen, the greatest thing with Taylor is that we never noticed him.

When you notice a lineman, it’s always for bad reasons.

Taylor was a cog in a wheel that worked.

If the Packers are looking to lock up their offensive line, center Corey Linsley would be next. He is playing out the final year of his rookie deal. Right guard, where the team has plugged in Jahri Evans, is the wild card.

Evans is playing on a one-year deal worth just a little more than $2 million. He’s also 34, so not a long-term solution.

However, with David Bakhtiari’s extension last year, the Packers’ left side of their offensive line is locked up.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. mr September 4, 2017

    Very happy for Lane…congrats to him! Notice his contract is very similar to what JC Tretter signed with the Browns?

  2. PF4L September 4, 2017

    That’s not bad money for the 46th best guard in the NFL.

    1. Kato September 4, 2017

      I am sure they are projecting him to improve and be a top 10-15 guard who has only been a starter for a year. Taking a bit of a leap of faith because they have vastly overpaid him if he doesn’t get much better. Sometimes an early resigning works out (see Jordy Nelson on his second contract). Other times, you have Brad Jones lol. Hopefully it works out more like the former and the packers got a good bargain in the long term.

      1. PF4L September 4, 2017

        If he can continue pass blocking to even an average level and not bring too much attention to himself, the Packers will be happy with him, as that’s all they need in front of Rodgers.

        I’d rather pay Sitton a mill or 2 more and keep Taylor as depth. Going bare cupboard as far as depth is a death sentence when you have someone like Rodgers and rely so heavily on the offense. but that’s just my opinion. But it’s done and it is what it is.

        1. Oh please… what a jackass comment…

          you usually say decent things, bro. But that is plain jerkoff material.
          Lane is a baaaaad man. 20% of the NFL’s 2016 best pass blocking OLine in the league.