Here’s A Guy Burning All His Packers’ Gear

burning Packers gear

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

That’s apparently what this guy said at some point. Either that or I don’t believe in the right to free speech.

Clearly angered that players sat during the National Anthem and that the Green Bay Packers’ organization supported their right to do so, this guy decided to burn all of his Packers’ gear.

Good job. You’re the real American hero, here.

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Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!

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    Talk about some myopic reactionary buffoonery . . . Another dolt heard from. Why do they not get this mad at what is going on right now in DC? That actually affects their fucking lives. WTF happened to our education system? What happened to abstract thought? Critical thought? . . . FORGET ABOUT IT.

  2. John Thomas

    Cool with me, fewer idiot fans making me ashamed to be from Wisconsin. Enjoy your flag waving confederate buddies at the Waffle House NASCAR booth, dude.

  3. SDSpec

    Man burns his gear in protest against disrespect to his country. “Does not believe in free speech.”
    Millionaires sit in protest because, reasons. Free speech.

    If it was the flag being burned, Mordecai would have a raging boner right now.

  4. P. Castile

    That looked like a box of cheap sweatshop knock-offs that he was only about $40 into. I know that guy and he bandwagon binged on after stuff Superbowl XLV. A real American!

  5. Kato

    What an American hero! God bless this country what a true patriot, we need not people like him to suppress colored people and promote the Aryan race. “Sarcasm”


    Yep, that there is a Packers fan. Free speech? Trying to make a positive non-violent difference? Trying to raise consciousness to reduce racism?

    Well, f*ck you then: I will burn my Packers gear! So there!

    What a chump!


    Listen, I own some pretty nice gear, and I for one will NOT burn my stuff over some ramped up political bullshit. I work hard for this gear! Why waste it? Oops! I should not have said that I work! because I am a liberal! I certainly do not want to spoil the stereotype . . .

    • Empacador

      I have some gear you could burn instead. I have an autographed Ross Verba jersey laying around somewhere. I didn’t work for it though, it was gifted to me by an Iowa/Packer fan. So it has no value to me because I didn’t buy it personally.

      On second thought, the Packers could use all the OL help they can get. Maybe they should call Ross, John Michels and Tony Mandarich and see if there is any interest.

  8. Empacador

    Geez, I wonder if he had a burning permit for that? Someone might wanna get the DNR/EPA on the horn with this video as evidence. That guy is single-handedly polluting the environment and causing global warming by releasing noxious fumes from all the sweatshop labor synthetic material he burned at one time. Won’t someone think of the children?


      Cute . . . While in essence, this may be a good thing. It would be impossible to do this. So full attention should be placed on the “mega polluters” and making policy moving forward to restrict (or end) the manufacture and use of bad, unsafe, and non bio-degradable products. Btw, have you seen some of the children in those videos regarding child labor? Simply repugnant. But as long as we get our new Nike’s . . .

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